16 Signs of Spiritual Awakening That Progress to Spiritual Enlightenment and Beyond!

Signs of spiritual awakening are like milestones to spiritual enlightenment.

signs of spiritual awakening

Most people come to the spiritual field because of some pain and sorrow in their lives. 

Even some very rich people and kings came to this field. They had everything in their lives. Then why did they pursue this field?

Even they had everything in their lives but they felt some emptiness. Some fears were there like the fear of death.

Nobody wants to die and your materialistic richness cannot save you from your death. That was the pain and sorrow in their lives. It is one of the other causes.

And ordinary people too have so many problems, pains, and sorrows in their lives.

To get rid of them, we pursue spirituality and when we actually pursue spirituality, we start progressing towards its ultimate end.

The ultimate end of spirituality is spiritual enlightenment. However, the way or path through which we reach there is called the spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is not the destination. The destination is spiritual enlightenment and beyond. Beyond is not the topic of this post. We only discuss some signs of spiritual awakening here.

When someone is on the way that is the spiritual awakening, he feels a lot of transformations in his life.

He feels some progressive signs of spiritual awakening.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss those progressive signs of spiritual awakening. Everybody on the way to enlightenment feels it. However, his way of describing them can be different.

I write on my blog for two types of people. One belongs to that category those want to live the mystery of life and enlightenment and other belongs to that category those want to explore the mystery of life and enlightenment.

There is a huge difference between two. Today’s post is for the first category those wants to live the mystery of life and enlightenment.

I hope at the end of this post, you must understand what I want to convey here.

Try to understand them deeply as might be you have these signs of spiritual awakening but your way of describing them is different. If you have any question, you can ask me in the comment box.

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Let’s start,

signs of spiritual awakening

We are going to explore these signs of spiritual awakening below:

1.  You Want to Live in Aloneness

In aloneness, you start thinking mostly about spiritual awakening.

In your friend circle, you start talking about it. Sometimes your friends feel bored with it. You can notice it. Some friends will leave you.

You can want to live alone most of the time.

Or if you are with other people, you can want to talk only about spirituality. It is one of the progressive signs of spiritual awakening.

2.  You Start Giving Full Attention to Your Present Work

As a meditator, you start giving full attention to your work.

You start feeling good at your work. Your indulgence into your work has been increased.

Sometimes, you feel ecstasy and bliss during your work. You want to increase it so you can start more indulgence into your work.

You want to apply meditation in every act of your life.  However, it depends upon the teachings of your guru or teacher.

Some guru suggests only some techniques of meditation and some guru say that it should spread on your whole life.

It depends upon the teachings of your guru.

But most gurus want to spread the meditation on the whole life. So, they suggest making every act of your life as meditation. Their method may be different. Some can attack your kitchen too.

They can suggest that you should eat this and you should not eat that. Interestingly they can enter into your washroom too.

They can suggest that how to bathe. They can suggest that when you bathe, feel that water is not falling on you but on your body. You are separate from your body.

So: You start giving full attention to your present work.

3.  Your Mind Becomes Very Sharp and Alert

Most probably you choose a guru and start following him.

sharp mind

It can be a living guru or a dead one. However, you choose to read his books or sermons.

It is because your mind wants to know more about it. Something happens to you but you don’t know what it is. You want to know more about it.

Now you are reading this post, it means already something has happened inside you. You want to know more and more about it. You want to get it.

Your mind is very clever. Actually, your mind is a protective device for this body.

So as a protective one, it wants to know what it is that has happened to it. It wants to protect your body from it.

That something weird happened to your body is a warning signal for your mind.


It wants to make a clarity about it. Your mind wants to go into it.

However, your mind is in fear. This thing is new for it. It wants to make it clear and safe. It becomes very sharp and that is one of the signs of spiritual awakening.

4.  You Start Feeling Ecstasy and Bliss

In spiritual awakening, you start feeling ecstasy and bliss even for a moment. Click To Tweet

You listen to lectures or sermons of your guru or spiritual teachers.

Actually, our mind is greedy. When your guru says that kill the mind and what left will be your true essence that will be ecstasy and bliss,


The greedy mind wants to get that entity that is bliss and ecstasy.

Interesting thing is that your mind starts feeling ecstasy and bliss while listening to or reading the books related to spiritual awakening or during meditation.

And it is one of the signs of spiritual awakening. Greediness is one quality of mind to capture things in life. You can be greedy in spirituality too.

5.  You Feel a Sudden Glimpse of Your Separateness from Body and Mind

If you daily do meditation, then you can experience this sign of spiritual awakening. Meditation can be of any type.

Like you can run and can be in meditation. However, your full presence in the act is crucial.

You should know what you are doing. I mean your full indulgence in that work is very crucial

And the sign of spiritual awakening is:

Your sudden separateness from your body and mind.

It comes in a flash.

Interesting thing is that it does not come with a signal. It comes suddenly.

