How Does, Not Being Present in The Moment Create Lust For Your Life?

Being present means live in the moment that you already know well. However, you are cling to your life and you too have lust for your life. And might be you have question that being present and enjoy life too comes under lust for life. As being present, we enjoy beauty, sex, love, food and…

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Spirit World: 13 Ideas to Jump From False Spirit World to Natural World

You already know about spirit world. However, I want to define the spirit here. Spirit is that entity that has no color, odor and shape. It is an immaterial entity. Now we only know about material that we see outside. But our mind has invented spirit world where only spirits have been living. And with…

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Feeling Miserable: How to Dissolve it Through Live in The Moment Now

Feeling miserable is a common thing in our lives because we live in time.   And it is interesting thing is that more a person feeling miserable, more he clings to life. Even beggars never think of suicide. They are living with full misery but still they don’t commit suicide. On the other hand, very…

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How to Remove the Confusion Between Voice of Ego Psychology & Human Nature?

Ego psychology belongs to your mind’s different voices. Even the confusion that you feel between your ego and nature comes from your mind. I tell you a story. A man was very religious. He daily went to his religious place. One day, he discussed religion, mind and ego with me. We talked for half an…

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Always Be Yourself: A Way to Live Freely in Unfree Society

It seems dangerous to always be yourself in an unfree society. We live and bound to an unfree society where everything has been decided from outside. You have not your own thoughts. You think that you have your original thoughts but it is not the case. For example, if a person wants to become a…

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12 Spiritual Laws of Money for Your Financial Success

It is amazing to talk about spiritual laws of money as our spirituality says that money and spiritualism have no match. If you are after spiritualism then there are very less chance that you will be rich because spirituality teaches against money. However, you would be rich while still following spirituality. To understand spirituality is…

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