Total Surrender to God or Nature: An Impossible Task and How to Get It!

Whether it is total surrender to God or Nature, it seems an impossible task. Isn’t it? Why is it so? It is because it cannot be like a goal. Our habit is to make everything a goal to achieve. And where goal comes, an effort comes. And where there is effort, you are moving in…

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Beyond Buddhism Nirvana: 11 Strategies to Get True Liberation

They say that Buddhism nirvana is your true nature. It is that state of your being where all your cycle of birth and rebirth finish and you never born again. And very few people on this earth reach at that state. It is because we live with desires. Desires are the main cause of our…

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What Are Human Emotions? A New Dimension!

I am sure, fundamentally, you must know about human emotions. Have you been emotional in your daily life? And do being emotional upset you?  In this fast and sophisticated world, you cannot live constantly with powerful emotions.  You must be out of them as soon as possible if you want correct decisions in your life.…

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Do Human Beings Have An Immortal Soul or An Immortal Body?

Both concepts as immortal soul or immortal body could be ascertained with practicality. Mere talking cannot solve this problem. But here we are going to talk so that you make a base for your practicality. You will get your own answer by going deep into your own being. Mostly people don’t have practical knowledge. Most…

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Negative and Fearful Parents: 10 Strategies to Deal With A Defiant Child

Actually, a defiant child is not defiant at all but it is under a change. Your child is facing a lot of changes inside it. A natural process is going on there and we are creating hindrances in that natural process. If the child is boy, his testosterones are increasing day by day. And if…

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9 Fastest and Easy Ways to Produce the Music of Your Quiet Mind Naturally

You taste your quiet mind very rare. Your mind is running constantly without pause. You are living in a complex society so you have so many things to do. Your mind is fully occupied. You want rest and you often take some rest but during that rest too, your mind remains busy. You love music…

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