3 Types of Suicide on Body, Mind and Spirit Level

We are social beings. Our life is a blend of happiness, joy, sorrow and pain. And life is a continuous flux. It is changing constantly without a pause. In one moment, we feel ecstasy and bliss and the next moment brings sorrow and pain. However, it is natural that everybody in this universe wants permanent…

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What Does Sin Mean on The Basis of Habit Formation?

We actually don’t know what does sin mean and we just follow what our society and religion teach us. We have habits. We want to get rid of some habits like cigarette smoking or drinking but we cannot. Here the religious people come in the scene and they say that it is a sin. So,…

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3 Types of People on Consciousness Level, Which Type are You?

How many types of people on consciousness level do live in this world? If mind is not there, we cannot think like that. And: Why am I writing about it? It is because one must know what type of person he is. But, as everybody can raise a finger on it as everybody can say…

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How True Discipline Come in Life That Brings Real Freedom?

True discipline belongs to truth. And truth lives in now here. If you ignore the now and are clinging to your past or looking for your future, then you are going away from the present moment. Everybody wants discipline in his life. It is true that discipline brings freedom but if it is a ready-…

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How to Spread Tea Meditation in Your Whole Life?

You do meditation in hurry like other things in your life. It is because you have to find time for it in your busy life. But, why do you do meditation? If you give a correct answer to this question, then your way to see at it will change. In my sense, you should not…

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What is A State of No Mind? Can You Think About It?

State of no mind just belongs to our mind. However, most contemporary gurus emphasize that it is not a state of our mind. They say that it is a state of beyond mind. In today post, I try to clear this out that this state of mind too belongs to our mind. At the end…

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