Unhappy Life and Hope: Understand and Break the Shackles of Them

Unhappy life creates hope or hope continues unhappiness is a question. In both sense, both are related to each other. Other things too are responsible to create unhappy life but here we are going to discuss the relation between unhappy life and hope. Most people of this world live in a hope. Hope is like…

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Beyond Zen Buddhism Lao Tzu: Live Your Life With Natural Totality

Zen Buddhism is not actually the combination of Zen and Buddhism. Buddhism is the peak of Indian search for enlightenment. Lao Tzu is a highest peak of Chinese search for enlightenment. The culmination of Buddhism and Lao Tzu becomes Zen. And Zen is higher than both. Buddhism is non-earthly and Lao Tzu is earthly but…

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Birth Trauma in Babies: What Religions Say About It and What is The Truth?

In medical terms, birth trauma in babies cause injury, cuts or any fracture that can lead to pain. In religion, they say that soul enters into a baby in fourth month of conception. This soul can be of a sleepy person or an awakened buddha. If it is of a sleepy person then he will…

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3 Levels of Meditation: On Which Level Are You?

Here levels of meditation do not belong to your daily meditation steps. They belong to your over- all progress in meditation. Meditation is a medication for sick minds. For example, a person is frustrated due to his financial poor condition. His mind is in tensions and worries. If it will continue, instead of progress in…

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What Are Religious Conscious and Subconscious Mind?

We often listen about conscious, subconscious mind. And we have definitions of them that we have read in books. From those definitions, we experience the conscious and subconscious mind. We have knowledge about them. You are now conscious as you are reading this post. However, the religious concept is different one. According to religion, you…

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Ultimate Reality Without Religion: 6 Ways to Attain It

Do you know the ultimate reality? Every religion has its own ultimate reality. Even every person has its own world and ultimate reality. However, should ultimate reality different from religion to religion or from person to person? Of course, it should not be. Ultimate reality is one. Although, there are so many religions in this…

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