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Birth Trauma in Babies: What Religions Say About It and What is The Truth?

In medical terms, birth trauma in babies cause injury, cuts or any fracture that can lead to pain. In religion, they say that soul enters into a baby in fourth month of conception. This soul can be of a sleepy person or an awakened buddha. If it is of a sleepy person then he will…

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Reverse Effect: Why Things You don’t Want Occur in Life?

Reverse effect: Harder you try to stop things you don’t want, more easily these things happen in life. And you are not going to succeed to thwart them because here the law of reverse effect is operating. And this is not outside of you. The very law of reverse effect is working inside you. It…

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Human Perfection: A Killer of Mental Peace

Our society teaches us human perfection. We want to be a perfect human being. But where does from this human perfection come? Is it mere a society’s norms and conditions or a natural phenomenon? As we waste our whole life in perfecting ourselves and at the end, our death snatches all of this human perfection.…

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You as a Distracted Mind!

Your distracted mind is your greatest distraction.  You don’t want to quiet. It depends upon your determination.  However, all determination fails in front of you as a distracted mind. The continuous flow of past, present and future are your distractions. It is memory. You are the memory. It seems awkward to say but it is…

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What is Fear? Is It Ambiguous?

The answer to ‘What is fear? is ambiguous. We think we know exactly what is fear but if you scrutinize deeply, you will not get the exact answer. Only you will encounter with words of fear or repercussions of it. However, There are two types of fear. One is physical and other is related to…

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Poverty Inequality and Misery: Why?

Poverty inequality and misery are facts in our lives. Buddha says that all our suffering is due to our desires. But we cannot live without desires. Wanting to live without desire too is a desire. Then why there is poverty inequality and misery in human lives? Actually, you see the world in a certain framework…

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