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The Secret Law of Attraction & Visualization: How to Manifest What You Want?

You want to get things fast and for it, you want to apply the secret law of attraction about that you have read somewhere else. Am I right? You have tried some visualization and the secret law of attraction but it did not give good results. It is not working in your life as according…

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12 Spiritual Laws of Money for Your Financial Success

It is amazing to talk about spiritual laws of money as our spirituality says that money and spiritualism have no match. If you are after spiritualism then there is very less chance that you will be rich because spirituality teaches against money. However, you would be rich while still the following spirituality. To understand spirituality…

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An Alternative to 10 Commandments in Order: Freedom From All Kinds of Spiritual Slavery

An alternative to 10 commandments in order that I am going to discuss here is non-commandments. I am not a guru or a teacher. I am a life and existence, and I don’t need any commandments of any type. If you too want to become life and existence where only peace and nature exist then…

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Beyond Buddhism Nirvana: 11 Strategies to Get True Liberation

They say that Buddhism nirvana is your true nature. It is that state of your being where all your cycle of birth and rebirth finish and you never born again. And very few people on this earth reach at that state. It is because we live with desires. Desires are the main cause of our…

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How True Discipline Come in Life That Brings Real Freedom?

True discipline belongs to truth. And truth lives in now here. If you ignore the now and are clinging to your past or looking for your future, then you are going away from the present moment. Everybody wants discipline in his life. It is true that discipline brings freedom but if it is a ready-…

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Why Should Manage Inaction in Action?

It seems awkward to talk about inaction in action but it has some vitality in our lives. We are possessors. We want to possess everything in our lives. And we are in so deep sleep, that we cannot see the truth of our lives. Truth of our life is that it has been changing constantly.…

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