5 Reasons Why No Free Conscious Awareness Sees Inside a Man

 Conscious awareness

You just see at an object.

This normal activity does not tell anything to you.

But when spiritual teachings chime in then we start contemplating that something inside us is seeing or listening to the outer world.

And on the basis of spirituality we start looking inside us who is seeing or listening to the outside world.

Then a vicious cycle starts because you can never tell about that entity that is seeing, smelling or hearing inside you.

They say that it is conscious awareness.

You are the conscious awareness that never born never die.


Now you are not conscious awareness. You are just an ordinary human being. You have to become that conscious awareness.


Spirituality put this purpose in front of you.

But the question is:

Is really somebody present who sees or listen to or smell inside you that is separate from your body and mind?

In today’s post we will discuss about this topic. I hope, at the end of this post you will get some idea that will justify that there is nobody inside you who sees or listen to or smell.

Let’s start.

How do objects make the subject?

subject and object

In spirituality they say that subject is basic and objects are illusion.

In Sanskrit, illusion means Maya means that has no real existence.


It means all outer world has not real existence. We are living among outer objects but they all are our illusions.

Subject has a reality. Who is subject?

That entity that listen to or sees or smell inside a man. They say that this entity has free existence.

But do you know how this entity looks like?

And the answer is it is conscious awareness that is shapeless, colorless, odorless. And that is your true identity.

It means basically it is unknown and mystery. We as ordinary human beings have no acquaintance with it. We just have listened about it.

We know that somebody is present inside us who does all these activities but we don’t know how that entity looks like.

Even our great spiritual teachers were unable to describe that entity. That is why they call it shapeless, colorless, odorless.

We as human beings have language to describe something but as spirituality has no connection with this outer world, so how can we describe that entity with worldly descriptions.


That entity must be not of this outer world. It must be something that seems impossible to reach.

And shapeless, colorless, odorless is impossible to reach. Purpose has been solved.


Is really something that is shapeless, colorless or odorless present inside us or it is mere our illusion?

First, that entity is center. In a human being, whole outer world revolves around that center.


Can a center exist without any periphery because spirituality says that outer world is illusion?

So, if outer world is illusion then it cannot make a real center that is real subject. And if this illusionary world makes a center then that center too will be an illusion.

Another question is: is periphery make a center or a center makes a periphery?

Reality is that periphery makes a center. If there are no real objects outside, there will not be any real center inside.

 Real objects create a real center. It means objects create subject and not vice-versa.

Bottom line:

Subject that is shapeless, colorless or odorless has no free existence and it has been created by outer real objects that spirituality called illusions.


These outer objects are not illusions. They are really present and they create a subject that is a reflection of outer real world.

Remove the outer real world, at the same time, reflection of this outer real world too will be wiped out.

Here outer real objects make the subject that is conscious awareness. That are you.

So, this conscious awareness has no free existence. It needs outer world for its creation.

 Free existence means it can be present without anything else. It has no need of other things to maintain its presence and existence.

But you as a conscious awareness needs outer world for your creation. 


There is no free conscious awareness that sees or hears inside a man.

 How Does Conscious Awareness Come into Existence?

Free conscious awareness

They say that you are awareness.

They say that it is immortal. It means it has free existence. It never born never die.


How does this conscious awareness come into existence? If it has free existence, then my question is worthless.

But if it has free existence then why does it live in human being? Why whole spirituality has emphasis to make it clear that you as a human being is conscious awareness but you are bound to the outer world.

You are in sleep but you have to awake that is become conscious awareness.

And spirituality put a purpose in front of you on this planet and that is to become a free conscious awareness. It means now as an ordinary human being, I am not a free conscious awareness.

I have to do something to be free conscious awareness.


Do you know how does this conscious awareness come into existence?

Your 5 senses make it possible. If your 5 senses are open, conscious awareness is there otherwise you are in sleep.

In sleep, there is no conscious awareness means you are not present there. Only existence presents there.

But on one jerk, when you are awake means your 5 senses are open, conscious awareness is present there.

Conscious awareness means you are aware of your outer world.

Basically this outer world creates this conscious awareness through 5 senses. Through each sense, something enters into your body and their blend creates conscious awareness.


Conscious awareness has no free existence. The existence of it depends upon the outer world.

Outer world creates this center, the conscious awareness.

How do you as a conscious awareness present constantly without any interruption?

conscious awareness

When you see at an object, what do you do?

You just see at an object. And whole process occurs automatically. You have nothing to do with it.

You can only close your eyes. At the moment you close your eyes, the image of that outer object disappears.

