Total Surrender to God or Nature: An Impossible Task and How to Get It!

Whether it is total surrender to God or Nature, it seems an impossible task.

total surrender to god

Isn’t it?

Why is it so?

It is because it cannot be like a goal. Our habit is to make everything a goal to achieve. And where goal comes, an effort comes.

And where there is effort, you are moving in one direction. You are controlling it.

Your ‘I’ is working very effectively here. That is why we are looking for God but we never meet Him. To meet God or total surrender is a same thing. 

If you meet God, total surrender automatically comes in life or if you have total surrender, God automatically comes in your life.

Here God does not mean an entity that lives far away and has been controlling our lives. Here God means existence that is you but you have forgotten of it under the constant din of your thoughts and mind.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss about this total surrender to God or Nature whatever you call it and why it is an impossible task and how can you get it. The word ‘get’ is not appropriate for it but as we live with words, so we are helpless.

I hope at the end of this post, you must get some understanding what I want to convey here. My purpose here is to show you the complete truth of your being and that only comes when you have total surrender to god or nature.

You have half- truth. You are incomplete. That is why you are living in misery and pain. You want to get rid of them but you cannot because you don’t understand what total surrender to God or nature is.

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Let’s start,

Meaning of Total Surrender to God or Nature

It means you become a puppet in the hands of someone or something whom you surrender to.

A flicker of resistance will pull you away from this total surrender.

There is difference between total surrender and surrender.

In surrender, you can do something according to you but in total surrender, you have no choice.

You have to comply totally with someone or something by whom you want to be totally surrendered.

Here we are talking about your total surrender to God or nature. Both are the same thing. But here I want to clear that if you have an imaginative God then this post is not for you.

You live in imagination and your total surrender to God or nature too will be in imagination. But if you want a real surrender to God or nature then you must come out of your imagination.

You have never seen God in your life. Then why do you believe in It? It is because other people tell you about it. Your religion tells you about it. Your teachers tell you about it.

However, if you want to reach the truth then you must have to get rid of this borrowed answers and knowledge. You have to search about it by yourself. 

Your God’s experience must be yours and it must be a realistic one. It cannot be in imagination. Here your honesty plays a role. You must be honest with yourself. 

If you have not seen God then admit it. The whole game of total surrender to God or nature starts from here. 

If you are on a wrong track then you must get final achievement wrong. Your starting must be on right track and one easy right track is to start with honesty. 

Now come to the point. What is total surrender to God or nature? 

In it, you come under divine order. For example, our Earth is revolving around Sun. It is under a divine order. 

Similarly, you too are working under divine order but you have forgotten about it. You are living with mind and thoughts and here your remembrance of total surrender to God or nature has been forgotten.

Now with mind having ‘I’ and ego, you think you are doing everything in your life. But actually, everything is running under a divine order. 

You are in illusion that you are controlling your life but life is running under a divine order like Earth revolving around the Sun.

We humans think that we can change the course of Earth or Sun but we have forgotten that we are here due to Earth and Sun.

Our existence is mere on the mercy of Earth and Sun. If both disappear, we will disappear in a jiffy. Even with a slight moment of Earth away from Sun, the whole life here on Earth will vanish away.

However, we are in sleep, a sleep of our ego. Understanding this whole game of life will be a starting point of understanding the total surrender to God or nature.

So, total surrender to God or nature means where you as an illusion disappear and only natural existence or its works left behind including your body and mind. 

Body and mind will be there but they would run under total surrender to God or nature or existence. Now too your body and mind are running under this total surrender but you as an illusion in the form of ‘I’ or ego thinks that you are controlling everything in your life.

Why is Total Surrender to God or Nature an Impossible Task?

I have told earlier that effort is one cause.

Other cause is our conditioning. First, under conditioning, our religious teachings tell us that we are a grander species here on this planet. All other species other than man is inferior to man.

So, here we have created a division in mind. This division has created another division between us and nature.

Actually, we are social animals. However, we don’t want to accept it. And it is the big hindrance in total surrender to God or existence.

Mind cannot want to surrender. It can pretend that it is surrendered but it can never be. Surrender means the death of mind.

Mind doesn’t want to die. To live like animals means to live without mind. It will be the death of mind. And mind never wants it. It will certainly oppose it.

That is why it has invented God. Mind believes that God is superior.

Invention of God has originated from our superiority. We think that we are superior so our goal should be more superior than us.

So, God is more superior than us and it is our life mission to meet Him.

So, mind’s mission is to be like God. All religious teachings go towards this superiority.

Some religious gurus declare themselves like God. It is the extreme example of man’s ego.

This man doesn’t know a bit about his body and its functions and he declares himself God. It is ridiculous.

I am not recommending anyone to live like an animal but we should understand that we are not more important than animals.

Our existence is no more important than animals.

Our existence is similar to a dragonfly or mosquito. However, mind is not ready to accept it. It is the tragedy of man.

We have come very far away from nature. It seems impossible to go back.

That is why it is very difficult to meet God. That is why it is very difficult to make total surrender to God or nature or existence. All are the same thing.

Even imaginative God is not ready to meet us. Actually, we don’t want to meet God even imaginative one.

And to mingle with actual existence seems like an impossible task.

Total surrender means death of mind that is you as an illusion. However, you have considered yourself a real one.

All religions teach that everything outside is an illusion and only you as a consciousness or soul is real one.

