12 Spiritual Laws of Money for Your Financial Success

It is amazing to talk about spiritual laws of money as our spirituality says that money and spiritualism have no match.

spiritual laws

If you are after spiritualism then there is very less chance that you will be rich because spirituality teaches against money.

However, you would be rich while still the following spirituality. To understand spirituality is another topic but here I am going to present some spiritual laws that too apply on money to become rich.

And the truth is that your spirituality depends upon money. If money is present, your spirituality is running.

Your church, mandirs, and mosques are running with money.

So, it is certain that spirituality cannot be against money but our teachers have been preaching the wrong concept of it.

Another point is that at last, you are going to die. As we live with a mind, so near death, the mind starts calculating what it has done in whole life.

If you are poor then you mind will feel guilty. Now the time has passed. Death is coming and you cannot do anything. You have wasted your whole life.

These all are talks of our mind. We cannot live without the mind. It will live with us up to our death bed.

So, it is sure that it will pester you on your death bed. The better thing is that if you are young now then you must do something that you never feel guilty on your deathbed.

For it, spirituality is for your help. With it, you can get rid of your mind but deep down, spirituality too is an invention of a fearful mind.

A fearful mind doesn’t want to die so spirituality is here for it to give support to this dreadful mind. It is another topic.

And deep down, whether it is spiritual mind or money mind, both want something out of life.

Then what to do? Read this post and apply these laws in your life and live happily up to your deathbed.

So, in today post, we are going to discuss some spiritual laws of money and if you understand them fully, they will help you to understand your mind and money better.

I hope you will find useful what I am going to present here.

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Let’s start.

1.. Money is Not Good or Bad

You have been taught that money is evil.

However, it is not the case. Money is made by man. Man can be evil but money cannot be.

Money is neither evil nor good. It is just an instrument to use and communicate in business. That is all.

money money

And money becomes evil when it goes to evil people and money becomes donation when it goes to good people.

If you are desiring money for good purposes of life then money is not bad but it is going to make your life good and comfortable.

And the whole purpose of spiritualism too is to make you easy and happy. If you get these things with money then you are fulfilling the purpose of spirituality.

So, from today, never say that money is bad or good. Just take it as an instrument to get things in life. Make it your first spiritual laws of money.

2.. Abundance thinking

If we think on worldly affairs then we see scarcity in the world.

However, if we see on spiritual laws and prospects, then abundance is everywhere.

abundance thinking

If you are going to make money then never think that there is scarcity inside the world.

There are abundant opportunities to earn money however, spirituality does not focus on money. It tells about another abundance.

That belongs to your inner abundance where peace, ecstasy, and happiness reside. You are abundant with them.

However, that principle can be applied to money too. Look at money with abundant eyes. There is an abundance of money everywhere.

Only your thinking is on scarcity. What are you going to get out of money? That must be clear to you.

You should be going to get abundance in your life. So, shed your scarcity mentality. Nature is full of resources. Abundance is everywhere should be your second spiritual laws of money.

3.. Not Guilty of Money

Our spiritual thinking teaches us that if we have longed for money then it is not good.

However, as money is not good or bad and we are not going to collect money for bad purposes, so we should not feel guilty of money.

If you want to be rich, then you must be proud of your money accomplishments. Most people do it but when they think spiritually then mostly they think that money will not go with them after death.

So, they start feeling guilty of money. One bet is here that you must earn money with honesty.

honest money

If you are making money with unscrupulous manners then it is sure that you are going to get bad results out of it.

So, don’t feel guilty if you are earning money with honesty. It should be your third spiritual laws of money.

Spiritual money is your inside accomplishments that are happiness, love, compassion, and ecstasy.

And you can do it with money too. You could be happy, lovable, compassionate and ecstatic with money but the bet is, you should set aside your ego, jealousy, cunningness.

4.. Money is for You and not You are for Money


you are amazing

If you are living your life for money then it is not right.

Money is only a vehicle to go where you want to go in your life. Use money as a vehicle to reach where you want to go.

Spiritualism teaches you to get help from scriptures to reach your final destination that is your moksha, liberation, and enlightenment.

However, we have made strong clings to scriptures. We are not ready to abandon them. We have sentimentality with them.

The same sentimentality we have with the money. That is not good. Here money is for us and we are not for money.

If you understand this maxim and make it your other spiritual laws of money, then it is sure that you can never have dominance of money on your acts.

Then you can live a peaceful life even with money too.

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5.. Money does not Attract Money

If you think that money attracts money then you are wrong.

quick money making ideas

Idea attracts money. If you have no money but you have multi-millionaire idea, then sure if you have a right mindset and knowledge about money, you will be a millionaire.

It is not one night gain game. It can take years to reach that point.

There are lots of examples of people those have nothing when they started their business and they had only idea and knowledge about money.

They become what they want with that idea. It is similar to spirituality where you cannot be spiritual if you are desiring it.

If you think that by going church, mandir or mosque, you become a spiritual person then you are wrong.

If it happens then whole humanity would have been spiritual but here very few people are really spiritual.

Most people don’t know a bit about spirituality and most people have been doing the opposite what has written in their holy books.

And the same applies to your money mentality. You have wrong ideas about money. You think that money attracts money and if you have no money then you cannot be rich. 

But it is not true. You need ideas to be rich. That is another spiritual laws of money to be rich without having nothing in hand.

