Spirit World: 13 Ideas to Jump From False Spirit World to Natural World

You already know about spirit world.

spirit world

However, I want to define the spirit here.

Spirit is that entity that has no color, odor and shape. It is an immaterial entity.

Now we only know about material that we see outside. But our mind has invented spirit world where only spirits have been living.

And with it, a long list of other things connects like after life, near death experiences, reincarnation and many more.

It is very interesting to note that a person who believes in spirit world must have a doubt about it if he has a little bit intelligence.

Today is science era and we all know about science principles.

So, under the influence of science, our mind must go into doubts about spirit world.

And it is natural. We have lots of information. The other interesting fact about spirit world is that people really experience it.

People really experience real death experiences, witnessing power, separateness from physical body, living as soul and nothingness.

This is the point where real experience beats the material predictions of science. However, what is really there, it is a topic of moot discussion.

As if a person having science knowledge explains that phenomenon on scientific base but it is not a complete one because he has only one-sided knowledge.

And if a person having a spirit world experience explains that phenomenon, again it is not complete because he too has one sided experience.

The truth comes when we have both experiences and knowledge.

Here in this post, I am going to discuss about 13 ideas that are related to human mind, spirit world on scientific and spiritual experiences.

My attention is to clear the realm of spirit world not only on scientific level but on natural and spiritual levels too.

I hope after getting some ideas from here, if you are on the verge of doubt about spirit world, spiritualism, then you must jump from spirit world to natural world.

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Let’s start,

Does Really Spirit World exist?

Yes, spirit world exists if you have one sided knowledge or your particular conditioning is concrete.

As if some people experience spirit world, that is why they believe in it. We talk about things that we see.

However, it is not sure that what we see has real existence.

For example, we cannot see our Earth revolving. However, our Earth is revolving with a very high speed.

And we cannot see that our Earth is circular. It only seems to us as flat. However, in actuality our Earth is circular.

Similarly, spirit world exists but for those who have one sided knowledge and a particular conditioning.

Now all spiritual teachers those are honest, feel witnessing power. It is real.

What is this power?

Witnessing power is to separate from body and mind. When someone stays into witnessing power, he becomes separate from his body and mind.

He can see his body and mind activities from a distance and if you are really separate from your body and mind, it means you have plunged into material nonexistence world.

Here the concept of spirit world starts.


On one sided, particular conditioned mind level, spirit world exists.

But, when we see at it with complete knowledge, spirit world does not exist. Then what is the truth?

Here in this post, I will open some secrets of this world in brief and along with it, I will tell you about natural world that would be your jump if you understand what I want to emphasize here.

1.. It is Personal and Existential

Spirit world is personal and existential.

What does it mean? It means you cannot show anybody that this is spirit world. If somebody wants to see it, then he has to experience it personally.

And here, problems arise. If you are honest enough, you will reach at a point where inside your body and mind, you become immaterial.

That immaterial entity belongs to your witnessing power.

You become separate from your body and mind. That is the way to spirit world. So, it is personal. You cannot show it to others.

Others only communicate with you with your physical presence.

However, if you have a doubtful and scientific mind, then you must doubt on this witnessing power.

Here, another world opens that is a natural world. Here you can jump from spiritual doubtful world to a concrete existential world.

However, the problem will remain personal and existential.

So, that is why even you are honest, you see what you see. You are bound. Truth remains far away from you.

2.. Falsehood in Your Life

We live here as we are going to live here permanently.

Our approach to life is like that. We are anxious, worried and in sleep.

If at last, you are going to die, then what is the meaning of anxiety and worry?

And that is our real anxiety that we are going to die at last. We don’t want to die. That is why we are so worried about life.

That is why we have invented spirit world. As we know that we are going to die, so we live in a hope that after death, we will go into spirit world.

We make certain our continuity after death that comes from spirit world. Even scientific proofs are out there, but our dreadful mind does not want to comply with it.

Then what to do so that we become fearless about death? Here the concept of natural world comes into existence.

Here the jump from spirit world to natural world will relieve your all anxieties and worries about death.

Keep reading as at the end of post, you will get some ideas how enlightenment about natural world relieves your anxieties and worries.

3.. Honesty is The Criteria

If you don’t want to die then it is certain that spirit world is your way.

However, death is so powerful fear that even you believe in spirit world, death must prompt doubts about it as you have not actually see that spirit world.

You can have glimpses about it as if you are separate from your body and mind as witnessing power.

