Five Steps to Push Through Confusion & Uncertainty of Life

Our life is not a straight path. We often fall into confusion and uncertainty of life. Mostly young people trapped in this difficulty. At that time, we must have something that guides us so that our direction goes smooth. In most cases, people give up on the chosen path and try to direct themselves on…

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16 Signs of Spiritual Awakening That Progress to Spiritual Enlightenment and Beyond!

Signs of spiritual awakening are like milestones to spiritual enlightenment. Most people come to the spiritual field because of some pain and sorrow in their lives.  Even some very rich people and kings came to this field. They had everything in their lives. Then why did they pursue this field? Even they had everything in…

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10 Simple but Effective Steps To Take Responsibility for Your Actions to Seize Every Opportunity of Life

Take responsibility for your actions runs moment to moment in your life. I know you have missed a lot of opportunities in your life. You think that your luck was bad or you blame on other hundred things. But the real cause is your inability to be responsible for that particular phase of your life.…

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How to Live: 9 Steps to Find Fullest Life in Your Day to Day Living

It is the reality that what life you are living is not a life at all. That is why you ask how to live. And you don’t know that this ‘how’ adds more knowledge in you and make you far away from your life. It means you cannot find life with knowledge. Knowledge comes as…

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Spirituality Meaning! Why It is A New Desire in A New Way?

When you think about spirituality meaning in the modern era, one part of your mind says that if I follow this domain with heart, all misery of my life will vanish away. As according to your spiritual beliefs, all your misery is due to your desires. Maybe you think, adopting spirituality means the end of…

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6 Reasons Why Witness Consciousness is An Extended Mind

Human Mind is restless and witness consciousness is an attempt of this restless mind to get some rest.   Why is human mind restless? Because it is constantly moving without a single pause for a break. Only in sleep, the mind gets some rest that too after wandering into dreams. So: If our mind wants…

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