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on June 7, 2017

It explains the fallacies of the spiritual gurus and approaches spirituality and enlightenment in a more scientific thought process. In answers, some questions that I have been asking myself. Again, really controversial content, about the third eye, enlightenment, meditation, the soul, being free from suffering... It will challenge the established teachings from mainstream spiritual gurus and institutes. I also like that the author doesn't force you to believe him, and by having an open mind, we can treat this as more food for thought. I feel that a lot of his writings in this book make a lot of sense! Surinder talks about how meditation and renouncing the body and mind isn't necessarily good. I had this thought myself. I found that Surinder gives answers to questions such as:

Why do those spiritual gurus that teach people to get better in the end have bad/poor health themselves? And in the end, they top it up by saying that they don't care about the physical, so health and external looks are not an issue? If we abandon everything, isn't life going to be boring and empty? Abandon for what? For bliss? Does this final enlightenment stage really exist? Or just a play by our minds? Can we really detach from our minds and thoughts? If you are a skeptic on the new age spiritual practices, or you would like to read on the other side of spirituality which is what the gurus don't tell you, or you like controversial stuff, this is definitely going to be a good read for you.

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