For example, if one day this sign comes suddenly and next day with a plan you will do the same meditation and will hope that the yesterday experience will come again, it is sure that it will not come.


It will come suddenly without telling you anything. And it will come with a sudden glimpse or flash.

It is one of the signs of spiritual awakening.

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6.  You Forget Completely About Spiritual Awakening for a Lapse of Time

That can be six months or a year.

Before it, you were studying books and were doing meditation but suddenly you will completely forget about them.

It may be due to some urgent reasons of your life. In students, it may be exams and in other persons, some crucial work comes in their lives.

So, they forget about meditation completely for that period.

However, in your subconscious mind, signs of spiritual awakening are progressing and will appear in future.

One cause is urgent work or something else urgent and second cause is that when you will do act or meditation techniques for a long time, they become boring.

A mind can never live in boring acts. Either it wants to change them or wants to make them interesting.

Your diversion from meditation after some time is natural. It is a good sign. It means you are actually doing meditation.

That is why now you start feeling some boredom out of them.

It is one of the signs of spiritual awakening.

After refreshment, you can again start doing acts and techniques that will lead to spiritual enlightenment. It is just natural.

7.  Your duration of Separateness from Body and Mind Increases

First, it was confined to your meditation only but now it can spread on the other acts of your life too.

Like when you will walk, you will suddenly feel that you are separate from the walking act. Body is walking and you are separate from it. Your legs are walking. Your arms are swaying but you are separate from them.

Now, it comes for a long lapse of time and then goes away. Now it can be your volunteer activities.

For example, if you are walking and you suddenly remember that now you have time and you can do meditation with your walking.

So, you do it and suddenly you are separate from your body and mind. Your body is walking and you are watching it.

However, when you indulge into some busy chore for example, in front of you, a car is approaching towards you with a very fast speed, your whole act of separateness from body and mind will vanish away.

You will forget about it for that moment and maybe for the rest of your day. Your churning mind will dominate the stage of your life.

You can feel this one in several times of your day. It can come for a longer time when you are safe and not busy and it will vanish away when you are not safe and are busy.

8.  Your Interest in Book Reading or Other Related Things Diminishes

Your interest in studying books or listening to the spiritual subjects diminishes. You can read them but you feel that everywhere same thing has mentioned.

Before that, you read the books with full interest but now you seldom read them.

Sometimes, you start reading and leave the book halfway. You think you know what this book is going to say.

It is one of the good signs of spiritual awakening.

Now you can go into witness or watcher state of your being where you feel separate from your body and mind. Now you know the technique so you don’t need a book or a guru.

However, as it doesn’t live long and it lives only in safe and non- busy occasions so you still need a book and a guru to follow.

However, you need something new. You show interest in new things and books.

However, after reading them, you feel that it is the same. 

Your mind now feels bored with these types of books or listening, so it is a good sign. At last, you will have to leave all this nonsense.

9.  One of the Signs of Spiritual Awakening is to Feel Full Awareness in Busy Acts Too

You live fully aware of the busy act too but only in those busy acts in which distraction is low.

For example, you do work on a machine alone with full awareness. Or you drive a car or any other vehicle with full awareness even on a busy road.

Although, it is a busy act as you are alone and distraction is nil so you can remain aware of this whole act and can feel separate from body and mind.

However, when someone or something comes into this act and distracts you, your awareness vanishes away. Your separateness from body and mind dissolves.

But as long as that person or thing that has created a distraction is there, your awareness has gone but on the moment that person or thing goes away, you are again come into your awareness mode.

You again become separate from your body and mind.

It is one of the very progressive signs of spiritual awakening.

10.  You Start Enjoying Your Sex More

You start remaining aware of sex but only in foreplay.

Whenever you go to your partner, your awareness has been lost. After doing that act, you again become aware and sometimes do not.

However, now you don’t feel offended by doing sex. When you were not aware even in foreplay, most of the time, you feel offended after a sex act.

You thought at that moment that you will not do sex again but after several days, you again do sex.

But now you don’t feel offended. However, your main focus during sex remains to feel pleasure by yourself and yourself and you don’t pay attention to your partner.

You don’t pay attention that your partner is satisfied or not. It is not a bad sign.

It is one of the good sings of spiritual awakening even it seems like a selfish act. At least, you try to not run with a wild emotion of sex. You become aware of sex.

And that is one of the very progressive signs of spiritual awakening.

11.  You Start Seeing the Drama of Your Life

It doesn’t mean that you have to do the drama of your life but your whole life will become like a drama.

signs of spiritual awakening

You start feeling that you are acting in a drama on a big stage of life but yet it is not fully clear to you.

It is because this feeling comes in lapses. Most of the time, you don’t feel your life like a drama.

Most of the time, you take it seriously but as you become more aware of your life, you start feeling that there is no worry to do as whole life is a drama.

You are confused. Sometimes, you want to act like an actor. You think about it.

You don’t understand that there is no need to act. A person is already acting in a drama of life.

