3 Types of People on Consciousness Level, Which Type are You?

How many types of people on consciousness level do live in this world?

types of people

If mind is not there, we cannot think like that.


Why am I writing about it?

It is because one must know what type of person he is.

But, as everybody can raise a finger on it as everybody can say that he already knows what type of person he is.

However, I want to challenge his understanding. That is why I am writing this post.

Challenge in the sense that you will start thinking on your type. May be it will bring some change in you.

It will not be beneficial for everyone but some people must take advantage of that change.

For example, someone has stuck in his life. He wants to progress but he cannot as his thinking has been stuck.

He cannot see another destination where he can start a new journey towards it.

And every journey starts from man’s mind. His mind’s thoughts and conditioning decide where he is going and where he can reach.

So, be ready to know the types of people to understand your own type, so that you can comprehend it fully for your further progress in life.

Otherwise what is the meaning to read about  these types of people. If you want to change from one type to another, then it has some meaning, otherwise it is just a jargon of mind.

At the end of this post, you must get some understanding of the types of people and you must know to which type you belong to.

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I divide people on consciousness level in 3 types.

Let’s start:

1..   Types of People who live with their mind

Most people of the world belong to this category whether they are poor or rich.

These types of people and personalities always live with their thoughts. They have no glimpse of consciousness at all.

Here consciousness does not mean as a free entity but a higher form of our mind. As we go deep inside our mind, our conscious level becomes higher.

On mind level where only thoughts are running we cannot comprehend that higher level.

Everybody has that higher level but it is your choice in life on which level you prefer to live.

As we are talking about the types of people those live with their mind and thoughts, so this type of people often complain that their mind is unstoppable.

They say that their thoughts are running and running and cannot stop. Mostly these types of people are very simple ones even they become rich.

Simple in the sense that they live with worldly affairs. Their life only belongs to mind chores and thoughts.

These people live emotionally. These types of people attach with their family. They live with their family and they take care of their family.

They may be atheist or theist or agnostic but they mostly live with their particular conditioning.

Although every type and group of people has a particular conditioning but the interesting thing is that these types of people even know about their particular conditioning but they are not ready to do anything with it.

They live happily with that conditiong. As if they are poor, then they are happy and accept that they are poor.

If they are Russian then they are happy that they are Russian and accept it. If they are rich, they accept it and don’t want to change it.

These types of people is selfish ones. Whole world is selfish. They only think about themselves and their families.

Even they become a great politician or great saint, the basic approach remains the same and that is to feed themselves and their families.

They live unite as mind, body and thoughts including emotions. There is no gap between these things.

We can say that they live what nature has made them. They don’t want any change in this mode of living by themselves.

They don’t want to raise their mind consciousness to higher level even they believe in religion and God. They never do any consciousness practices.

They do meditation but only for some reliefs of their mind like some worries and tensions of daily life.

As we are talking here the groups of people on the basis of consciousness level, so you can say that these types of people live with ordinary consciousness level and they live happily with it.

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2..  Types of People Who live as A Witnessing Power

If you are new these types of terms then I want to give a brief introduction about witnessing power.

Witnessing power is that quality of our mind in which a person lives detach from his body and mind.

His body and mind work but he always remains as witness or watcher of the acts of his body and mind. For example, when he eats food, then he remains detach from this whole act of eating.

His body eats food and he only remains a watcher of this eating.

Mostly these types of people and personalities have a doubtful mind. They see at the world with doubtful eyes.

This type of people comes in unique category and groups as to live as witness on conscious level is unique in itself.

They don’t accept what life gives to them. But they try to get what they want. Most people in this category have a rebellious mind.

They can revolt against their own mind. They can ditch their own body. These types of people too live selfishly.

As the basic nature of every person in this world is selfish and it is not bad but these types of people have no concern with the outer world.

They mostly don’t ready to comply with the norms and conditions of the society. They mostly go against the society.

They want to live freely and they are ready to give the price for it. They can abandon their families and friends.

They can live happily in aloneness. Mostly this type of people become successful in which field they pursue and they are mostly the determined persons to get what they want.

As they can go against their mind so they can control their mind to the extreme extent and that is why they can go beyond their mind and they call that state of being as a witnessing power.

