How to Explain Love Beyond Mind’s Deep Sleep? A Radical View!

Love is related to sex and how to explain love beyond your mind’s sleep is related to your whole being including the mind.

how to explain love

The mind is in sleep that is why it connects fantasies and dreams with how to explain love.

But beyond mind’s territory, how to explain love takes a different shape.

At that point, we understand what actually love is. And before that point, we only think about fantasies and dreams about love.

In today’s post, we will try how to explain love beyond mind and its sleep.

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And I hope at the end, you must get some conclusion about how to explain love beyond mind.


What is Mind’s Sleep?

The mind is sleep. What does it mean?

human mind and conditioning

It means that you are not a mind. You are something else but you have mingled with the mind as you always live with a mind.

You cannot live without the mind. It has become your necessity. In this insecure and competitive world, you cannot live without the mind.

And with it, you have forgotten who you are really. And that is your sleep.

We call it mind’s sleep because the mind has covered you fully. You cannot see at the outer world without mind. You always see at the outer world through your mind.

A Christian sees the world through Christianity and a Hindu sees the outer world through Hinduism.

And other religions of the world do the same. A communist or an atheist sees the world through his atheism mind. This is mind’s sleep because in sleep when a person sees dreams, he thinks that these dreams are real but they are not.

And when he wakes up in the morning, then he knows that he was in a sleep and was seeing dreams that he thought were real ones.

So, humans are in sleep. They are in their mind’s dreams and they see the world through these dreams.

What is Mind’s Awakening?

When a person comes out of mind’s dreams and he sees at the outer world without mind, that is awakening.

mind awakening

And it is not easy. First, you have to find out who you are then you can decide what is mind and who you are.

Until then how can you recognize that you are seeing through the mind or without mind?

Thus, you will have to find out who you are really then you can say that this is mind and this is me.

Before that, you are in sleep.

Relation of Mind’s Sleep and Awakening with How to Explain Love

It is very strange that your definition of how to explain love changes according to your state of mind.

If you are in sleep that I have explained above then your definition of how to explain love will be different from when you are awake.

In your awakening, you see at things differently. In your awakening, you are not seeing through the mind and if you see through it, you know that you are seeing through it. You are not mechanically seeing at the things.

You are awake.

So, when you are in sleep and you define how to explain love then you attach love with emotion. You say that love is an emotion. You attach fantasies and dreams with it.

But when you are awake and you define how to explain love then you directly see at it.

And your definition of how to explain love changes.

How to Explain Love Beyond Mind’s Deep Sleep?

This is for those individuals who are on their inner journey of enlightenment. Otherwise, everything is okay with love.

what is love

If you want true liberation and enlightenment, then you must know what love is.

On mind emotional level, love is another emotion that we feel for someone else. Sometimes, we feel love for the nonliving things too.

But deep down it is an attraction towards something as living or nonliving.

So attraction towards something means love.

We want that thing. Our wanting involves in it. And where there is wanting, there must be a bound. And where it is bound, it cuts our freedom and liberation.

That is why first lovers feel attracted towards each other, but after some time, they feel like bounded. And when they start feeling trapped, the fight starts.

They come close to each other, to get more love but the opposite happens. Both try to trap each other. Both come close to each other with their wanting.

So this attraction that comes as a love becomes misery and pain. Now repulsion starts. And that repulsion converts into hate. They start hating each other. What has happened to them, they don’t know. It has all happened naturally.

And you see, when lovers first fall into love, they talk most of the time. They talk and talk.

They have tremendous energy, and they are flowing that energy through their talking. So they talk a lot. They try to impress each other.

However, deep down they want a deep intimacy with another person. They want to know each other from the core of their heart, and they too want to know each other from physical levels too.

They want to know and see the body of each other. A deep sexual desire is working underneath. And all love and talking are going towards that deep desire for sex.

These all talking, love and attraction come from sexual energy. Sex is great energy in man. Without it, man feels impotent.

And at last when lovers meet each other in solitary, their deep desire for sex that they showed in their talking come to the surface. They go into sex and release that energy that is waiting to release. After the sexual act, they feel less burdened and light.

After doing sex, again and again, they feel more attracted to each other. When they know everything about each other, then they start feeling bored with each other.

After marriage, people who talked a lot before marriage mostly become quiet. Now the sexual energy that was in the form of talking has been released after sex after marriage. So that is it.

Now whenever they feel like sex, it is available. There is no need to go through another channel to release it. Now there is no need of talking channel to release it.

Love is an Energy In the Subtle form of Sex

This energy bounds us and makes our progress in the form of reproduction. The problem comes when we don’t want to understand this whole game.

love and sex

We want to make its continuity and want to make our sexual pleasure permanent.

We want to go into it more and more and want to dodge our sexual pleasure and try to increase it. However, nature does not want it.

That is why after sex, you feel lethargic and guilty. That is nature’s trick with you to come back again in it. If you feel sexual pleasure for a very long duration of time, you will become delighted with it and will never go into it again.

And nature does not want it. Nature wants new things. Stall has no place in nature. Nature wants freshness.

And fresh people only come when reproduction continues. If people become satisfied with sexual pleasure forever, then reproduction stops.

It is our longing to go into this sexual pleasure again and again. It is a tact of nature with us.

Nature is working everywhere. You think that you are working in your life, but actually, nature is working in your life. You have nothing to claim as your own and you are an invention of this nature for the survival of this body.

And love and sex too are the invention of nature to make your continuity. It is a game made up by nature to be played by you. Nature takes you inbound, and nature takes you in misery and pain.

Nature has made your desires and your wanting to come to the laws of nature. You have nothing to do.

You can only do one thing that is to understand this whole game of nature.

Love is a Four Letter Word

It is that and we label love on our attraction to something else that we want under the law of nature.

how to explain love naturally

Remove this word, and you don’t know what that attraction is. It does not mean that that attraction will disappear. It will continue as animals have no words, but they still make love with each other.

So love and sex are natural phenomena to continue reproduction.

I am talking all about it so that you can understand it deeply if you want a true liberation and enlightenment in your life.

If you don’t understand it deeply, you are in binding with it. You are trapped. You become addictive to it. That would be your sleep.

Sleep comes in many ways. You love and make sex in sleep. You don’t know what you are doing. Nature has baits for you.

And you easily come into that trap. And it is interesting to note that when you understand this whole game, you too will say that love is a four-letter word. That would be your definition of how to explain love.

No more and no less.

I have said enough. If you have some suggestions, please share them in the comment box. I shall be very grateful to you.

I shall be very grateful to you if you share this post among your social channels.

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