The Secret Law of Attraction & Visualization: How to Manifest What You Want?

You want to get things fast and for it, you want to apply the secret law of attraction about that you have read somewhere else. Am I right?

visualization and law of attraction

You have tried some visualization and the secret law of attraction but it did not give good results.

It is not working in your life as according to your wish.

What is the secret law of attraction? Why is it not working in your life properly? And how will it start working so that you start manifesting what you actually want in life? These are the topics of our today’s post.

In today’s post, we will discuss very important and very crucial things related to visualization and the secret law of attraction.

Actually, visualization is an organized daydreaming. 

I read a poem about it when I studied in school and in that poem, writer condemned daydreaming.


It is a natural process of our mind.

Our mind is made up of past, present, and future. Daydreaming may be of past or future.

And this daydreaming is connected to visualization and the secret law of attraction.

I hope at the end of this post you will be clear about some facts about them and if you practically apply what I am going to mention here, certainly you will get what you want in your life.

Let’s start:

What is Visualization?

It is not new to you. It seems new to you but you already have been visualizing many things since your childhood.


That visualization was like a daydreaming. We often dream about something that we want to acquire.

And when we deliberately dream about something in an organized way, that is called visualization.

For example, if a young man dreams about a beautiful girl, he does it out of his natural habit. He wants that girl so he dreams about that girl naturally.

But if he deliberately starts dreaming about a particular girl in an organized way then we can say it visualization.

You can apply it to any field of your life like you want a beautiful house or you want a new car.


Visualization is an organized daydreaming. Our mind already has this quality but when we deliberately do it in an organized way, then we can reap something out of it.

What is The Secret Law of Attraction?

It is already working in our lives.

the secret law of attraction

For example, when a boy feels attracted towards a beautiful girl, it is called boy’s natural attraction towards that girl. Here the secret law of attraction works.

A force is working on this law and the force is sexual energy. On both sides, this energy is playing role in the production of attraction between boy and girl.

Our Earth is revolving around the Sun. Here too the secret law of attraction works. Here too an energy game has been playing between two.

And deep down, both are the same. Earth was a part of Sun. It is a part of that big energy. It is natural that it wants to mingle again with that big energy. That attraction is natural.

It means even Earth has parted from Sun but a subtle bond is still working between two. That bond has been making it possible the revolving of Earth around the Sun.

And that bond is made up of energy. It is invisible and secret but it is present. Here the secret law of attraction comes into existence.


When one thing attracts the other thing, always a discipline is working there in a subtle form of invisible energy. It is the secret law of attraction.

If someone deliberately wants to apply the secret law of attraction, he has to understand it fully.

Either he has to become an energy magnet that the other thing attracts towards him automatically or another thing should be an energy magnet so that he becomes attracted towards it automatically.

If he does not follow this rule, nothing could happen forever.

When we do visualization, we try to create that energy bond between us and the thing we want to create.


Visualization is only a starting point. If you only do visualization and practically do nothing, nothing could happen.

Why do Visualization and The Secret Law of Attraction not work for the majority?

It is because we do not know how it works.

We have read some books on this topic but those books are incomplete.

We don’t want to do hard work and we want a charisma in our lives.

And we don’t understand that charisma too happens under some laws. If our Earth is revolving around Sun, it is a charisma. If we are living in this fast-moving and revolving Earth, it is a charisma.

But this charisma is working under some rules and laws. Put those rules and laws aside, everything will finish in a jiffy.

You will have to make a strong bond between you and the things you want. First, most people fail to make that strong bond and second, when they get some success, they give up.

Here in-universe, time is working. You get what you want at the exact time that will be suitable for it.

But you have no patience and that is why you give up easily. Millions of people are demanding what you want so you live in competition.

For it, you need infinite patience.

So, first, the creation of a bond between you and the things you want is difficult.

Second, to maintain that bond too is very difficult.

It is a tough and challenging job and day by day, it is becoming tenser as competition is increasing day by day.

