Who am I? Is a Person Only a Brain or Something More Than This?

Who am I? This is a conventional question that all spiritual teachers have been asking for centuries.

who am I

 My Case [Not Telling a Lie]

Here in my case, only a physical organism has been functioning with full energy. Due to the touch sense, there is the presence of this physical organism.

This physical organism includes brain and mind too.

We cannot Touch What is Running Inside Us

We cannot touch our brain. We even cannot touch our mind. What is running inside our brain we don’t know?

We can only know it with the help of knowledge. If that knowledge tells us that there are millions of neurons working inside our brain then we can only imagine them with the help of our mind.

We cannot directly see those millions neurons working inside our head. How thoughts have been made we don’t know.

Only we can know about the thoughts and what are these thoughts we don’t know?  We can only say them thoughts because our knowledge tells us about it otherwise what is running we don’t know.

We don’t know what is running inside our body. We cannot feel blood running constantly inside the body. We only know about it with the help of knowledge.

We cannot touch energy inside our body. We can only see or feel the moments of our body those are the results of that energy.

So our direct indulgence into this physical organism is very limited. We are confined within five senses. If these senses are working, we are there otherwise we are not there.

In sleep, when all senses shut down, we become nil. Here the power of senses comes into being.

Who Am I?

Here in my case, I am only a natural physical organism that includes brain, mind and senses. I become sleep when senses shut down. I become physical organism when senses are open and touch sense is intense and I become mind when mind is fully active.

So I am everything related to this physical organism. And I am nothing related to this physical organism. I know about it with the help of knowledge otherwise what it is I don’t know.

When this physical organism will stop working, I too will stop working means I too stops claiming that I am this and I am that.

I am the product of this physical organism and what actually I am I don’t know. My existence is due to the presence of five senses. If five senses are working, I am there otherwise I am nowhere.

 I can say that I am this natural physical organism including everything like brain, mind and its functions. I am telling this with the help of knowledge otherwise what it is I don’t know? I don’t know who am I?


I don’t know what exactly it is. We can only tell and know what it is with the help of knowledge that we have otherwise what it is we cannot know. 

I have said enough. Now it is your turn to say something intelligent about it. Please share your comment in comment box. Please share this post with your friends and colleagues.

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