The need is to be aware of it. On mind level, you understand it and on a practical level as you can become witness to body and mind, so you start understanding it.

However, still the full understanding is somewhat far away and you want to understand it fully.

Now you will become aware of every act of your body but your mind still distracts you. Sometimes you indulge in your mind and it becomes difficult to come out of it.

Now your main concern is to do every act meditatively. You want to remain aware of every act of your life and you do it but now the main problem is your mind. It distracts you most of the time.

You can be aware of your body acts any time even in busy work too but you feel difficult to aware of it whole the time.

That is because of your mind.

In spiritual awakening, you start seeing your life as a drama and you can smile on it. Click To Tweet

12.  You Stuck in Your Life

 It is because your main concern now is for you and you give less attention to your family and career.

 You can stick to work you have been doing for years.

You can feel a need to progress in the outer world but you don’t do anything for it.

As your main focus now is on yourself, so you deliberately ignore the changes that occur around you.

People around you can feel wonder that why this man is not progressing in his life. His peers are doing well in life but this guy has been stuck in life.

They think you are mad. You are not okay.

However, from inside you feel that everything is okay. As now you can see the life more deeply, so you can smile at other people’s comments.

You can laugh at yourself. You take the life less seriously.

However, you pay full attention and awareness whatever you do. That becomes your motto of life.

And it is a good sign towards spiritual enlightenment and one of the good signs of spiritual awakening.

13.  You Feel Enjoy Even in Small Tiny Works of Your Life

 You feel enjoy in every act of your life. Now you don’t need any special work where you can feel happy.

Every act will become a cause for your happiness. So, you don’t feel to do any progress in life.

Everything becomes okay for you. You start living at the other dimensions of your life where your peers cannot imagine. And it is not their fault.

You become classical for your peers as they see you as a mystery. It becomes difficult for them to understand you fully.

But as you are humble and interesting, so they love you.

14.  You Feel Oneness with Your Surroundings

Sometimes you can feel that you become one with everything around you.

However, your mind still has been producing hindrances.

You can stop your mind anytime but it starts automatically without your attention. You want to control it fully but you cannot.

So now your main concern is your mind.

That is why now you need books to read. You want to win your mind or want to kill your mind or want to go beyond your mind so you still need books or some listening to help you.

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15.  You Feel That You are Enlightened.

You don’t say this to anyone but from inside you know that you are enlightened.

As you are progressing towards spiritual enlightenment and you have read about it, so sometimes you can feel some symptoms of it.

However, you are not fully satisfied. Now you pay attention to the otherworldly chores of your life.

First when you were fully indulged to be enlightened then you ignore your worldly chores but now you can feel that your peers are ahead of you.

It is interesting to note that if you belong to a middle-class family and most people belong to it then you can feel that spiritually you are free but financially you have been stuck.

Now you want to be financially free too. So, you can start reading books on it. You read books on spiritualism too but as you feel that now you are enlightened so you want to be enlightened in financial world too.

So, you start reading books on it. But in the spiritual world, still, you are not satisfied.

As yet you are not spiritually enlightened, so you want it. And here your wanting creates problems for you.

Spiritual enlightenment comes suddenly without saying anything to you and if you are desiring it or wanting it, then it will never come.

16.  You Start Living in A Mystery

It is very important to note that if you have a science background then at this stage you can raise questions about your witness too.

You can ask yourself that what is this witnessing power. It is because sometime you will witness and sometimes you feel that you are a body and mind. Other time you feel that you are a mind.

In some glimpses of your life, you will completely evaporate. You become nothingness.

So, you start living this mystery.

That is why most religious gurus say that witness is a mystery. It is shapeless, odorless and colorless.

It is because they have been living this life as nothingness with odorless, shapeless and colorless.

However, with you, it comes as glimpses. And it is one of the good signs of spiritual awakening.

It means you are progressing towards spiritual enlightenment and beyond.


The ultimate conclusion of spiritual awakening must be spiritual enlightenment where one becomes shapeless, colorless and odorless permanently.

Whenever he closes his eyes, he becomes shapeless, colorless and odorless.

And when he opens his eyes, that shapeless, colorless and odorless entity does not vanish away but it continues.

However, the upper signs that I have mentioned are pillars to this final destination.

You will go to this final destination bypassing those pillars on the road to spiritual enlightenment.

I remind you here that this post is for those guys who want to live the mystery of life and enlightenment.

If you want to explore the mystery of life and enlightenment, then still this post is useful for you as you can only know about the mysteries of enlightenment after fully get spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment is the final destination for people who want to live the mystery of enlightenment but it is not the final destination for those who further want to explore the mysteries of enlightenment.

The choice is yours. Priorities are yours. However, everybody has to pass these pillars and signs of spiritual awakening. The expression could be different for different people. 

Can you share your signs of spiritual awakening in the comment box?

Please share your intelligent response in the comment box. I shall be very grateful to you if you share this post on your social channels.

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