Are Chakras Real? Know the Science Behind Human Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word. It means a wheel or to revolve. Our mind always spins. And this mind raises a question: are chakras real? Now if a mind is an illusion, then chakras cannot be real. But the question is: why is our mind an illusion? Why do we consider our mind an illusion?…

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What is Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Awakening? A New Dimension

Here we are going to know about spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening. My goal with this blog is to bring out the hidden mysteries and secrets of mind, spirituality and enlightenment to people so that they can know who they actually are. With it, their concrete conditioning will break and they can live unconditionally with…

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Feeling Frustrated, Anxious & Worried? Here 7 Ways to Tackle with It Effectively

As we are progressing in outer life, so our feeling frustrated, anxious and worried too are increasing. This human body is not for all these things. It rejects everything you think good for this body. Your feeling frustrated, anxious and worried are all signs that your body is rejecting all these things. And your body…

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3 Proven Meditation Techniques to Create A Calm Mind & Body

Today’s life is tense as competition is vast. We have no calm mind and body. We are not stable mentally and economically. Security has no place in today’s life. With it, our body and mind feel tense. It is not good as to live continually in tension creates problems for the body and mind. More…

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Beyond Zen Buddhism Lao Tzu: Live Your Life With Natural Totality

Zen Buddhism is not actually the combination of Zen and Buddhism. Buddhism is the peak of Indian search for enlightenment. Lao Tzu is the highest peak of Chinese search for enlightenment. The culmination of Buddhism and Lao Tzu becomes Zen. And Zen is higher than both. Buddhism is non-earthly and Lao Tzu is earthly but…

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You can Heal Your Body Mind and Life

You can heal your body, mind, and life Nature has made your body. But we have come very far away from nature. However, deep down, inside our body, mind, and life, natural processes are running. Then what is the cause that we have gone far away from nature? The cause lies in our mind. We…

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