Practical World of Spiritual Meditation, Tantra, Reality and Beyond

What is spiritual meditation?

spiritual meditation

What is enlightenment?

Who did make this universe?

What is seed and what constitutes it?

Where is the center of the universe and who is wheeling it?

What is reality and who is knowing the reality?

Is there anything that is beyond forms, space and time?

These all are questions that our mind often asks. If your mind does not ask these questions, then you are lucky.

But an intelligent mind often raises these types of questions. Not the similar ones but akin to them.

There are different types of mind. One is an idiotic mind that never raises any question on anything. Another is believer mind that just believes what is out there.

But some minds are rational. They raise questions and questions. Above mentioned questions come from rational minds.

And answers to these questions are of two types. One is philosophical, and other is practical.

Philosophical answers are merely a churning of mind. In it, the mind wants to conclude the answers from the words and knowledge.

But practical answers come from real experience. Philosophy never reaches the truth as it is just repetition of the words.

A philosophical person never reaches anywhere. Even he has all the knowledge of this world; he will remain where he is.

But a practical man that practices with his mind trying to change his mind. And mind changes, everything changes.

We will go step by step into these questions but the result you are going to get will wonder you.

So, read this post up to the end and at the end, if you grasp what I want to convey here, then you will be in the right direction.

And one day in future, you must have all answers to these types of questions.

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Let’s start,

First of all, you already have all answers to these questions, but you have doubts about them.

These answers are not clear to you. You want clarity.

And here I am going to make you clear about these questions.

What is Spiritual Meditation?

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The internet has filled with the definition of spiritual meditation. Go to Google and search for this term and you will immediately find the answer to spiritual meditation.

However, those answers are not the real one. The real answer for spiritual meditation is inside you.

You have to set aside your whole knowledge about spiritual meditation and then see what is there inside your mind.

Then you will taste what is called spiritual meditation.

And I am sure then you will not find any spirituality there. Spirituality is a way to reach the truth.

But we have made our homes on it. We have built our homes on words. That is our problems.

We say that we know everything, but we know it with the help of words and words. And words are just knowledge.

It is not reality. Reality is different what your knowledge tells you. So, the only solution to know what is spiritual meditation is going inside you.

If you are doing a spiritual meditation technique, then go deep into it and see what is there.

You will meet the truth when you will go beyond your technique. Then you will not need to do the spiritual meditation.

It will become a spontaneous process.

2.. What is Enlightenment?

It is another mind question, and you already know a better answer for it.

spiritual enlightenment

But have you know actually what is enlightenment? If you know what indeed enlightenment is, then you cannot ask this question.

You must not doubt it. A fraction of doubt tells that you know nothing about it.

At that point, where enlightenment resides, your all doubts should be clear. You cannot find the answer for it in philosophy and books.

The answer is within you. You have to go within you and find it out. But your mind is not ready to do so.

It will be the death of your mind and mind never wants it. It only wants continuity. So, on the surface, your mind will search for it but deep down, it never wants to go into it.

It can say that it is a dangerous path as in enlightenment you have to change yourself entirely.

Your all old conditioning sheds away. Everything goes to ruin. A new birth takes place.

So, your mind is not ready for it.

But if you want to know about enlightenment then you will have enough courage to shed your mind away.

Otherwise, forget about it and do what you are doing. There is no need to waste time and money here in enlightenment.

The starting point is your mind. If you are already doing any spiritual meditation, then make it as deep as possible so that it erases your mind completely.

Here your mind stops, enlightenment comes. Enlightenment is not far away from you. It is within you.

Your mind has covered it. Remove your mind, and immediately, you will find enlightenment there.

And it is not theoretical, but a totally practical phenomenon.

3.. Who did Make This Universe?

This is a common question our mind often asks.


As we live in the universe and we often see stars on a night. It always comes with a wonderful experience.

And our mind wants to know about this wonder.

We have books and books on it. But the tragedy is that we don’t know who did make our mind that is imposing this question: who did create this universe.

If a mind is ignorant about the mind, then how this mind could know: who did make this universe?

It is an impossible thing. And the interesting thing is that we know about our mind with books.

How can you know about your mind with books those have only words and words?

You will have to go deep into your mind and know about it what is there.

There is no other way out there. But our mind has no interest in it. It wants to know about itself with the help of books, knowledge, and words.

So, you will never know about your mind, and the universe if you are looking for them in knowledge, books, and philosophy.

You have to shed all things away and become like a child that always live in wonder.

You have a child inside you that becomes wonder when it sees at the sky, but your mind says that it knows everything, so there is no need to go deep into this spectacle.

But the answer to this question is in that deepness that is within you.

So, if you are doing any spiritual meditation, then go deep into it. Let your mind aside and try to know about your mind.

And the moment you know about your mind, you will know about the universe.

4.. What is the Seed and Who Constitute It?

We know that everything comes from the seed.

This is similar to a phrase: Who did come first; Hen or Egg?


Science says that Hen comes first and religion says that both come together.

Both are theoretical as well as practical things. If you are satisfied with them, then it is okay, but if your mind is not happy with these answers, then you have to find it out by yourself.

Otherwise, leave this question in the junkyard of your mind and concentrate on other things in life.

But if you want to know the reality of your life then you must resolve this question. Otherwise, you will never reach a point where you can say that now I am entirely contented and satisfied as now I have all answers to all questions of my life.

And all answers to all questions of your life reside inside you. You are the answer to all questions of your life.

The day you know who you are, every answer will be in front of you as you will be in front of yourself.

Now you don’t know who you are. If you say I am Hindu or Christian or Muslim or Sikh, then it is not a real answer.

