8 Simple Meditation Techniques for Busy People: Stress and Anxiety Management

Indeed, we need simple meditation techniques for busy people as they have no extra time to do meditation.

simple meditation techniques

Our mind is always busy. 

And it is not our fault. We are living in a busy world.

Everybody is running and running. Now in this digital information world, we are acutely aware of the knowledge and most information is free.

So, we become busier. However, it is not suitable for our health of mind and body.

Our body is a natural phenomenon. It does not want such a hectic life, but as a mind, we force our body to live that lifestyle.

And we are not happy with it. Even then, we push ourselves to the extreme where we feel exhausted and nervous.

We have a piece of knowledge how to come out of it, but we do nothing as now our habit is to keep ourselves busy all the time.

These are all our habits. We know that we can come out of this hectic life by changing our habits but we cannot.

Then what to do as day by day, this busy inevitable habit has been deteriorating our body and mind. Now, you can feel good about this deteriorating busy habit, but in future, you must see the devastating effect of this busy schedule.

One way to come out of it is meditation, but it too demands some time to practice it. And we busy people have no time to do meditation. We feel helpless.

The only way left behind is to do meditation while remaining busy. That is the subject of this post to do meditation while staying busy.

It will be just like developing a new good habit without wasting any time on it.

So, come with me on this new exciting journey to develop this new habit while remaining busy.

Let’s start.

 (A).. What is Meditation?

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Meditation means to adopt a technique in which you come to the present moment.

You always live in the present moment. You cannot abandon it. But due to your constant running thoughts and mind, you always miss the present moment.

So, to come to the present moment with a specific technique is called meditation.

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 (B).. Benefits of Simple Meditation Techniques for Busy People

First of all, if you have some problems in your busy life that is why you are thinking about this meditation stuff.

benefits of meditation

So, it is sure that you are going to get some remedy for your busy problems. As it is a starting off your meditation journey, so it must raise some interest in you to do in-depth meditation.

And for it, you must get some time to do so. You must think on it to spare some time where you can seriously do meditation.

In reality, nobody is so busy that he cannot manage half an hour for the thing he wants to do. It is our false excuses to say that we have no time at all. We have time, but we have strong habits to consume that time in the wrong direction.

And if indeed we have no time then we can make it. So, when you taste meditation while remaining busy, then you must think to generate more time to do serious meditation.

With meditation for busy people, your performance at work will increase manifold. Your behavior will change. Your quality of life will improve.

You start progressing at your work. Your all tension will evaporate, and you will become a calm person. With it, your relationship with other people will grow more robust.

And you can use these methods to realize the life truth. With continuous practice of these techniques, you can mingle with existence and reach the truth. You can be enlightened and can solve all the mysteries of your life.

Your life will become a smooth flow of happening where you will become only a watcher of those occurring. You will be surrounded by the true existence.

Success will kiss your feet.

(C).. Why Simple Meditation Techniques for Busy People?

We live in a busy era.

why simple meditation techniques

We have no time for ourselves. We are running and running. And we don’t like it.

Inside, we hate it, but we cannot stop it. If we deliberately try to stop it, we suffer. We lag behind in the society.

Then a guilt feeling covers us. Our life is short, and it is going to its end with fast speed.

Life is so short that what we want to achieve remains unachieved. So, inside we always feel anxiety and frustration.

We think that we are progressing, but in reality, we are not. Inside, we are depressing many other essential things in life.

We are going far away from nature. We are not with ourselves and we live in fantasy.

If this continues, it means a busy person is wasting his time and life as he has no time for himself.

Money is not everything. In the present era, we consider time over money. For example, if a person has all the money he needs but he has no time for himself then can we call him a rich person?

This person is not rich as he has no time for himself. Contrary, if a person has limited money but enough to survive up to his deathbed, but this person has all time, and he can do anything he wants in that time, then can we call this person a poor guy? Of course, not at all.

The second one is a rich person, and the first person is poor even he has all the money he needs.

