How Mind is a Necessary Evil for Body?

Our mind thinks constantly without a pause that is why mind is a necessary evil for body.

mind is a necessary evil

If you want to stop it, more you will try, more it will continue.

For example, I give you a practical to do now.

The practical is: In the next 60 days, you are going to get a million dollars in a lottery.

It is sure if you comply with my one bet and the bet is that for next 60 days, you would not think about monkeys or the faces of monkeys.

After getting those million dollars, you will have a big bungalow on a beach and if you are still unmarried, then you will have a very beautiful girl friend kissing you.

Imagine it for a while but the bet to get all these things are that until you get your million dollars, you would not see or imagine a face of a monkey for the next 60 days.

Now close your eyes and imagine your million dollars and the things you will buy with it but don’t imagine a face of a monkey or monkeys.

 Try it for next 60 days.

Why Your Demand for Permanent Pleasure is the Cause of Your Misery?

 You want a permanent state of happiness.

That is not possible.

 These things come for a glimpse and go but we need them permanently. That is the cause of our sorrow and misery.

 How Mind is a Necessary Evil and Burden for Body?

  1. Now mind thinks that it is a master of this body.

Body does not want all these things.

Body’s interest is only in its survival.  Body is interested in the pure functioning of its senses.

 By natural body needs this mind for its survival but as the society has become complex, so the mind too has become a complex entity.

 It demands weird things in life and body is not interested in those things. That is why mind is a necessary evil for body.

  1. It is a fact that body cannot survive without mind in this complex society so body cannot deny this mind.

 That is why mind is a necessary evil for body as body has to tolerate it.

  1. Mind produces conflicts within the body.

Sorrow and pain are the production of this conflict.

Its constant demand for pleasure and happiness has been creating misery for this body.

  1. The demand of this mind to live permanently or become immortal creates the problem for the body

When someone wants to be spiritually enlightened then it is a demand of this mind. Mind wants to be immortal and permanent.

Body does not want to be immortal. Here conflict arises and for that reason, mind is a necessary evil for body.

  1. Mind takes advantage of the helplessness of body. It demands weird things from body.

For example, it demands to increase the duration of sexual pleasure. But body does not want it.

For body, sex is only for reproduction but for mind, it is only for pleasure. Here mind forces body to do sex again and again.

It creates problems for body and become a necessary evil for body.

We can discuss other hundred things that is not the demands of our body but the demands of our mind.

Our body does not want these things.


It has to tolerate these demands of our mind. So, mind is a necessary evil for body.


Body cannot ditch mind.

Mind has its own applications and merits but as it now knows that body is helpless so it acts like a terrorist.

It wants to use body to get everything.

In this way, mind is a necessary evil for body.

I have said enough. You too have a mind. Please leave your intelligent comment about your mind in comment box.

Meet you in comment box with your intelligent comment.

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