Mindfulness for Anxiety: 12 Proven Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Panic

Mindfulness for anxiety means you deal with your anxiety in the present moment.

mindfulness for anxiety

But it is not possible that anxiety comes, and you immediately deal with it in the present moment. You cannot develop an instant mindfulness for anxiety.

You will have to develop a mind that is ready to deal with that type of situations.

As you have not set your understanding and attitudes for it, so more you deal with anxiety, more it will increase.

Then what to do?

You have to develop a mind that is always ready to deal with anxiety and panic in your life.

In today’s post, we are going to develop that type of mind that will create your mindfulness for anxiety.

I hope at the end of this post, you must get the idea that I want to convey here.

And please read this post up to the end as you are going to get new insights.

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Let’s start.

You already know about these definitions those you are going to read, but I try to add something more to them in a radical way.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means to deal with something in the present moment with full awareness.


As you always deal with something in your present moment but you can deal with it with your absent mind. If you deal with something with absent mind, it is not mindfulness.

And if you deal with something in the present moment with full awareness, then it is mindfulness.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is your reaction to a particular situation in a negative way.

what is anxiety

For example, if you give some exam, then you are anxious about its result. You can be pass or fail. You are not sure.

If you are sure, then you can never feel anxiety.

All your life’s unclarities, insecurities, helplessness, and negativity bring anxiety.

Now we do enough with definitions, so we should proceed further with mindfulness for anxiety.

1.. Understand Your Anxiety

Without understanding your anxiety, you cannot go further into mindfulness for anxiety.


Is it anxiety or your mind is labeling it with your conditioning?

For example, if you are anxious about your failing in something then understand it.

Does this attitude towards failing come from your fearful conditioning as some people don’t want to fail?

They always want to win all the time. Now, this person is going to get anxiety in every situation of his life.

His desire to win all the time will undoubtedly cause anxiety in him. And life never runs in this way.

Life is a change. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we fail. So, understand your anxiety wherefrom it is coming.

Now if an entrepreneur is anxious to win all the time then it is sure that he will be in a hospital shortly.

It is certain that he cannot be a successful entrepreneur as most ventures in entrepreneur fail. And it is common saying that out of ten business, only one becomes successful.

If your anxiety is coming from this type of mind always to win, then never go to entrepreneurship.

You would do better in another field of life. This is just an example. You should scrutinize your own mind and understand it.

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2.. Listen to Your Inner Talk

Now mindfulness means to come to the present moment.

inner talk

So, whenever you feel anxious, listen to your inner talk.

It is certain that some negative talking is running there that is why you are feeling nervous and anxious.

Just listen to your inner talk and it will create an ambiance for mindfulness for anxiety and worry in your life.

3.. Watch Your Anxiety

For a beginner, it is not easy to watch anxiety.

mind watching

But you can try it. If you are a beginner, then you cannot watch your anxiety in a busy workplace.

You need a seclusion. You need a quiet place to watch your anxiety.

If possible, go to a calm and quiet place and close your eyes and watch what is running inside your mind.

Find out what is anxiety there. Look for it.

4.. Become Non-Judgmental

During watching your anxiety, be nonjudgmental.


Don’t say that this is bad and this is good. Just watch your inner talking.

It is difficult as out of habit, you will go with your good thoughts, or you can go with your bad thoughts.

It depends upon the curiosity of your mind. Some people enjoy going with negative thoughts.

With nonjudgmental, you are creating a space where you can watch both negative and positive inside your mind.

5.. Be Ready

Always be ready to deal with your difficult situations of life.

mindfulness for anxiety

Be ready to face your anxiety and panic.

Do not try to run away from it. It is life, and you have to face it with your audacity. You have to face it with your mindfulness.

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6.. Patience

You must have enough patience to get the results in every situation of life.

be patient

We have no patience.

Some people never sit down without doing anything. They need something to do.

If they are ideal, they become anxious and it is strange.

If you have nothing to do, then you should be happy as now this moment is yours, but contrary happens.

People become anxious and nervous in their ideal time.

It means they don’t know what patience is. It means they have developed a habit of doing something all the time.

And I take it as a disease.

Most people do mindfulness for anxiety, but when they see no result in few days, they become more anxious.

They quit mindfulness for anxiety, panic and become more nervous and painful. They have no patience in life.

7.. Trust

If you feel anxious about something, it means you have no trust for that thing.


Until you have not felt trust for that thing, you cannot be anxiety free.

If you are hardworking, persistent and punctual, then you must win. You must have trust in this process.

And if you don’t get results that you want, then something is missing there. Maybe this failure is going to good for your future.

Do whatever you want to do with full trust, confidence, hard work, and honesty. Trust that you must win.

