Mind Body Connection: Can Mind Live Without A Body?

You are the mind. You are the body. However, out of mind body connection, who are you? I am asking this because we are not clear about it. It is strange that we are living with our body and mind and we are not clear what is mind body connection. A person can ask what…

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What is Chakra? Is Chakra Real or An Imagination? Science Behind Chakras.

Don’t believe in science too. Science does not believe in human chakras. However, if you look deep inside you then you find that your mind is in chakras as it is constantly thinking and thinking. What is charka? Charka is a Sanskrit word means revolving. You can listen to the whole concept of chakra in…

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Heaven & Hell are A State of Mind. No Surprise the Religion has Caused Confusion about them!

A state of mind is a particular framework of your mind where you see the things directly through the lens of your mind. You cannot leave your mind and head. Spirituality claim that a person can leave his mind and head. However, the interesting fact is that even a person feels that he can leave…

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Samadhi? A Radical View! How to Get it Along with Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The word samadhi has different meanings in different traditions and customs. However, a meditative person has to taste it if that person genuinely has been doing the meditation practice. And it is interesting to note that Samathi is just a name to a particular state of our mind. However, if a person wants to reach…

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Is Your Overthinking Makes It Challenging to be at Love and Peace?

Our brain is reactive. Overthinking develops from that reaction. We live in a sensitive world where we deal with people. We cannot live without it. However, we have become so overthinking that a two words message instigates overthinking in us. We start thinking about what the meaning of these two words is. Does that person…

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Stress Management: 9 Proven Ways to Understand, Manage, and Control Your Stress Successfully

Stress management is easy if you understand it. Today‚Äôs life is stressful as it is corporate life. When life was under industrialism, the stress types and levels were different. Out of that stress, communism came into existence. Now the stress types and levels have been changed. What would be the consequences, nobody knows? However, personally,…

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