However, you cannot actually leave this physical body. You can be separate from this body but only by living here in this body.

Your body will act and you will see those acts but you cannot leave this body. You have to live in this body.

So, you have no real experience of that spirit world. You must be honest here. If you are dishonest then you can tell anything and any story.

People often tell stories of spirit world and they tell them with their mind. They had seen them with mind. So, they did not give up their mind.

So, they had not gone to spirit world. It was just an imagination of their mind.

A complete honesty should be here. If you are completely honest at that stage, then you can see the truth there.

A doubt must arise on spirit world and that doubt in future will bring you to the truth.

4.. Live Dangerously

Now this world that we call personal world inside us from where we can jump into spirit world is not for cowards.

As to fathom in this world is to die as living here. To become separate from body and mind is a dangerous act.

As you have not experienced it so it would be new to you. To live as spirit or witness inside this body is a dangerous and wonderful act.

Only talk about spirit world or witness world is another thing. But practically live as soul or spirit inside this body is not easy.

You will have to become immaterial inside this physical body. You will have to be shapeless, colorless in this physical body.

And it is like become dead while living inside this living physical body.

And the next step to disappear as a witness or soul is another dangerous act. However, if someone reaches at soul or spirit inside this body then he is prepared enough to plunge into the next step.

So, it is not an act of coward. To know the complete truth, you will have to be like it.

Now you are false. You are illusions. You will have to be disappeared as false illusions. Then truth will take your place.

Here your all doubts should be dissolved. No doubt left behind about spirit world at all. If you have some doubts about it, then you are still living a false world.

Here the concept of honesty comes into play.

5.. Life is Beyond Your Control

You think that you are controlling your life.

But it is not a reality. If you are controlling your life, then why your death is imminent?

Everybody dies at last. It means our life is not under our control. We have illusions that we have full control on our life.

And in this controlled world, we invent spirit world. Here we can say without doubt that life is under our control because we are not going to die.

We are spirit so, we are immortal. So, to believe in this concept brings you away from truth of your life.

You live in fantasies, the dreams of spirit world.

You will have to accept the fact that life is not under your control if you want to reach the truth of life.

Otherwise you live in fantasies and you will die in fantasies, the dreams of spirit world.

Even the people who live a witness to body and mind too believe in this wonderful, spiritual realm.

Actually, our mind wants to control everything here. That is not possible.

6.. Clear, Free and Alive

In spirit world, you become clear, free and alive as spirit is immortal.

However, before going into that world, you remain unclear, bound and dead as you think and believe that death is inevitable.

However, it is not like that. It is your dreadful mind’s conspiracy to make a belief that spirit is immortal and when I will become like it, I will be immortal.

And it is my practical experience that when you will reach at your spiritual experience and suddenly your all doubts about spirit go away, certainly you become clear, free and alive.

Then you will know that all spirit world is an invention of our fearful mind to make its continuity.

Mind does not want to die so, it invents such types of theories as reincarnation, spirit world, after death world.

7.. Non-Doer

Naturally, you are non-doer.

doer mentality

However, nature has made this mind to control the conscious activities of this physical organism.

So, this mind means you think that you are doing everything in your life. And you want to continue what you’re doing.

However, death is approaching. To see death is coming, your all doer entity shakes with fear.

Some people says that they have no fear of death. However, to say it and actually facing death is different.

Nobody wants to die. And it should be. If somebody wants to die, it means he is upset mentally. So, it is our natural tendency that we want to continue.

And we want to continue our doer mentality even after our death. So, we have invented this spirit world.

But, with witnessing power and with living separate from body and mind, you can shed off this deor mentality even while living here.

Actually, it is the witnessing power that produces confusion in human mind as in a state of witnessing power, you feel that you are separate from body and mind as shapeless, colorless and odorless.

So, from that point, the possibility of spirit world opens. Without becoming witness inside now while living, no one can talk about spirit world.

It is another fact that most people only read and believe in spirit world and have never become spirit or soul inside.

That demands practicum, courage and patience. You will have to shed off your doer mentality.

That is an impossible task. That is why all religions of the world just have become institutes only to rituals.

If religion does actual work, then it is sure that it can go beyond religion and merge into truth.

But religion talks about no mind but it explains everything in the realm of mind. So, you cannot leave your mind. You are bound there.

And spirit world is only an imagination of your bound mind to make its continuity.

8.. Open Mind

We are open minded.

We call ourselves modern but our mind is old and cordoned.

