How to Spread Tea Meditation in Your Whole Life?

You do meditation in hurry like other things in your life.

tea meditation

It is because you have to find time for it in your busy life.

But, why do you do meditation?

If you give a correct answer to this question, then your way to see at it will change.

In my sense, you should not find time for meditation but it should spread to your whole life.

In today’s post, I am going to give some insight in this matter and give a practical method for how to start to spread your daily tea meditation to your whole life.

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Let’s start.

We start it from a Zen story.

A Zen disciple started living with his guru to get Zen teachings. For many days, his master did not give much attention to that disciple.

That disciple brought tea for his master. And his master just accepted the tea and bowed down.

That disciple was in puzzle. After one month, that disciple asked his master that, ‘What are Zen teachings as I am here from one month and you did not tell me anything?’

On it, Zen master replied, ‘You did not watch me what I am doing daily?’

Disciple said, ‘Yes I watch you daily’.

Zen master said, ‘No, you are not watching me daily at all. You do your all work mechanically’.

On it, disciple went into thinking. Zen master said, ‘Don’t go into contemplation. Just observe what I am doing. That is all’.

What is the conclusion of this story?

Just start observing what you are doing in your life. Start it from simple acts like taking tea in your life.

Tea Meditation

You daily take tea or coffee. For it, you don’t need special time as you need for your meditation.

So, make tea or coffee taking your tea meditation. In next time, when you take your coffee or tea, just observe your acts what you are doing at that time.

Note your simple and minor acts at that moment. Come to the present moment completely.

Note the color of the cup. Note the color of the tea or coffee. Take the aroma of it.

When you sip, be fully conscious and take the taste with full intensity. Feel the tea going through your throat. Smell the tea or coffee.

Forget all your life’s tensions and worries. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Relax your body and take another sip. Enjoy this whole process.

Do this daily when you take your tea or coffee. When you will succeed in this simple act, then you can spread this awareness to your other life acts too.

And slowly slowly, spread this into your whole life. Don’t expect immediate results. Be patient.

Try this simple tea meditation technique in other simple acts of your life. When you will become proficient in those acts then try it in some other complex acts of your life.

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