Are Spiritual Teachers Free from Suffering?

Our spiritual teachers say that enlightenment is that place of being where all your sorrow and pain will dissolve.

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But the question is:

Are spiritual teachers themselves free from this sorrow and suffering?

In today’s post, we are going to discuss it.

I hope at the end of this post, you must get the idea that I want to convey here.

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What is Enlightenment?

You already know about it but I still will give a brief talk on it.


Actually, enlightenment means to go beyond your body and mind.

Enlightenment means to go beyond your sorrow and pain.

The sorrow and pain are confined to your body and mind and when someone resides beyond them, that person’s sorrow and pain will dissolve forever as your spiritual teachers preach.


The problem is; we want to get rid of sorrow and pain and we want to live with pleasure and ecstasy.

And your spiritual teachers preach that you are a consciousness that is filled with happiness and pleasure.

As according to spiritual teachings, if we consider ourselves as body and mind, we are not enlightened ones. 

Enlightenment resides beyond body and mind as spiritual teachers say.

So, we have to do something to go beyond both of them. For it, our spiritual teachers and their teachings are available. Follow them, do the techniques and get the results.

Actually, these gurus too had been following the techniques already present in the market. They got the results and now they want to share them with others.

What Does Happen to These Spiritual Teachers in Spiritual Enlightenment?

In this whole process, their determined mind gets a state of mind where they feel that they are separate from body and mind.

spiritual gurus

However, as you go against your body and mind means against nature, your body and mind will definitely get bad impacts of it.

In this regard, we have many examples. Like J Krishnamurti got cancer at last years of his life. Ramana Maharishi got cancer with his arm.

Osho Rajneesh had severe joint pains and at last got heart failure. Osho took seventy-five mg of anti-anxiety pills daily.

It is amazing that an enlightened master took so much amount of pills daily. He was talking about bliss and ecstasy and he himself got the help of pills.

It is very interesting to know that it is all the bad results of renunciation of body and mind.

So it is pertinent that all spiritual teachers of mankind have suffered from one kind of ailment or others. They have been fooling themselves and others on the name of bliss and ecstasy.

They themselves were in the grip of physical and mental sufferings.

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Body and Mind are not Interested in It

In techniques and methods prescribed by these teachers, one definitely goes against the natural flow of one’s body and mind. Body and mind are not interested in it.

mind and body

However as according to teachings, your determined mind revolts against the body and other parts of your mind.

With techniques, the final destination is to make separation from body and mind.

It seems happening but it is worthy to note that nobody can be separate from body and mind. It seems but actually it is not.

Actual separation occurs when you go outside of your body like you go outside of your real brick house with your physical eyes open.

It is interesting to note that all spiritual experiences occur with closed eyes.

With open eyes, no person up to now goes outside his body. If someone claims about it, he is telling a lie.

You can feel separate from body and mind but always inside your body. You can feel it with open eyes but always live within the body and definitely not outside the body.

It is completely impossible. We will talk about this impossibility in next posts.

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It is completely unnatural to go against body and mind to be enlightened. This must bring suffering to body and mind.


It is because body and mind are not interested in it. Your conditioned mind that comes from outside is interested in it.


You can be enlightened but at the cost of suffering.

But it is certain that this game is very fascinating. The point is if you understand what actually happens during the enlightenment, then you again come under the natural rhythm of body and mind.

If you live in fantasies then the problems go deep.

The ecstasy and pleasure that one feels after enlightenment has much weight than the suffering it brings.

Then what is the alternative for it? Natural enlightenment is the alternative for it that I am talking about here.

If you fully understand what enlightenment is and what occurs during it then you cannot meet with those suffering.

It is a fact.

But our spiritual teachers have been fooling themselves and others on the name of the free existence of consciousness and soul. And that is the cause of their sufferings.

You are playing against your body and mind. Our body is our worship place and our mind is its guardian. Why does someone go against them?

In contrary, we should love our body and mind.


In conclusion, our spiritual teachers are not free from pain and sorrow. It is because their approach to get enlightenment is completely wrong. 

They go against body and mind but these vehicles are very helpful to get enlightenment.

In reality, your body has actual existence and you are there as a mere shadow. You are an illusion there. But you want to make your existence eternal even at the cost of suffering. It is not natural. 

I have said enough. Now it is your turn to say something. Meet you in the comment box. Please leave your intelligent comment in comment box.

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