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12 Spiritual Laws of Money for Your Financial Success

It is amazing to talk about spiritual laws of money as our spirituality says that money and spiritualism have no match. If you are after spiritualism then there is very less chance that you will be rich because spirituality teaches against money. However, you would be rich while still the following spirituality. To understand spirituality…

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11 Anger Management Techniques & Understandings to Control Temper

Anger is a natural phenomenon and anger management techniques are man-made. Without a deep understanding of anger, we cannot apply these anger management techniques successfully. Understanding itself becomes a technique.  Here we are going to understand anger management on a deeper level and I call all this discussion and understanding a technique. Please read the…

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How to Stay Happy? 23 Life Changing Mysteries of Personal Fulfillment and Growth

Everybody wants to stay happy forever. The question; how to stay happy comes from this desire. But really, do everybody want to stay happy forever? It is another question. Come out of these questions. It is sure that we want happiness in our lives. We hate sorrow and pain, and mostly we want to avoid…

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Mindfulness for Anxiety: 12 Proven Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Panic

Mindfulness for anxiety means you deal with your anxiety in the present moment. But it is not possible that anxiety comes, and you immediately deal with it in the present moment. You cannot develop an instant mindfulness for anxiety. You will have to develop a mind that is ready to deal with that type of…

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How to Pray Effectively? 17 Practical Tips to Unlock the Infinite

Human hope is similar to how to pray effectively. We cannot live without hope. Keep hope is a human mind habit. If we add prayer to our hope, then the speed of its fulfillment has increased manifold. Atheists often do prayer, and there are articles and books on how to pray effectively. We can hope…

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Beyond Buddhism Suffering, Desires, Happiness, Achievements, and Truth

In the east, in Buddhism suffering, they say that if a person desires, he must get suffering. It means desires and suffering have strongly interconnected with each other. In other words, if we have some suffering, it means there must be some desire behind it. Buddhism suffering says that your all sufferings are due to…

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