What is the Secret to Visualization?

We often daydream.

secret to visualization

If we start daydreaming in an organized way, it becomes visualization. But if you only visualize then you are revolving this energy within the gamut of your mind.

It would be better if you write your dreams on a paper. Then make yourself clear about them.

A crystal clarity should be needed. If it is not there, your mind will not work properly on it. Then your mind will have some doubts about it. And you are not going to get good results out of your visualization.


Visualization is nothing but a process of making your mind crystal clear about what you want to acquire. When you become crystal clear about the thing you want to acquire then your mind will show ways to get it.

The secret in visualization is to make the things you want crystal clear in your visualization. Mostly we have faded visualization. We cannot visualize exactly what we want. And if you cannot visualize exactly what you want, then how that thing will come to your life?

And you give up easily. A visualization that is a deliberate process is not suitable for our mind. The mind plays every trick to distract you. And in most people, their mind succeeds. You start visualization but after some days, you give up.

And don’t give up. Visualization helps us to make our vision clear about the things we want.

So, even you have faded visualization, continue it until you get a clear vision of the things you want.

Action and Visualization

Now you are crystal clear about the things you want in your life. Crystal clear means you want it from the core of your heart. It should not be a thing that you pick from somebody else.

It should be your own personal wish. For example, we read in books how to become a millionaire. And from that reading, we start wishing about it.

But deep down you don’t want to become a millionaire. You want to become something else.


If you go after that reading, it is very less chance that you will become what you have been following after reading that piece of information.


If you follow your heart and you are crystal clear about your wanting, then you can apply visualization and the secret law of attraction to swift the process to get it as soon as possible.

If you want to accomplish things you desire, you must be an action-oriented person.

Even if you are crystal clear and you don’t take practical action then nothing could happen. Earth has to revolve around the Sun and it has been revolving for centuries again and again without any complaint.

You will have to take action towards the things you want. To do visualization is an action but from that process what you get crystal clarity is a destination where you want to reach.

Now, you will have to walk towards it. Without walking, you can never reach it. And walking demands action.

Physical Manifestation of a Thing and The Secret Law of Attraction

visualization and law of attraction

For example, you want a new big house in your life. Everybody wants it but you know the statistics.

Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day.

At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.

640 million without adequate shelter (1 in 3)

You have read books on visualization and the secret law of attraction.

Now you are applying the secrets described in those books. Nothing is happening in your life and you become frustrated.

You give up.

What is the secret to actually manifest physical thing in your life?

Here you have to understand that visualization is only a starting point.

Merely doing visualization and practically doing nothing will not make you able to get what you want. Practically you have to do something about it.

If you do nothing, you are confining the spark that you have developed inside your mind with visualization.

You have to propagate that spark into a full ball of fire that will produce energy in your life to acquire what you want.


Be a practical man in your life. Don’t believe in charisma.

Now in the upper case, where you want to manifest a new house in your life, first you must have the financial education.

You need money to buy that house. For it, you need a source of money that may be your good job or a good business.

If you have no money, how could it be possible to buy a house without money? If you think it is possible then you are believing in charisma.

Another truth is that you only visualize things that you think are impossible to get.


You have been stuck in duality. You want to do nothing as may be your circumstances are not allowing you and you too want a new house (Example).

First, charisma rarely happens in life. If it happens, you will lose it very soon. For example, if a poor person wins a lottery of a million then you think he will become a very rich person!

Most chances are he will become a poor person again very soon because he has no education how to tackle with money.

In the manifestation of a physical thing as in upper example a new house, visualization is only a starting point as a spark.

Visualization will create gut feelings to do something practical but if you don’t follow those gut feelings then nothing could happen.

Like for example, you will start thinking about money to buy a new house. But if you suppress this thinking and say that the only visualization will do some charisma in your life and you will get a new house in near future, nothing could happen.

If your mind starts thinking to get money for your new house to buy, then do not suppress it. But instead, go deep into it and think about new ways to earn money.

