How to Stop Thinking By Using Your Breathing?

You are in sleep.    Sleep in the sense that you are continually thinking and thinking. There is no pause in your thinking. And interestingly, there is no pause in your breathing too. Your breathing is an automatic process. If it stops, you die. Similarly, your thinking too is automatic. And your thinking relates to…

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15 Appetizers For Spiritual Awakening Experiences Hunger

Spiritual awakening experiences belong to our mind.  Some people say that spirituality does not belong to mind but they are wrong. You know about spiritual awakening experiences with the help of your mind. Our mind wants ease, happiness, and freedom. These and other different appetizers will surely lead towards spiritual awakening experiences because our mind…

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The Bitter Truth of Human Consciousness & Untethered Soul!

We have been taught that we have human consciousness and untethered soul. But most people are not certain about them. Most people don’t know what untethered soul is and what is human consciousness. These things are parts of your mind. And if you are on the way to truth or searching the truth of your…

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3 Levels of Meditation: On Which Level Are You?

Here levels of meditation do not belong to your daily meditation steps. They belong to your overall progress in meditation. Meditation is a medication for sick minds. For example, a person is frustrated due to his financial poor condition. His mind is in tensions and worries. If it will continue, instead of progress in life,…

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23 Proven Benefits of Meditation to Improve Your Life

Meditation benefits research is going on to find out more benefits of meditation. They go in fine details that we as the human mind cannot touch it. We live in a society. We have to comply with the norms and rules of it. As a child, we have learned about it. How did these things…

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Being Mindful of Judgment and Simple Awareness Meditation Technique

Being mindful of both thinking and action together is not easy. But it is not an impossible thing. We are social beings, and we live with judgment. Judgment comes from our mind. If the mind is not there, judgment cannot stay there. We are mind, and we find new methods and techniques to control it.…

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