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16 Signs of Spiritual Awakening That Progress to Spiritual Enlightenment and Beyond!

Signs of spiritual awakening are like milestones to spiritual enlightenment. Most people come to the spiritual field because of some pain and sorrow in their lives.  Even some very rich people and kings came to this field. They had everything in their lives. Then why did they pursue this field? Even they had everything in…

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Is Spiritual Enlightenment an End of Suffering?

Everybody in this whole world wants permanent happiness and end of suffering in his life. For it, our religions have a solution and that is spiritual enlightenment. In spiritual enlightenment, when a person got enlightenment, he gets permanent happiness and bliss without a single pause of pain. However, is it true? Is enlightenment the end…

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Are Spiritual Teachers Free from Suffering?

Our spiritual teachers say that enlightenment is that place of being where all your sorrow and pain will dissolve.   But the question is: Are spiritual teachers themselves free from this sorrow and suffering? In today’s post, we are going to discuss it. I hope at the end of this post, you must get the…

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What is Enlightenment as Spiritual Teachers Say! And What Actually It is!

What is enlightenment? All spiritual gurus of mankind say is that it is the ultimate and final destination of a man.   However, it is not the case. With it, they completely shut down the thinking power of mankind. It is interesting to note that these few people have been reining in the human mind…

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What is Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’ in Spirituality & Science?

 A true spiritual journey always starts from this question ‘Who am I’ to find out the essence of life. If you ask a person, the question ‘Who are you?’ he usually answers, ‘I am Mr. Jacob or Mr. Harish or Miss or Mrs. Poonam’. This question ‘Who are you?’ can be posted by the man…

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What is Zen, Buddhism or Lao Tzu Role to Make You Complete?

A man is incomplete.  He wants to be complete. To go after masters like Buddha, or Lao Tzu or what is Zen is a proof, that man is looking for its completeness. And until you become complete, you will always remain in pain and misery. We want to get rid of this pain and misery.…

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