Start visualization to get more money. Start visualization about money and getting it.

You must have the financial education and you must know how banks work as you can take loans from a bank.

You must be ready to take some hustle in your life and you must be ready to take some pain in your life to manifest what you want.

Below are some points to practically follow to manifest what you want in your life

  1. You must be crystal clear what you want.
  2. For it, you must have control over your thoughts so that you can direct your thoughts where you want.
  3. For the above two things, you can do visualization. Set a proper time for it. You can do it at least once a day for at least five minutes. When you feel comfortable with it, then you can visualize three times a day for at least 5 minutes in every attempt. It is better to visualize prior to your sleep. But be aware. If it creates problems in your sleep then don’t do it. A good sleep is very crucial for healthy mind and body. Do it during your day times.
  4. It is very difficult to do a visualization in an organized way for a long time. Your mind will revolt or will not help you in visualization. So start with a small stretch of time. But you can increase its duration according to your comfort.

Visualization is nothing but a daydreaming. Make it organized means daydream in an organized way. For example, if you want to buy a new house then you should visualize about a new house.

You can visualize an old house but it is not right. Go and see new houses in your locality. Go inside them. Watch them closely. Pin a picture of a new house in your bedroom, in your bathroom and in your drawing room. You can pin it in your car.

  1. Be patient. Nothing happens in charisma. Don’t believe in charisma. You must have infinite patience. If you don’t have, you are preparing to fail.
  2. Watch your gut feelings. Follow them. For example, if you want to see more new houses, then go and see them. If you want to read books on houses, go and buy them.
  3. If your mind plans to acquire new sources of money, go deep into it as you need money to buy a new house.
  4. Get financial education as if you are financially illiterate, it becomes very difficult to acquire a new house you want.
  5. Be a practical man. Save money. Create new sources of money.
  6. Be patient. I repeat it.
  7. Make a deadline to buy your house. It should be a real one. It should not be a bogus one. You know what is your current income. Set according to it.                                        Now you can ask what is the use of visualization? And what is the need for visualization and the secret law of attraction?

The use of visualization is only to increase the speed of the process. It only works as a catalyst like in a chemistry lab, we use a catalyst to increase the chemical reaction.

But we have to do the chemical reaction. We have to do some practice. To increase that process, we use a catalyst. Visualization is that catalyst.

   11. It can take time for 3 years or 4 years or 6 years or more. And if you can buy a house immediately then you don’t need visualization and the secret law of attraction. Go and get it. You only visualize things those are difficult to acquire.

  1. Trust that you must get it as you are a human being and if others have then why not you. You must get it.
  2. Don’t give up until you acquire your new house.
  3. Be a patient, determined and practical man.

What is the Secret in This Secret Law of Attraction?

The secret is in your inside.

Outside, nobody knows what you are doing inside but inside, you are directing your mind and thoughts exactly towards the things you want in life.

When you are thinking day and night always about the things you want in life then they must occur in your life. It is the secret.

You deliberately go into a zone of your mind and thinking where you deliberately produce a natural attraction towards the things you want in your life.

And it is not you who is going towards that thing, but that thing too is finding you. It is waiting for you. But you have to pay the price. Here in this world, nothing is free.


You know how to visualize. If you don’t know then just start visualization. It is only an organized daydreaming. You already daydream. Just make them organized. Organized means deliberately daydream about things that you actually want in life.

And your chosen way demands some hustle from you. It can give some pain to you.

But believe me, pain is good for physical and mental health.

Use visualization and the secret law of attraction only as a catalyst, only to speed up your journey to get what you want.

Life is an experiment like a chemistry lab. Do some experiments in life. Thomas Edison failed more than 10000 times before making an electric bulb. But, he did not give up.

Good luck on this journey!

I have said enough. If you have some points to share with others, please leave a comment. Please share this post as maximum as possible on your social channels. I shall be very grateful to you if you do so.

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