What is Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’ in Spirituality & Science?

 A true spiritual journey always starts from this question ‘Who am I’ to find out the essence of life. If you ask a person, the question ‘Who are you?’ he usually answers, ‘I am Mr. Jacob or Mr. Harish or Miss or Mrs. Poonam’. This question ‘Who are you?’ can be posted by the man…

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23 Real Practical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits research is going on to find out more benefits of meditation. They go in fine details that we as human mind cannot touch it. We live in a society. We have to comply with the norms and rules of it. As a child, we have learnt about it. How did these things start…

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How to Get Sudden Enlightenment?

Most people get sudden enlightenment. You think that you can get it through knowledge. So, you try to accumulate as much knowledge as possible about it. More you gather knowledge, more you go away from the reality of your life. Knowledge becomes like a concrete wall between you and the reality. Knowledge is dead. And…

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10 Basic Questions If You Answer can Solve The Mystery of Life!

Mystery of life comes into being when our mind thinks about life deeply. We are living but along with it, we are progressing towards death. Nobody wants to die. However, death is inevitable. Then our mind thinks if we at last have to die then what is the purpose of life. Here mystery of life…

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What is Zen, Buddhism or Lao Tzu Role to Make You Complete?

A man is incomplete.  He wants to be complete. To go after masters like Buddha, or Lao Tzu or what is Zen is a proof, that man is looking for its completeness. And until you become complete, you will always remain in pain and misery. We want to get rid of this pain and misery.…

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What is Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Awakening? A New Dimension

Here we are going to know about spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening. My goal with this blog is to bring out the hidden mysteries and secrets of mind, spirituality and enlightenment to people so that they can know who they actually are. With it, their concrete conditioning will break and they can live unconditionally with…

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