An Alternative to 10 Commandments in Order: Freedom From All Kinds of Spiritual Slavery

An alternative to 10 commandments in order that I am going to discuss here is non-commandments. I am not a guru or a teacher. I am a life and existence, and I don’t need any commandments of any type. If you too want to become life and existence where only peace and nature exist then…

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10 Simple but Effective Steps To Take Responsibility for Your Actions to Sieze Every Opportunity of Life

Take responsibility for your actions runs moment to moment in your life. I know you have missed a lot of opportunities in your life. You think that your luck was bad or you blame on other hundred things. But the real cause is your inability to be responsible for that particular phase of your life.…

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How to Find Inner Peace? 13 Practical Ways To Meet It

How to find inner peace is a mind question. And the answer too is present in this mind. You already have all answers inside your mind. However, your life has become so messy that now you have no time to find out these inner answers that already present in your mind. You have no time.…

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6 Reasons Why Witness Consciousness is An Extended Mind

Human Mind is restless and witness consciousness is an attempt of this restless mind to get some rest.   Why is human mind restless? Because it is constantly moving without a single pause for a break. Only in sleep, the mind gets some rest that too after wandering into dreams. So: If our mind wants…

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Life Mystery: 7 Reasons Why We Cannot Touch It at All!

Just what exactly is life or in other words, what is life mystery? It is a deep question. That is why you think about your continuity after your death? You want to continue forever. But deep down you know that it is not possible. Why is it not possible? It is because life is a…

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Sad and Depressed: Why Do Humans Feel Like That? And What is the Cure? A Radical View

At one time in my life, I was sad and depressed. Now I am out of it. Everybody in one’s whole life becomes sad and depressed. It is normal. But, if a person goes into its endless merry-go-round then it becomes a problem. Medical doctors are out there to cure it, but most people become…

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