Here you have created a hindrance in pure functioning of your eyes. Otherwise eyes were doing their work automatically without any interruption.

You hear.

And hearing process too is automatic.  You have nothing to do with it. Only you can plug your ears and can stop the outer sound.

Here too you are creating hindrance in the normal flow of hearing.


All your 5 senses work constantly without any interruption. And whole process is automatic. You have nothing to do with it.

You are only creating hindrances according to your human needs and that is crucial for your survival.

And interesting thing is that this automatic functioning of 5 senses creates you with the help of outer world.


You are the creation of 5 senses. It means conscious awareness is the production of 5 senses because you are conscious awareness according to spiritual teachings.

And 5 senses work independently without any interruption. You, the production of these 5 senses as a memory has been creating hindrances in the normal automatic functioning of these 5 senses.

Bottom line:

5 senses create you.

You are not present there as a free conscious awareness. You are the production of 5 senses.

If 5 senses work constantly, you too are present constantly. One interruption into constant working of 5 senses, you too are interrupted.

You will not be there.

What does happen in your sleep? Or what is sleep?

It is an interruption into the constant functioning of 5 senses and your constant presence due to it.

Interesting fact:

You as conscious awareness disappear in sleep. If you are present there, it means it is not sleep. Your absence as conscious awareness is called sleep.


You are not free as conscious awareness. Your presence depends upon the constant functioning of 5 senses without any interruption.

That I call it the Power of 5 Senses.

How Does Your Existence Depend Upon Knowledge?


You see at an object.

For example, you see at a flower. On the moment, you see at it, you say it is rose flower or some other one. You immediately give it a name.

Then you start describing it like it is red or it is beautiful or it is big or small.

All these things are knowledge about that flower.

Interesting Practicum:

If you see at a flower without any knowledge between you and flower, then you don’t know what it is.

At that point, you even don’t know you are looking at a flower because you are looking at a flower too is a knowledge.


You whole existence has filled with knowledge that you have been using everywhere.

You cannot see at the outer world without knowledge.

Bottom line:

You are knowledge and nothing else is there inside you that you can call this is me. If you say you say with the help of knowledge.

If you say I am conscious awareness, then it is a knowledge that you have picked up from outside otherwise you don’t know who you are.

Your existence depends upon knowledge. Otherwise nothing is present there that you call this is me.


You are bound to knowledge. You are not free.

How conscious awareness is an extended mind?

extended mind

Conscious awareness is nothing but an extended mind.

Mind seeks to stay into conscious awareness when it is mere a mind.

After spiritual practices and techniques, the same mind declares that now it is conscious awareness.

It means it has extended its reach to a new domain. It is the same mind that now stays in a new domain.

That domain is not mind. That domain was already present but you as a mind had not approached for it.

You try and struggle and at last make an approach to this new domain. Here you start considering yourself as conscious awareness.


Conscious awareness is not you. It is a new domain where you have reached.

It was already present inside you. It is the production of your 5 senses with the help of outer world.

However, when you reach there, you start considering yourself as conscious awareness.

Actually, you have been taught that this conscious awareness is immortal and you as a mind too wants to be immortal.

Under this hypnosis you start considering yourself as conscious awareness.


 Who are you?

You are just a blend knowledge coming from outside.

And that blend knowledge as a mind wants to reach conscious awareness.

You can reach at conscious awareness but it will only be your extension.

Bottom line:

You as a mind and your approach the conscious awareness is on the mercy of 5 senses and outer world. You both are not free.


It is not the subject that create objects. It is the objects that create subject.

It means subject has no free existence. Who is subject?

You are the subject who sees at the outer objects and you have no free existence.

You are the production of outer objects. Even if you consider yourself conscious awareness, it too has no free existence.

It too is the production of outer world.

And you come into being with the help of 5 senses. Your 5 senses work constantly without any interruption.

And these 5 senses have been collecting outer knowledge constantly without any interruption.

Who are you?

You are this knowledge created by 5 senses.


Conscious awareness that you consider yourself too is a knowledge.

And knowledge is all. For example, if you put this knowledge aside, then you don’t know who you are.

With the help of knowledge, you recognize things. If there is no knowledge, you don’t know what these things are.

Even without knowledge, you don’t know who you are.

Bottom line:

So you have no free existence as free conscious awareness.

No doubt, you are present there but you are there as a knowledge. Remove that knowledge, at the same time you too will be wiped out as a mind.

And when you see at the outer world without any recognition and knowledge, nobody remains there to see at the outer world.

Only a pure automatic functioning of things works there. That is the beauty of creation.

It is ultimate and fantastic!

Copyright (c) Surinderleen 2016


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