Why Out of Ordinary Extraordinary, To Be Ordinary is Most Difficult?

Our mind makes all these definitions of ordinary extraordinary and enlightenment. And you all know about these definitions. Google has everything in detail. But: Why is it so difficult to be ordinary out of ordinary extraordinary and enlightenment? It is because you always want to become something. Even if you are on a game to…

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How do Wisdom and Understanding Relate to Enlightenment?

Wisdom and understanding are already there inside you. In fact, you are wisdom and understanding and you are enlightenment. However, you are in a process. You are in a motion. It is because you are a mind. Mind never becomes still or you can say that stillness is not mind. When you feel, you are…

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What is A Sin in Enlightenment?

What is a sin; is a mind question. Our mind does not remain in balance. It always goes to one extreme. It does not want to know the other side of the coin. And that is living in imbalance. For example, if you work for twenty-four hours a day, then you are living an imbalance…

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What is Difference Between Cautious and Being Alert in Enlightenment?

I start on being alert with a story. A prostitute requested Buddha to come to her home and take lunch. As there was no problem for Buddha to accept this invitation but Buddha wanted to use this opportunity to test his very close disciple. He sent his very close disciple to that prostitute. When the…

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Why Absolute Knowledge Cannot Touch Absolute Truth?

First of all, we should know what is absolute knowledge. Absolute knowledge is the complete knowledge we have about something. For example, we drink water to quest our thirst. We know everything about water as we know what is the formula of it. We know how many electrons, protons and neutrons it has and many…

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Why We Should Live in the Moment Totally?

Live in the moment is what you have to live. However, we are living in a society where it is very difficult to live in the moment totally. Every person has a hurry for the next moment. Every person always seems eager to plunge into the next moment. It is a fact that most people have…

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