How True Discipline Come in Life That Brings Real Freedom?

True discipline belongs to truth.

true disciplineAnd truth lives in now here.

If you ignore the now and are clinging to your past or looking for your future, then you are going away from the present moment.

Everybody wants discipline in his life.

It is true that discipline brings freedom but if it is a ready- made then at last, it too brings pain.

It is because under discipline, you ignore a lot of things of life those are natural and crucial.

That deliberate ignorance becomes pain and sorrow at last.

We need freedom. We don’t need discipline.

However, in this sophisticated world, we cannot get anything without discipline.

As my blog is concerned with mind, spirituality and enlightenment, so here we are going to talk about mind discipline that truly brings real freedom.

I hope at the end of this post, you must get some understanding what I want to convey here.

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Let’s start,

Fixed Discipline Vs Liquid Discipline

From the name, it implies that in fixed discipline, your pattern to live life becomes fixed.

You live with a particular conditioning. And what that particular conditioning tells, you do.

For example, a person who believes in Buddha will behave according to the teachings of Buddha even the situation has no concern and demand of it.

And in liquid discipline, your pattern to live life becomes like a flowing. You flow with your life.

You reject rigidity and act according to the situation. As for example, if situation demands your extrovert behavior, then you act like that.

You don’t think that my Jesus or Buddha tells this and I should act according to it. You act according to your own wisdom and stimuli.

If situation demands to be introvert, you become like that. You change yourself according to the situation.

You try to comply with the situation and try to give full justification to that moment. That living comes under liquid discipline.

How True Discipline Come in Life?

True discipline belongs to above mentioned liquid discipline.

And true discipline comes when you become true.

And you become true when you live in your present moment. Past is false as it has gone. Future too is false as yet it has not reached.

Present moment is here in front of you and that is the truth.

And living and acting according to the present moment is true discipline. It is not stagnant but like a river that will finally mingle with vast ocean.

Without living in the present moment and acting according to it, you can never become liquid and flowing.

As you are not fixed, so you are free. Choice does not come from a fixed conditioning but it comes from your core existence.

So, you are free to act according to the present situation without any force and rigidity. And true freedom comes with it. You become a responsible person.

Try to live in the present moment and act according to that situation without thinking about past or future.

So, to live in the present moment and act according to it without any rigidity and particular discipline is called true discipline.

It must bring real freedom. Try it.

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