It comes from your conditioning. Your existence is beyond this conditioning. Your being is beyond all this mind knowledge.

Then who are you? Its findings are not in any book or philosophy. Its presence is within you.

It is you, and you are looking for it in scriptures, books, and outer knowledge. All external knowledge is false until you have not reached you.

Seed is you, and nobody has constituted this seed. You are eternal. Eternal things never born never die. Now all this I have written is theoretical and philosophical.

And the real answer is in practice. You have to become eternal inside you. You have to be transformed from your present identity to that identity that is eternal.

It comes with practice. You have to leave your body and mind and you have to disappear as a mind.

You have to become detached from your body and mind and become witness to your body and mind, and at last, you have to abandon that witness too.

It means you have to disappear entirely into what you are considering yourself now.

And it all comes with practicum.

So, if you are doing some spiritual meditation, and it is not working then change it. There are one hundred and twelve spiritual meditation techniques available in the market.

Choose other one and practice it for at least twenty one day or more as you feel comfortable.

If it is giving desired results then go with it, otherwise, choose another one.

5.. What is the Center of Universe and Who is Wheeling It?

You think I am going to give the same answer as for being practical.

spiritual meditation

But it is your problem that you are not going to be practical.

You are enjoying theory and philosophy. That is why you are all reading this.

You are the center of your universe. Outer universes are reflecting inside you.

And you are the center of that universe. Now know who you are?

The moment you know who you are, you will find the center of the universe.

And in reality, there is no center of this vast universe. It is so vast that we cannot fathom it.

Our mind can imagine it, but it has no end and no start. Eienstien says that we can measure our universe but there is not one universe, but there are thousand and thousand universes.

We cannot measure them. We cannot fathom them. And here it is difficult to fathom human mind, and it is a far away fantasy to fathom all universes.

If we fathom ourselves deeply, that is the end of universes.

6.. What is the Reality and Who is Knowing the Reality?

Maybe the answer has already popped up inside your mind?

reality of spiritual meditation

You say that I am the reality and I know the truth. That is the answer to this stupid question.

But have you known yourself who are you? If you say that I am spirit or soul or consciousness then answer is wrong.

Soul or spirit or consciousness is the invention of the fearful mind. An afraid mind wants extension and continuity. It never wants to die, so it has invented these things like soul, spirit or consciousness.

But the reality is different. I cannot show you that reality with words. It is you and you who will see and live that reality practically.

I can only hint at that reality with my words.

I can say that at last, only reality left and other all things disappear including you.

Until you are there to know the reality, it never comes. The moment, you disappear, reality will be there. That is the bet.

So, go deep inside you, and if you are doing spiritual meditation, then you can make that spiritual meditation your way to reaching reality.

But the way is through you. You have to go beyond yourself. It means you have to disappear as a mind.

7.. Is There Anything That Is Beyond Time, Space and forms that We See Around Us?

In this universe, there is nothing beyond.

beyond reality

As we live as a mind, so we think that beyond is present.

But who does go beyond? You go beyond. And if you can go beyond then you can go beyond the beyond.

It is endless. There is no need to go beyond. Only there is need to know the reality.

Once you know the reality, everything becomes beyond as you become the center.

Then everything starts revolving around you. And when that center too disappears then beyond too disappears.

Then only reality leaves behind. And it only comes with practicum.

You have to become a center where you see everything revolving around you. At last, that center too will dissolve.

But first become a center within you. Now, if you get up, you say I am getting up but when a center develops inside you then when you get up, you never say, you get up. You will say, my body gets up and I am center watching this whole process.

And at last, when that center too dissolves then nothing left to watch and say that body gets up and I am watching. Then only get-ups and watching will be there, but no claimers will be there to say that I am this and I am that.

And all this happens with practicum. If you are doing some spiritual meditation, then that spiritual meditation can help you to reach that point where nobody leaves behind as a claimer.

8.. What is Tantra?

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The word tantra has been misunderstood for centuries.

Word tantra means a method, a technique that you use to know yourself.

Tantra is not philosophical. It is something practical. Any technique that makes you practical is tantra.

If you are doing some spiritual meditation and it gives you practical results, then it is a tantra.

Tantra is against any theory or philosophy. It is just doing some practicum. It stresses you to do something practical.

This post that you have read up to now is a tantra as it stresses you to do practically. It invites you in the world of tantra to know yourself, the universe, reality and beyond reality.

Without practical, you can never know the reality and beyond the reality.

9.. Your Receptivity

If you want to succeed in the spiritual or tantric world, then you must be a receptive person.

You must be like a female. Female is receptive. Whatever it takes from a male, it receives it without any reasoning.

And interesting thing is that the thing she receives starts progressing and develops into a new life. 

And if you are on a way to reach the ultimate truth then you must be a practical receptive. You must surrender to the teachings that you think is helpful to reach the reality.

If you are not receptive then whatever you receive will not develop inside you and you will remain where you are.

To reach truth, we have to be changed completely. The person who has reached the truth changes into new reality and truth. And in practicum, he becomes the truth and reality.

And it can only be possible if you become receptive like a female. 


What is spiritual meditation, universe, reality, tantra, beyond reality and mind, is a world of our mind?

If you want to go beyond reality, then you have to know all these things inside you practically.

Go within yourself and find out what is there. Kill all your knowledge and words.

And never become serious about it. If you become serious about it, then it is another trick of your mind to keep you inside the periphery of your mind.

Our mind is very tricky. Now it will say that leave this post aside and read another piece. That is okay.

But the reality only comes when you do the practicum.

What do you think about it? Please share your intelligent response in the comment box.

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