But we read these types of stories and feel good, but we remain busy as we have been and we increase our business more and more. This busy lifestyle may be useful for few people, but majority show dissatisfaction with this type of lifestyle.

Even with dissatisfaction, the majority of the people have been doing the same busy job day and night. Bad results are obvious.

We have more diseases now than past. We are more depressed and anxious as an insecurity is always looming on us. Now in the present era, we have no job security. Anytime we can see a laid-off notice.

Businesses too are not secure. In the most volatile economy, companies are in danger. If we want to survive, we must have to adapt to the changing scenarios of the world.

And for it, we have to do hard work. And we have to remain more busy day and night. Otherwise, we cannot survive.

On the other hand, we want to enjoy our lives. We want a healthy lifestyle and respect in society. We want leisure time for ourselves and family. Along with it, we want money too, and without it, nothing moves.

Then what should be done so that we remain busy as we were previously but too get peace of mind, success, and money?

The answer to the above questions is; Meditation. Meditation is the starting point. Meditation is a technique to reach your final goal that you have made as peace of mind, success, and money.

But the problem is that we know that meditation is the remedy for a busy person for his stress management but how that busy person does meditation without any time at all?

 (D).. Challenges for Busy People to Do Simple Meditation Techniques

In any meditation for busy people, it is not crucial to take any extra time to do meditation.

meditation challenges

Instead, you use your daily routine to do meditation.

But we are habit-bound people. Not to do meditation is our habit and to do meditation too can become our habit.

It is tough to develop this habit for busy people as they are busy and doing their daily schedule.

It is challenging to break that daily schedule. You need a high determination as for when you cut your regular program, it can affect your work performance.

But the interesting fact is that you have no extra time as you are busy. You have to convert your daily routine into meditation.

Your present mind revolts against it. Your one part of mind wants to do it, but other part does not. Then there will be a fight between two.

And in most cases the other part that doesn’t want to do meditation always win. It happens.

And here you need a determination to fight with your other negative part of your mind.

Another factor you must recognize is that you will not get immediate results. Your practicum takes some time to give you some results.

So, for it, you need patience.  You must do meditation for at least twenty-one days without seeking any results. Just start your chosen meditation and do it for at least twenty-one days.

If it will not give any result, then stop it and choose another one. You must get a result if you continue this practice

(E).. When Should Busy People Do Simple Meditation Techniques?


As busy people have no time to do meditation so he must choose meditation that they can do anytime they feel some seclusion.

As during the travel, a busy person can do meditation.

During eating food or drink something, he can do meditation.

During his busy work schedule, he can make this work schedule his meditation.

While driving a car, he can meditate.

So, there are endless opportunities in which you can make meditation your habit.

It all depends on you. Are you ready to learn some simple meditation techniques for busy people? If yes, then go to the next section.

 (F).. Some Simple Meditation Techniques for Busy People

1.. Meditate While Taking Shower

It is one of the very good simple meditation techniques for busy people as most people take a daily shower.

meditate while taking bath

When you take your shower, don't speak as most people start singing a song when they take their bath. Here, you miss the point. Never sing a song when you take your bath as you are losing a great opportunity to do meditation.

Come to the present moment. If you feel cold then it is okay and feels it fully. And when you put water on your body, feel it deeply. This simple meditation technique can make a way to your enlightenment.

See the water coming down your body. Smell the soap and be fully present at that moment. If you are using hot water, then feel it too. Feel the full warmth of the hot water. Make your bathing a meditation.

2. Meditate While Eating

You can meditate when you are taking your food. It is another one of the good simple meditation techniques for busy people as everybody takes food. We cannot survive without it.

mindfulness while eating

When you start your food, look deeply at your food. Smell it. Come to the present moment.

Now break the food or sip your drink. Be fully involved in this process. If you masticate, then give full attention to your mastication.

Taste and smell your food entirely and feel the masticated food to gulp down through your throat.

