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6 Reasons Why Witness Consciousness is An Extended Mind

Human Mind is restless and witness consciousness is an attempt of this restless mind to get some rest.   Why is human mind restless? Because it is constantly moving without a single pause for a break. Only in sleep, the mind gets some rest that too after wandering into dreams. So: If our mind wants…

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Life Mystery: 7 Reasons Why We Cannot Touch It at All!

Just what exactly is life or in other words, what is life mystery? It is a deep question. That is why you think about your continuity after your death? You want to continue forever. But deep down you know that it is not possible. Why is it not possible? It is because life is a…

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The Conundrum of Human Consciousness: Can Science Resolve It?

Up to now, science is busy to resolve the conundrum of human consciousness. Religion already knows about it. Religion says that humans have the consciousness that never born never die and its existence is free. Due to this free consciousness, man’s body is running. When a person dies, this free consciousness leaves the human body.…

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Out of Human Soul, Body, Mind and Existence: Who are You?

Out of human soul, body, mind, and existence, you must belong to something. But if you don’t belong to anything out of all of them, then it would be strange. Strange in the sense then who are you? Actually, you have been taught about your identity and from that knowledge, you give answers. Mostly you…

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Total Surrender to God or Nature: An Impossible Task and How to Get It!

Whether it is total surrender to God or Nature, it seems an impossible task. Isn’t it? Why is it so? It is because it cannot be like a goal. Our habit is to make everything a goal to achieve. And where goal comes, an effort comes. And where there is effort, you are moving in…

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What Are Human Emotions? A New Dimension!

I am sure, fundamentally, you must know about human emotions. Have you been emotional in your daily life? And do being emotional upset you?  In this fast and sophisticated world, you cannot live constantly with powerful emotions.  You must be out of them as soon as possible if you want correct decisions in your life.…

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