They want to live in the mystery of life. They don’t want to explore the mystery of life. As witnessing power is a mysterious one so they live this mystery.

They believe in reincarnation and consider soul or consciousness eternal and ever present entity. As we are discussing the types of people on consciousness level, so this type of people has upper level of mind consciousness.

They do experiment with their conscious mind and raise the consciousness of their mind. The raised level of consciousness appears as a witnessing entity.

As they always try to live a witness, so they always try to live happily. They don’t take life seriously.

They often do meditation and mostly they pursue another great personality in this field. They live detach from their body, mind and emotions.

They don’t care much about money. But the interesting fact is that in this category mostly people come from upper class as upper middle class or rich families.

Poor people or lower middle class has very little space in this group of people as poor people don’t show interest in these weird types of things.

Poor people mostly concern to earn breads. As if people have enough bread to survive then they can think about their mind’s conscious level and other weird things attach to it.

So, a person who has become witness to his body or mind or a person who is on the way to become like it, all come to this group of people.

Most spiritual teachers of past and contemporary fall in this category. They live a mysterious life and they preach about it among the mass.

This type of people talk about spiritual enlightenment, moksha, Samadhi and higher level of consciousness.

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3..   Types of People Who Live with Their Body

It is strange to say that they live with their body.

Anybody can say that everybody lives with their body. However, what I am saying here has some substance in understanding this concept in deeper level.

If you dig these types of people, then you will find that they are deeper person than level 2 group, those live with witnessing power.

Actually, this type of people reach this conscious level after meandering through witnessing power.

Anybody can directly go into this state of being but mostly people jump after living the witnessing power.

To live on body level is not easy as it seems. Only live as a body is live like an animal. It is living like a dog.

We human being live with our mind. We always think and think. Our mind is unstoppable. We have no control on our mind.

But these types of people live without mind. They even don’t believe in consciousness or witnessing power.

First category of people believes in God, consciousness, soul and religion and second category not even believe in these things but try to practically comprehend these things but the third category those live with their body only don’t believe in these things.

They consider these things irrelevant. As they live a natural life, so they think that God, soul or consciousness are irrelevant.

Whether their existence is present or not, it doesn’t affect the natural living of a body. This type of people lives naturally.

These types of people fail in their marriage life and if they continue then they mostly don’t care about it.

They care about their family but don’t take it seriously. They live as alien in this world as everybody around them live with mind and body but this group of people only lives with their body.

It becomes very difficult to understand this type of people. They talk about weird things about human mind, body and consciousness.

Mostly the people don’t accept what they say. People listen to them but as they talk from a different level of consciousness, so people don’t understand them fully.

But as they speak the truth as their talking comes from the deep level of existence that is our body, so they touch our heart but it becomes difficult to comply with them.

These types of people live alone happily. It is very difficult to make acquaintance with these types of people.  

They say that body is immortal and not the soul or free consciousness.

They deny the presence of free consciousness or soul or witnessing power. They challenge the spiritual teachers or gurus and they talk with more confidence.

They don’t believe in mysterious life. They believe and talk about non-mysterious life. They don’t think that soul or witnessing power or free consciousness is mysterious.

They often talk with logic and on scientific basis and they never believe in anything without doing experiment with it.

They go to the extreme level to understand something and they continue their search to find something until they reach at a point where they cannot go further.

As we are talking about the types of people on consciousness level, so this type of people understands the consciousness fully. They say that consciousness or witnessing power or God is not a mysterious entity.

They say about it from their deep experiencing with their mind, body and soul. 

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Now who will decide in which category you fall in?

You yourself will decide in which level or group you fall in.

If you want some progress in your mind consciousness level, then this post can help you. You can predict your level from the characteristics of a particular group and can raise to the next level.

It all depends upon you. However, I want to share a secret about it and the secret is that it is all your mind game.

Our life is waste if we don’t understand our mind fully. To live without understanding our mind is like a sleepy life.

And to live with full understanding of our mind is a living with an awakened mind. To live with an awakened mind has its own glory and peacefulness.

Choice is yours.

What do you think about it? Do you know another category of people. Please share in comment box. 

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