Never watch mobile or TV when you eat food. Try this when you eat anything in your daytime. Make it your meditation.

3.  Meditate While Walking

You walk daily. If you don’t walk then shortly, you must get diseases.

meditate while walking

And you can make your walking your meditation. When you walk, come to the present moment.

See yourself walking and watch your surroundings and everything occurring there. Watch your steps. Pay attention to your breathing.

Pay attention to your body movements. Don’t talk with anyone else. Just walk. People talk and talk. When you walk, then only walk.

In this way, you can make your walking your meditation. It can become your one of the best simple meditation techniques.

 4. Meditate While Doing Your Duty Work

Don’t go to your work with half-heartedly.

simple meditation techniques

Go to your work with passion and indulge in your work with total enthusiasm.

Come to the present moment and give full attention to the current work that you are doing.

Don’t think of past or future. Don’t do your work in mind sleep.

Most people do work in mind sleep. They always feel anxious, or they don’t want to do work.

They are on duty, but they don’t want to do that task. When they go to work, they feel tense and nervous. It is not good.

Always be ready to do your work with full passion and enthusiasm. Think that this is the work that I have to do at this moment.

Make your work your meditation. Work is worship.

 5. Meditate While Driving

You can meditate if you drive your car or truck.

meditate while driving

Mostly we drive in our automation. It's our brain’s habit to make everything automatic.

It is for our ease, but it is not suitable for meditation. Meditation requires your full awareness.

So, when you drive, come to the present moment and become aware of yourself, your surroundings, yours driving and everything happening there.

 6. Breathing Technique

If you feel anxiety and nervousness in your work, pay attention to your breathing.

simple meditation techniques

Take some deep breath and relax your shoulders and face. Come to the present moment.

It is sure that you cannot be able to give constant attention to your breathing while working.

It is okay but tries to pay attention to your breathing as maximum as possible without disturbing the flow of your present work. Your current work should not suffer.

With this technique, you come out of your anxiety and nervousness, and it will cool you down.

 7. Laugh Often

If you already are a serious person, then meditation can make you more serious. It is not good if you become more serious with meditation. You must be a natural person that can laugh with anybody.

simple meditation techniques

So, try to laugh at any little happening in your life.

Laugh often without any hesitation. It can make you unburden. Make your laughing your one of the best simple meditation techniques as laughing is free. 

Commit to yourself that you must laugh at least five minutes daily without any reason. You must laugh deeply in which after laughing; you feel some tension in your mouth muscles. Indeed, you feel very good after it. This muscle tension is good for your health.

 8. Meditate While Travelling By Bus or Train

If you are not driving a car or truck, then you can use your traveling time by bus or train as your meditation.

meditate while traveling

When you sit in bus or train, then close your eyes and start watching your thoughts. It is a fascinating technique.

Don’t judge your thoughts but just watch them. Don’t say that this thought is good or bad but just watch them.

Thoughts are like clouds wandering in the open sky. They just pass through that open sky but cannot touch that sky. Sky always remains untouched.

You are like that open sky, but you have forgotten about it. If you start watching your thoughts, that forgotten open sky can emerge inside you.

If you catch that open sky inside you, you are free. Thoughts are coming but never touch you. They come and go, and you always remain detached from them.

If you have no time to do meditation, then you can use your travel time for this activity. But be aware of this technique as it is very sweet, and in that current of sweetness, you can miss your bus or train stop.


There are one hundred and thirteen techniques on the market, but you cannot use all of them. As you are a busy person, so you have no time to do so.

You need some simple meditation techniques. And the simple meditation techniques mentioned above are the best ones for busy people.

If you only use one technique with full passion, you will see surprising results. Secret lies in practicum

Just reading will not bring any fruit.

Be practical, first choose one out of these 8 simple meditation techniques while remaining busy and see the results.

If that technique is not suitable for you and choose another one and continue it for at least twenty one days. You must get your desired one.


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