Samadhi? A Radical View! How to Get it Along with Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The word samadhi has different meanings in different traditions and customs. However, a meditative person has to taste it if that person genuinely has been doing the meditation practice. And it is interesting to note that Samathi is just a name to a particular state of our mind. However, if a person wants to reach…

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Is Your Overthinking Makes It Challenging to be at Love and Peace?

Our brain is reactive. Overthinking develops from that reaction. We live in a sensitive world where we deal with people. We cannot live without it. However, we have become so overthinking that a two words message instigates overthinking in us. We start thinking about what the meaning of these two words is. Does that person…

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Stress Management: 9 Proven Ways to Understand, Manage, and Control Your Stress Successfully

Stress management is easy if you understand it. Today’s life is stressful as it is corporate life. When life was under industrialism, the stress types and levels were different. Out of that stress, communism came into existence. Now the stress types and levels have been changed. What would be the consequences, nobody knows? However, personally,…

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How to be Kind to Yourself: 5 Steps to Overcome Negative Self Talk

Negativity is mind’s cruelty. Be kind to yourself is a defense against this cruelty. And negativity erupts from negative self-talk. If there is no talk, there is no negativity. But: The problem is; neither we are able to stop negativity, nor we are kind to ourselves. And if we would be able to do one…

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Reverse Effect: Why Things You don’t Want Occur in Life?

Reverse effect: Harder you try to stop things you don’t want, more easily these things happen in life. And you are not going to succeed to thwart them because here the law of reverse effect is operating. And this is not outside of you. The very law of reverse effect is working inside you. It…

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Five Steps to Push Through Confusion & Uncertainty of Life

Our life is not a straight path. We often fall into confusion and uncertainty of life. Mostly young people trapped in this difficulty. At that time, we must have something that guides us so that our direction goes smooth. In most cases, people give up on the chosen path and try to direct themselves on…

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