We have censorship that only allows certain things to spread inside your mind. That should be.

It is a good thing. As what I am writing here should be under your mind’s censorship. You should be open minded.

Don’t believe what I am saying here. Just go into practicum and see what I am saying here.

I know what I am saying here is true but it should be true on your terms too. So, you should be an open minded one.

9.. The Harmony of Life and Death

The real truth of life comes when we live with harmony with ourselves.

Life and death are two poles of this life and death journey.

You think that you are living here but the truth is that you are dying too.

Along with your daily living, you too are dying. That is why your body becomes old after age.

If you are not dying daily then your body should not become old. But it becomes.

And you die daily as mind too. As when you go to sleep daily, you die as a mind. When you wake up, you get a new birth daily.

And you are in a perfect harmony of life, death, outgoing and ingoing.

But the tragedy of man is that it does not believe in death. It wants to continue. Here our misery and pain lurk.

Here the fantasy of spirit world comes into existence. Here you go out of harmony of life and death.

If you live in harmony, there is no need of spirit world at all.

10.. Emptiness and Filled

You are both.

When you become witness or soul inside your body, you become empty and when you mingle again with body and mind, you become filled.

There is a perfect harmony with emptiness and filled.

But you see that filled thing is going to die as your body is going to die at last. So, you want to be an entity that remains empty.

And the truth only comes into existence when that emptiness too dissolves. When that empty vessel too disappears, then the whole unit truth comes into being.

Actually, to see the whole unit truth, you will have to disappear. However, in spirit world, you keep your identity intact as spirit.

It means truth is yet far away. You are again on the same path even as a spirit. And truth only comes when your doer mentality dissolve.

But in spirit world, your doer mentality continues.

To be living even as a spirit comes from a doer mentality. So, all your spirit world fantasies are the extensions of your physical world.

11.. Beyond Experience

Now you experience everything in your life.

You experience your physical body, your thoughts, feelings and mind.

After adopting spirituality, you experience soul or spirit and after death, you are ready to experience spirit world.

You have all the map prepared by people that have already experienced that spirit world.

However, the actual truth comes into being when this experiencer dies and only experience left behind.

You will have to die as experiencer. However, it is impossible to die as experiencer in this living world.  You have fantasies of after death that is your spirit world.

So, all your experiences are false as experiencer is present there. And that experiencer is confined and bound within your five senses.

You cannot go beyond these five senses. And if you really go beyond them, then you cannot experience anything as you are out of experiencing structure that is your five-senses model.

You live in experience and die in experience. You have no taste of beyond experience that only comes when experiencer dies.

12.. Only Nature Dances

Now you think that you are doing everything with your doer mentality.

I want to make it clear here that your doer mentality is beneficial for you as it protects you.

In this sophisticated world, you can only survive with this doer mentality. Then why am I writing against this doer mentality.

It is because, this doer mentality does not want to grasp the truth. It lives sleepy. That is its nature.

And the truth is that doer mentality only lives when you live sleepy. The moment your sleep goes, your doer mentality sheds away.

And opposite too is true. When your doer mentality goes, your sleep sheds away.

But if you want to taste the truth, then your doer mentally must go. Then only nature dances.

No spirit, no soul, no spirit world and no mind.

 The people who advocate spirit and spirit world still are living with doer mentality.

It is because now they are living as mind as a doer and after death, they try to live as spirit as a doer too.

So, doer contiues even after death. But the actual truth only emerges when only nature dances and you are no more there as a doer.

I call it enlightenment of natural world or natural enlightenment.

13.. Here You Disappeared and There You Reached

You are very afraid of death that is why you believe in spirit world.

I know you don’t admit it. But deep down you know yourself. You are not honest enough that you admit your realities.

And you think what I am saying is like suicide. As I say you will have to die as a doer if you want to know the whole truth.

But the truth is different. It is like a river mingle with ocean. Here river disappears and on the same time, it becomes ocean.

Here you disappear and there you reached. You will become whole. You will become truth.


Spirit world is an invention of a fearful mind.

Fearful mind or any mind that boasts of courage too does not want to die. It only wants continuity.

Spirit world is that continuity. As mind is false entity so, how can a spirit world be true.

It can be true for human mind but nature has no place for it.

Please don’t believe what I have said here. With an open mind, use your own discretion and find out what is there inside you.

Think upon what I have said here. If I say, believe what I have said here, then it would be the same thing perpetuating for centuries among the mass.

What do you think about it? Share your intelligent reponse in comment box. 

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