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How to Explain Love Beyond Mind’s Deep Sleep? A Radical View!

Love is related to sex and how to explain love beyond your mind’s sleep is related to your whole being including the mind. The mind is in sleep that is why it connects fantasies and dreams with how to explain love. But beyond mind’s territory, how to explain love takes a different shape. At that…

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How to Pray Effectively? 17 Practical Tips to Unlock the Infinite

Human hope is similar to how to pray effectively. We cannot live without hope. Keep hope is a human mind habit. If we add prayer to our hope, then the speed of its fulfillment has increased manifold. Atheists often do prayer, and there are articles and books on how to pray effectively. We can hope…

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10 Simple but Effective Steps To Take Responsibility for Your Actions to Sieze Every Opportunity of Life

Take responsibility for your actions runs moment to moment in your life. I know you have missed a lot of opportunities in your life. You think that your luck was bad or you blame on other hundred things. But the real cause is your inability to be responsible for that particular phase of your life.…

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Love, Bliss, Joy and Happiness: Why You Should Not Make Them Your Life Goal!

Everybody wants love, bliss, joy, and happiness in his life. And the interesting thing is that we all want it permanently. A single pause of pain and sorrow make us unstable. We don’t want them and with it, our lives become a struggle between these things as life never runs on a single track. Life…

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How to Live: 9 Steps to Find Fullest Life in Your Day to Day Living

It is the reality that what life you are living is not a life at all. That is why you ask how to live. And you don’t know that this ‘how’ adds more knowledge in you and make you far away from your life. It means you cannot find life with knowledge. Knowledge comes as…

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9 Fastest and Easy Ways to Produce the Music of Your Quiet Mind Naturally

You taste your quiet mind very rare. Your mind is running constantly without pause. You are living in a complex society so you have so many things to do. Your mind is fully occupied. You want rest and you often take some rest but during that rest too, your mind remains busy. You love music…

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