How the Hope of Mind is the Killer of Peace

How can the hope of mind be killer of your peace?    It seems strange. I am not talking about accomplishing a goal. In that state, your hope will be helpful. What I am talking about is peace, your peace of mind. If you want to be peaceful, then the hope of your mind can…

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Buddha and Sexuality: Does Sex Disappear in A Buddha?

Buddha and sexuality are two things present in a man. Sexuality is always active, but Buddhahood is dormant. Imagine if sex disappears in this world, the continuum of humanity will stop. Sex drives the human race. Nature has made it mandatory. Buddhahood is not mandatory. It is your choice. But you have no choice in…

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How to Be Perfect in Work & Live in the Present Moment?

We live in a competitive world. And we want to be successful. We often listen to or read about how to be perfect in work. But, as we are not successful in every field of life so we think we are not perfect. But this is not the case. Here is a secret that I…

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Ultimate Reality Without Religion: 6 Ways to Attain It

Your mind is thinking. Sometimes, it goes deep into thinking. It can think about weird things including the ultimate reality of life.    You born in a particular religion. Every religion has its own ultimate reality. Even every person has its own world and ultimate reality. However, should ultimate reality be different from religion to…

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Bitter Truth of Third Eye: Is Third Eye Live Beyond Human Mind?

You have not seen your third eye. If you have seen, then you are lying as the third eye is invisible and nobody can see it. You cannot know about the third eye until you reach it. It means if it is invisible then you will have to be invisible. Can you become invisible? It…

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How to Stop Thinking By Using Your Breathing?

You are in sleep.    Sleep in the sense that you are continually thinking and thinking. There is no pause in your thinking. And interestingly, there is no pause in your breathing too. Your breathing is an automatic process. If it stops, you die. Similarly, your thinking too is automatic. And your thinking relates to…

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