2 Reasons Why Wisdom and Knowledge of Scriptures Don’t Help to Get the Truth

Most people of the world believe in wisdom and knowledge of scriptures related to their particular religion.

wisdom and knowledge

However, it is the fact that most people don’t get the truth what has described in those scriptures.

And shocking truth is that in most cases, that wisdom and knowledge presented in scriptures prove like a hindrance to get the truth.

And even if you read this wisdom and knowledge for your whole life, you could not be able to achieve the truth.

Why is it so?

In today’s post, we are going to discuss about this topic. Share your intelligent response about what you know about the truth of this reality.

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In my sense, there are two main reasons that you don’t get the truth out of wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures.

First reason is:

1. It is a Borrowed Wisdom and Knowledge For You

You read the scriptures but you don’t know that it is a borrowed wisdom and knowledge for you.

It is the finding of somebody else. In past hundred years even thousand, somebody found something and he wrote it in a scripture.

And that finding has been passed generation to generation. Now time has been changed. Everything has changed.

When that scriptures had been written, the condition were different from now. So what had been written in those scriptures are according to that era.

It doesn’t mean that wisdom and knowledge in scriptures are wrong. It is right but according to the past.

Now your life has new questions and challenges so you need new answers and solutions.

That is why that past wisdom and knowledge does not work in your life.

You have to find your own wisdom and knowledge of life and you can get some help from these scriptures but at last you will have to find your own discretion.

And it is true that if you don’t use your discretion then this knowledge and wisdom of old scriptures prove a hindrance on the way to achieve the truth of life.

As these scriptures are for our help but it is pity that we don’t understand them accurately. We do opposite what has written in those scriptures.

We make interpretation according to our own knowledge.

As that scripture had been written by somebody else from his own experience and for centuries so many other people have made the different meanings of the words written in those scriptures so the actual truth remains far away.

2. You Already Have Made Your Conclusions

It is the second reason that you don’t get the truth what has written in scriptures.

You already make conclusions about what has written in those scriptures.

Like if scriptures say that our soul or spirit is immortal and it is never born never die then you have this conclusion in your mind.

You don’t find it out in your life with practicum.

You just believe in it and don’t find it out. Out of your already made conclusion, you think and act.

Even with practicum, with already made conclusion, you go into it. That is the most wrong path.

And you get the result according to your already made conclusions. Mostly you don’t get the results.

As in above example of soul or spirit, you must have to check out that really, soul or spirit is immortal or not.

You should go into practicum without already made conclusion. Then maybe you will find out that soul or spirit has no existence or not.

But as you have already make conclusion that soul or spirit is immortal then you will find what you believe.

But you never get the truth. As if you already believe that soul or spirit is immortal then it means you already have the truth.

At the end of practicum, it is sure that you are going to get what you believe in.

If you already know the truth, then there is no need to find it out. But the tragedy is that we already know about it and even then, we do practicum and at last we get what we believe.

It is all our mind game.

That is why wisdom and knowable of scriptures prove like a hindrance in finding the truth of your life.

You don’t see where the wisdom and knowledge of scriptures are pointing towards. You don’t see the finger of wisdom pointing towards.

You hold the finger and hand. You carry the scriptures on your head. You try to make your home on it.

But you don’t try to go where it is pointing towards. Scriptures are not truth but a way to reach at truth.

But we think that scriptures are truth.

Our mind does not want to know the truth. Truth means death of mind. SURINDERLEEN Click To Tweet


Wisdom and knowledge of scriptures prove like a mirror through which you can see but cannot reach where you want to go.

You will have to break that glass. And wisdoms and knowledge in scriptures too help to break that hindrance.


Our whole effort is to keep that hindrance as intact as possible. That is our tragedy.

What do you think about it? Share your intelligent response in comment box. 

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