Mind Awareness: Is It Higher Than Love?

We are born with mind awareness.

mind awareness

You can divide this question into three parts: awareness, mind and love.

Up to now, all old gurus and teachers and even contemporary teachers belong to mind, psychology and spirituality give the wrong concept about these three parts.

They say that love is awareness or contrary they say the awareness is love. They say, God is love.

But they fight on the name of God. They have divided God into their own parts.

If God has made everything or we can say the God is the creator of all these things then hate too has been made by God.

Then God is not love but hate too. However, we are not ready to accept it.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss these three parts, like human mind, mind awareness and love. I hope, you must get clarity about them.

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Let’s start,

What is Human Mind?

It is all the information collected inside our fleshy brain. Our fleshy brain acts like a container and mind as information acts like contents in that container.

What is Mind Awareness?

 Mind awareness is the pure functioning of your 5 senses. As you listen to a sound, you are aware. If you taste something, you are aware.

It is the natural property of human fleshy brain and its 5 senses.

What is Love?

It is the four letters word constructed by our mind to give name to one emotion of our mind. Like, if you feel emotional for your mother, you are in love for her. Your emotion can belong to natural attachment with her or care for her.

If you feel love for your girlfriend, you have emotion of sex, attachment, care for her.


Is Mind Awareness Higher than Love?

Both are the properties of our mind.

Mind awareness is that property of our being as without it, we have no existence at all as a mind. If mind is aware, we are there, otherwise we have no existence at all as a mind.

Love is emotional property of our mind.

So first, mind awareness comes then after it, emotions come into being. And in the periphery of mind thoughts and talk, we can divide things into higher or lower, otherwise there are no levels.

Naturally, all things are interconnected with each other. Everything depends upon others for its existence.

We are interconnected. Similarly, our mind properties are interconnected. There is no higher or lower.

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  • Ellen

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    I agree that hate as well love must originate in what we refer to as “God”, as does everything we encounter in this life, all the good, all the bad…if not, what else could be the origin? I think mind is the tool/organ through which awareness functions. I think it is awareness that is neither born nor dies, that everything is but a manifestation of awareness. Of course, everything I say is but another concept and so is not truth but it is through concept that we communicate.

    • Surinderleen

      Reply Reply May 9, 2017

      Hey Ellen,
      No, awareness is the byproduct of your fleshy brain, 5 senses and surrounding.
      All together make it. It is not eternal.
      Thanks for commenting.

  • Ellen

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    Thank you for responding. I am not referring to “mind awareness”, rather the primal awareness or consciousness that is the ground for all manifestation that makes up our world, both mental, spiritual, and physical. The mind or mind awareness is nothing more than a manifestation of this primal awareness. This is my current understanding at the conceptual level.

    • Surinderleen

      Reply Reply May 10, 2017

      Hey Ellen,
      The primal awareness you are talking about has no existence for this human mind.
      Basic entity from where this everything is made is not awareness, but has both characteristics, physical and non physical.
      Or you can say that it is interchangeable but is the same.
      What it is we don’t know. We only know about it with the help of knowledge.

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