And even then, you don’t win then it is not your fault. Other life circumstances too are running with you.

Do your best, and trust. Keep patience. These traits create mindfulness for anxiety, failure, panic and worries.

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8.. Open Mind

Your mind should not be rigid and orthodox.

open mind

And you must clear your definitions of rigid and orthodox.

Your definitions should suit you. And the best definition is that brings peace and happiness to life.

If your definition brings anxiety and pain, then discard it immediately. It is not for you.

And for it, you must be an open-minded person that can adapt to the present moment. That is called mindfulness.

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9.. Self Criticism

It seems negative statement, but it is not.

self criticism

People always criticize others but never criticize themselves.

It is good if you have critics and they are your best friends.

Criticism is a best friend, and self-criticism is another best friend.

But it should not become your anxiety. We are here going to deal with anxiety with mindfulness.

And that is to prepare a mind that is ready to deal with any situation having anxiety and panic.

10.. Understand the Game of Society

You live in society.

underestand society

You cannot go away from your society. And it is sure that if you go away from this community, in a new place, you will develop a new society.

You cannot live without it. So, it is better to understand it deeply so that you can live here with peace and mindfulness.

Every society has structured to control the people.

Every society has rules, and you have to abide by. If you break those rules, punishment is ready for you.

But basically, man is a social animal. We are animals living in society. Thus, we have an instinct of animals.

And it is natural that those hidden instinct surface many times in our lives.

Some people go to an extreme to this instinct and do murders.

Understanding the whole game of society will make you worry free. There is nothing to become serious about things.

These are just society made rules and guides to control you. If you fail in some venture in life, then don’t worry about it.

This project is not an invention of you. This is a society made the thing, and this is a society created rule to win it.

So, if you fail then it is not that you fail, but in reality, society’s rule says that you fail. You can laugh at it.

You are here just for living and you are a physical organism. Your mind that becomes anxious is a production of this physical organism for its protection.

It is for its safety. And now this mind has mingled with unnecessary things of this society. Now it is feeling nervous and anxious.

Your mind thinks that it is a boss of life but in reality, your body is a boss and your mind is just a servant there to fulfill the need for body and society.

And your society is a collection of different minds to make rules, peace, and harmony in society.

11.. Understand the Game of Your Mind

Your mind is very tricky.

mind game

It wants everything in life but doesn’t want to pay the price. And this conditioning comes from our animal instinct.

We are clever from the outset. In animal life, animals can kill anybody to survive and continue. In the animal kingdom, there is no sin and virtue.

Now we live in society, and we live with some rules. Now we say ourselves human being above animals.

But basically, we are social animals. So, we try to trick everything in life. It is natural.

We want to get everything in life and we can pretend that we should love others, but in reality, we only love ourselves.

We are selfish and wishful. And from those wishes, we get anxiety and pain of life.

We want a continuous flow of happiness and bliss and we don’t want to be unhappy and gloomy. We always wish to leisure, enjoyment, and entertainment.

And that is not possible.  And that is your cause for anxiety and pain. Your wish to be happy and pleasurable all the time is the cause of your anxiety, pain, and discomfort.

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12.. Watch Your Habits

You are the habits.

mindfulness for anxiety

It is not that habits are separate from you. You are a collection of habits.

Thus, watch and understand your habits. To be anxious in every situation of your life is a habit of your mind.

And to be quiet and calm in every situation of life too is a habit.

We can develop any habit in our lives. Anxiety is a habit out of life circumstances.

We can change it. We can replace it with a good habit to be nonserious and always remain cheerful and happy.

To live absently minded all the time in every situation of life too is a habit and to be mindfulness in every circumstance of life also is a habit.

A Brief for Mindfulness for Anxiety

mindfulnesss for anxiety


Mindfulness for anxiety never come with one jerk.

mindfulness for anxiety

You have to understand your whole life.

You have to understand your society, your mind and everything related to it.

For example, if you are a hard person with orthodox mind then you are not going to practice these things mentioned above.

But if you are an open-minded person then not all but you must apply some ways mentioned above.

A particular conditioning is running inside you. If you always remain anxious in life, then this specific conditioning is not good for you.

Change it as soon as possible.

One Practice for Mindfulness for Anxiety

Whenever you feel anxious, come to the present moment. Some people say that it is challenging to go to the present moment.

Just listen to the voices in your present moment.

Start seeing around you in your present moment.

Just start feeling with your body in the present moment.

Start smelling around you. If you only do these simple things, you are in the present moment.

Now you are mindful. Start from here.

Don’t be anxious that with one jerk, you are going to thwart your anxiety. You have to start from something.

Trust with patience that in future, that moment must come when you will laugh about your anxiety.

What do you think about it? Share your views in comment box. 

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