6 Reasons Why Witness Consciousness is An Extended Mind

Human Mind is restless and witness consciousness is an attempt of this restless mind to get some rest.   Why is human mind restless? Because it is constantly moving without a single pause for a break. Only in sleep, the mind gets some rest that too after wandering into dreams. So: If our mind wants…

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How to Make Important Decisions of Life with Heart

Our life runs with decisions whether we know about it or not. Also, we have to take some important decisions of life for progress in life. And today’s post belongs to how to make important decisions of life with heart. We take our decisions of life in two ways that are with our mind and…

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How to Deal with Pain in Your Body by Let Go of Past & Releasing Emotions Stuck in Your Body

We are emotional beings. We live in past. However, sometimes, we need to let go of past.  Also, emotions are crucial in our lives. Without emotions, we are dead like plants as plants have no emotions at all. They are living creatures but without emotions. However, these emotions have adverse effects too on our body…

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Feeling Empty Inside? Here is How to Fill It Again, Feeling Joy & Come to Yourself

Feeling empty is a common practice among the mass. For example, a homemaker can feel it often if she has no clear direction of her life. That too happens with a man who has made compromises in life. Actually, you want to do something, but you feel helpless in front of circumstances of life. However,…

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Present Moment, Outer Fictional World, Conditioned Mind, And Progress in Life

You see the outer fictional world through your mind in the present moment. Everybody has a different mind according to his conditioning. You think that you are right, but it is not sure that other person takes you on the same level. Maybe the other person takes you lightly. For example, you go somewhere, and…

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How Does The Way of Acceptance and Nonresistance Make Life Easy & Stress Free?

You feel worried, anxious, and tense in life. You don’t want to be like that, but you feel them in every step of your life. And you don’t know that this all comes in your life because you don’t understand the value of acceptance and nonresistance in life.   You get up in the morning,…

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