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How to Be A Happy Person? 21 Proven Ways to Be Happy Forever

There are so many methods and ways for how to be a happy person. Here I am going to discuss some of them that really work and proven. I shall be very grateful to you if you share this post among your social channels. Once somebody asked Rinzai (A saint), ‘What do you do to…

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How to Stay Happy? 23 Life Changing Mysteries of Personal Fulfillment and Growth

Everybody wants to stay happy forever. The question; how to stay happy comes from this desire. But really, do everybody want to stay happy forever? It is another question. Come out of these questions. It is sure that we want happiness in our lives. We hate sorrow and pain, and mostly we want to avoid…

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How to Become Happy? Do These 14 Things To Get Happiness Naturally

How to become happy is a mind question. But, do you know what really happiness is? If you really know what happiness is then there is no need to read further. I guarantee that you don’t know what really happiness is. Your particular conditioning tells you that this is happiness. And most people pursue it…

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Why and How to Keep Balance in Life?

Keep balance in life is not crucial but has become mandatory if you want to live a healthy life. Lao Tzu says: ‘Stretch a bow to extreme and you will wish to stop in time’. Your life has a center, a middle part but you don’t recognize it. Either you go to one extreme or…

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Take Responsibility for Your Life: Mind Declutter

Take responsibility for your life means stop blaming others. Stop excuses. If you blame others or make excuses in your life, then it means you give the switch of your life to others. Then how could you declutter your mind? Then how could you understand your mind that is so important to get enlightenment. If…

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Why Let Go of Your Past?

Who are you that wants to let go of your past? You are a mixture of past, present and future. And you want to progress in your future. You want to start your new life. But the problem is where being your attention now? If your attention is on your past, then it is not…

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