So, everything is opposite here. Direction is wrong. And if you are going in this wrong direction, you must go far away from the actuality of your life.

That is why total surrender to God or nature or existence seems like an impossible task.

How to be in Total Surrender to God or Nature or Existence?

I tell a story. Please read this story from start to end. You must understand and get a technique to be total surrender to God or Nature or Existence.

A king returned from a battle. He was very happy as he won the battle.

He returned to his room and was about to put off his heavy dress and crown.

His queen helped him to undress but by mistake, his queen did something wrong.

By mistake, his crown’s upper peacock part fell down on the ground. On it, king got angry and he slapped his queen.

Queen shocked on this reaction and king too was in surprise. What had he done? He did it out of his battle habits. 

He could not tolerate anything wrong in front of him. He was a king of his luck and he could do anything whatever he wanted.

However, deep down he felt bad and until he turned to feel apologize to his queen, queen had gone. He sat on his couch and laughed.

After a while, as outside ambience was very cheerful due to victory, he forgot this whole incident and came out of his room to take his dinner.

His little son was playing outside in the ground that was inside his palace. As the victory’s ceremonies were going on, people were firing in the air. 

By chance, a fire passed through his son’s chest and he died on the spot. 

The whole celebration turned into grief and gruesome. The king who was laughing loudly on his victory was weeping. Queen was weeping loudly.

This incident gave a deep wound to this king and he made a promise with himself that in future, he would never go into battle. 

He loved his son very deeply. He could not forget him. Whatever he did, his son’s innocent face came in front of him. If nobody was near to him, king often started weeping. 

He met with his gurus and religious teachers and discussed this grief and depressed matter with them. But nobody gave him an accurate and satisfied answer. He became very upset.

Then one person in his cabinet told him to meet a man that was living outside that city. King sent an invitation and order to that man to meet him immediately. But that person did not come.

On it, king became angry. Deep down he wanted to kill that person who did not obey him but as king wanted solution to his problem, so he again sent a humble request to that man.

Again, that man did not come. On it, king became very upset and angry and left his palace to see that man. That old man was taking sun bath on sand near a river. That man was naked having only an underwear on his body. That underwear was in the form of a wrapped cloth around his private parts.

King went there and stood in front of that old naked man. Soldiers were too with king and they all cordoned that old naked man. 

On it, that naked old man opened his eyes and saw at king and said, ‘Hey rajjan, please get aside as you are blocking my sun.’ On it, king laughed as this old man was weird and mad. 

King could kill this man now here on the spot but this man had no fear of death. King was impressed as this man had something that he had not. So, king kept patience and remained calm.

King requested him to come along with him in his palace as king wanted to discuss about his painful and depressed mind due to the death of his son. But that naked man refused to go with king and asked king to discuss here whatever he wanted to talk.

King felt very embarrassed but he could not do anything. King agreed to discuss things there on the bank of that river.

King asked, ‘My son had died and now due to it, I have been living a very sad life as l loved my son very much. My queen too is very upset. What to do?’

On it, that naked old man laughed and said, ‘You should learn to have total surrender to God or nature like me. I knew about you and I knew in advance that you must come to me. Your minister met me here and told the whole story. I wanted to kill your ego. You come here so you have passed your first test. You think that you are doing everything in life but you are at fault. You slapped your queen that I know and that is the reason that your son died. He saw you when you slapped your queen’.

‘How do you know as nobody was there at that time?’ King became excited and folded his hands. His hands should go to his sword but this time, opposite happened. 

‘I know everything about you. I know what is running inside your mind’. Old naked person said. (Actually, queen too met this old naked man and told everything to him)

On it, king fell on his feet and asked, ‘Please tell me now what should I do?’ On it, naked old man told him, ‘come in the morning here to meet me but come alone only with your mind with you. I wanted to see your mind in the morning.’

In the morning, king came alone and sat in front of that naked old man. Everything was silent and that old man asked about king’s mind. He ordered the king, ‘Give me your mind. Close your eyes and find out where it is and give it to me as soon as possible’. 

On it, king closed his eyes and looked inside to find out his mind but there was no mind. Old man again ordered, ‘Give me your pain and sorrow that you have due to your dead son. Give it to me as soon as possible’.

King was looking it inside his mind but in vain. He could not find any pain and thought that he could hand over to that old man. Now old man was shouting, ‘Give me otherwise I am going to beat you with my stick’. On it, king opened his eyes and folded his hands.

Kind said, ‘I have nothing inside that I can give you. More I look for it, more it disappears. What to do?’

‘This is the secret to get rid of your pain and grief. Don’t get afraid of it. Don’t run away from it. You want to suppress it with your alcohol, dance and everything you king can do but you cannot forget it. So, whenever your pain and misery attack on you, don’t run away but just close your eyes and see and find out it inside your mind.’ Old naked man said.

And one thing more, ‘This is the secret to live with divine order. Look inside and find out your ‘I’ or ego and you cannot find it there. You are not living your life. Your whole life is like to run away from yourself and life. Come under divine order. Nothing can escape from it. One day, when you continue this practice, your ‘I’ will dissolve and you will mingle with existence or God. And when you mingle with existence or nature, total surrender to nature or God will be there.’

What do you think about it? Are you on a way to this total surrender to God or nature? Please share your views in comment box. Maybe you have different views about it.

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