6.. You are Unique

Nature has made you unique.

No two thumbs in this world are equal. No two leaves are equal.

Your uniqueness is intact. And your satisfaction with money too is unique.

be yourself

Some people feel satisfied with little money and some people never satisfied even they have all the money of the world.

Here the problem is not with money but it is with their mind. Their mind is not under their control.

It is right that in today’s sophisticated world, we cannot live without money but money is not everything.

Money is only a vehicle. If you think that after making a million, you would be happy then you are at fault.

Similarly, if you feel that after getting spiritual enlightenment, you would be the ecstatic person ever lived then you are at fault.

Spiritualism is a vehicle to understand yourself deeply. Spiritualism is not your final destination. You yourself are your final destination.

So, use money as a vehicle to understand yourself deeply as for example, if you want to become a millionaire then it should be your goal to become a millionaire but you must get the essence of this whole process too.

That should be your priority. What you have become as a man after getting millions should be your target. This is one of the most important spiritual laws of money.

7.. No Money Shortcut

It is another one of the most important spiritual laws of money.

You cannot get spiritual enlightenment with one snap.

If you get it, you could not be able to handle it. Most probably, you would be in a mental hospital.

Similarly, if you get million dollars without doing anything with a shortcut route then it is sure that you are going to lose it in the near future.

Same happens with lottery winners. These people have no knowledge of money. In most cases, they have zero financial knowledge.

That is why they believe in the lottery system and they act on it.


If they have financial knowledge then they never go with a lottery system. It is a game of luck.

A real entrepreneur with financial education never believes in luck. He believes in making his own luck.

So, he never adopts shortcut.

Abraham Lincoln

If you want to know your future, create it.

8.. No Competition

In spirituality, if you are in competition, you are not going to get anything.

spiritual laws of money

But go and see in religious places, people compete on the name of spiritualism. The different religions of the world have been competing with each other.

Every religion teaches love, corporation and here every religion is competing with others. Every religion is in a race to increase its numbers. It is not religiousness.

Spiritualism cannot be a competition game. It is an individual journey.

Similarly, to get money depends upon a particular mindset.

It is too an individual journey. In today’s world, people who are making money are not in competition but are in collaboration.

They work together and support each other and help humanity with money.

So, no competition at all.

9.. No Possessiveness

If you are going to make money to rein in the world, then sooner or later somebody else will snatch it from you.

You are on a wrong track. Communists are outside to snatch it from you. In USSR, in 1917, Russian communists snatch everything from big money players.

Big players were the possessors of money. They started taking people similar to money. They treated people like commodities.

And if you have that mindset then change it. You should collect money for the service of mankind.

If you have this mentality then money will flock to you. There are lots of examples outside. Robert Kiyosaki told that he has increased his wealth by giving lots of service to the mankind.

This is one of the basic principles of spiritual laws of money in the modern world.

Robert Kiyosaki

You make money if you are generous.

10.. Remembrance of Death, Money and Spiritual Laws

spiritual laws

As we are talking about spiritual laws of money, so death cannot be abandoned.

However, as we are living, we should not talk about death but spirituality depends upon death.

Spirituality means the death of the mind. In spirituality, if you remember death, your progress in this domain is certain.

Similarly, in money making process, you must remember death. As you are living with a mind, so if you will die as a poor person then at your death bed, you will feel guilty.

It is sure. And if you feel guilty at the time of death, then your life was not a successful one on a mind level.

So, you must have enough money and sources that at the time of death, you never feel guilty.

You have only one life to live and life is short. Don’t waste it on trivial things.

If you want to be happy at death bed then start making money as maximum as possible with honest ways so that you must have a smile on your face at the time of death.

11.. The Game of Money and Spiritual Laws

According to spiritualism, you will die with empty hands. Great Skindar died with empty hands and he was on the way to win the whole world.

money game

So, it is a game of life. Money too is a game. It is just a vehicle to make smoothness in business communications.

Real money is inside you that is you. If you forget yourself during your money-making game then you have lost everything even you are a multi millionaire.

Keep your individuality intact and it should not depend on your money.

Take money-making as an honest game.

12.. Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool in spirituality. If you have no gratitude in your life, you are not spiritual.

Gratitude brings satisfaction, peace, and harmony in life.


Similarly, if you are not feeling gratitude for what you have in money making field, you live with an upset mind.

And an upset mind can never take important and wise decisions of life. An upset mind can never be determined, resilient and goal achieving.

He will soon become fed up and give up.

You need infinite patience and resilience to be rich. And that comes with gratitude. Whatever you make even 1 dollar a day, feel gratitude for it.

And with that peaceful mind, take your next decision of money making.


Money is not evil. It is here for our help.

In every field, either in spirituality or money making, you want to get something out of it.

In spiritualism, you are going to get peace, ecstasy, happiness, and satisfaction of life.

And in money making, you too are going to get what you want. You want freedom, respect, worldly possession and security.

But the bitter truth is that you are going to leave everything here after your death. And it is too a reality that if on your death bed, you have no smile on your face, then it means your whole life was a failure.

We need money. We cannot live without it in this sophisticated world.

So, don’t hate money but make it a spiritual game of your life.

Apply these spiritual laws of money and you would be rich.

Create a love for money and not for little one but whatever you desire or wish. Abundance is waiting for you to get your part as maximum as possible.

What do you think about it? Share your response in the comment box.

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