12 Spiritual Laws of Money for Your Financial Success

It is amazing to talk about spiritual laws of money as our spirituality says that money and spiritualism have no match. If you are after spiritualism then there is very less chance that you will be rich because spirituality teaches against money. However, you would be rich while still the following spirituality. To understand spirituality…

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11 Anger Management Techniques & Understandings to Control Temper

Anger is a natural phenomenon and anger management techniques are man-made. Without a deep understanding of anger, we cannot apply these anger management techniques successfully. Understanding itself becomes a technique.  Here we are going to understand anger management on a deeper level and I call all this discussion and understanding a technique. Please read the…

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8 Simple Meditation Techniques for Busy People: Stress and Anxiety Management

Indeed, we need simple meditation techniques for busy people as they have no extra time to do meditation. Our mind is always busy.  And it is not our fault. We are living in a busy world. Everybody is running and running. Now in this digital information world, we are acutely aware of the knowledge and…

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Practical World of Spiritual Meditation, Tantra, Reality and Beyond

What is spiritual meditation? What is enlightenment? Who did make this universe? What is seed and what constitutes it? Where is the center of the universe and who is wheeling it? What is reality and who is knowing the reality? Is there anything that is beyond forms, space and time? These all are questions that…

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How to Stay Happy? 23 Life Changing Mysteries of Personal Fulfillment and Growth

Everybody wants to stay happy forever. The question; how to stay happy comes from this desire. But really, do everybody want to stay happy forever? It is another question. Come out of these questions. It is sure that we want happiness in our lives. We hate sorrow and pain, and mostly we want to avoid…

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Is Spiritual Enlightenment an End of Suffering?

Everybody in this whole world wants permanent happiness and end of suffering in his life. For it, our religions have a solution and that is spiritual enlightenment. In spiritual enlightenment, when a person got enlightenment, he gets permanent happiness and bliss without a single pause of pain. However, is it true? Is enlightenment the end…

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