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Practical World of Spiritual Meditation, Tantra, Reality and Beyond

What is spiritual meditation? What is enlightenment? Who did make this universe? What is seed and what constitutes it? Where is the center of the universe and who is wheeling it? What is reality and who is knowing the reality? Is there anything that is beyond forms, space and time? These all are questions that…

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3 Levels of Meditation: On Which Level Are You?

Here levels of meditation do not belong to your daily meditation steps. They belong to your over- all progress in meditation. Meditation is a medication for sick minds. For example, a person is frustrated due to his financial poor condition. His mind is in tensions and worries. If it will continue, instead of progress in…

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Ego Problem: 1 Very Effective Way to Get Rid of It

You often listen about ego problem. Problem in the sense that it brings more problems in life. And man’s problem is that it wants to live without problems that is not possible. As we live in a complex society, so we cannot live without problems. Actually, we think problems are different from us but it…

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How to Spread Tea Meditation in Your Whole Life?

You do meditation in hurry like other things in your life. It is because you have to find time for it in your busy life. But, why do you do meditation? If you give a correct answer to this question, then your way to see at it will change. In my sense, you should not…

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What is A State of No Mind? Can You Think About It?

State of no mind just belongs to our mind. However, most contemporary gurus emphasize that it is not a state of our mind. They say that it is a state of beyond mind. In today post, I try to clear this out that this state of mind too belongs to our mind. At the end…

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23 Real Practical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits research is going on to find out more benefits of meditation. They go in fine details that we as human mind cannot touch it. We live in a society. We have to comply with the norms and rules of it. As a child, we have learnt about it. How did these things start…

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