Love, Bliss, Joy and Happiness: Why You Should Not Make Them Your Life Goal!

Everybody wants love, bliss, joy, and happiness in his life.

joy and happiness

And the interesting thing is that we all want it permanently. A single pause of pain and sorrow make us unstable.

We don’t want them and with it, our lives become a struggle between these things as life never runs on a single track.

Life always changes its direction. However, it is our habit that we want to love, bliss, joy, and happiness in every situation of our life.

But it is not possible at all. It is because love, bliss, joy, and happiness are the first side of our life coin.

Another side of our life coin has misery, effort, pain and sorrow and other related things.

If you select one side, you cannot avoid the other one as you cannot separate the two sides of a coin.

So, if you select love, bliss, joy, and happiness your life goal to achieve, then be aware: pain and misery too will come with them.

They are connected things. They are two sides of the same coin. Life always has death on the opposite side. Life can never run alone. Death always participates with it. 

But our spiritual gurus and pundits say that love, bliss, joy, and happiness are the integral parts of our consciousness.

Our life pundits say that we should always embrace positive emotions and deny negative ones. and you know, with it, we lose more than gain.

We try to avoid negativity and want to embrace positive but we don’t know that they both come together. They both are two sides of a coin. 

Here in this post, I am going to discuss on this interesting topic of our lives because everybody wants to love, bliss, joy, and happiness in his life and that too permanently. 

I hope at the end of this post, you must get some clarity that I want to convey here. I shall be very thankful to you if you share this post among your social channels.

Let’s start it,

What is Love?

Love is a four-letter word. It is an emotion where we feel attraction towards something. Like we feel attraction towards our opposite sex or we feel attraction for our country. 

So, where you feel attraction towards something, it comes as a love. Where you feel repulsion, it comes under hate. You don’t want the other things under hate and repulsion.

What is Bliss?

Bliss is that experience of mind when you go into a state of mind where your mind and thoughts stop completely and you feel a complete relaxation and ecstasy. 

For example, when someone sits in meditation for some time, he often goes into a state of mind where his mind and thoughts stop completely. Here with complete relaxation of body and mind, person plunge into bliss.

What is Joy?

It is an emotional state of mind where your mind and body feel very happy and excited for something.

What is Happiness?

It is too an emotional state of your mind where you feel happy. 

You already know all about them. I am just adding verbatim here. 

Now all these things never come alone. There is always a risk that these things come with their opposites. 

But the question is: Why do we want to love, bliss, joy and happiness and why we don’t want their opposites?

The answer to this question is that 1. It has been taught to us and 2. Life demands expansion. In love, bliss, joy, and happiness, we expand and in sorrow and pain, we reduce. 3. We are ignorant. We don’t have complete knowledge of them. 

Our religion and religious teachers explain that our true nature is love, bliss, joy, and happiness. They are the parts of our consciousness so they must be our life goal. 

Here in this post, I am speaking the opposite. I am saying that they should not be our life goals. Why am I saying so and why should they not be our life goals is a question?

Spiritual Gurus Don’t Know What Human Consciousness is

Everything goes wrong here. 

The first step is wrong. If you don’t know what actually your consciousness is then you cannot tell that what parts it contains. 

If you know then everything goes right. That is why up to now, our spirituality is failed to remove misery and pain in our lives. We are very getting afraid of everything happening in our lives. 

We take everything in our lives on negative thinking. We feel negative in every situation of life. 

 And our spiritual teachers have been saying love, bliss, joy, and happiness are the ultimate attainments of a human being.

They say that love is consciousness. Bliss is your true nature. They say that these are positive emotions. However, they know nothing.

Why am I saying that they don’t know? It is because they say the consciousness has free existence. What I have found is that it has no free existence. Its existence depends upon the working of five senses.

However, as I am a concern, there are no positive or negative emotions. All are emotions and emotion is a thought.

There is nothing beyond mind. Beyond mind what they preach is the mind. It is the extension of the mind.

There is nothing beyond emotions. These gurus suggest watch your emotions, however, who is watching? Your mind is watching the emotion and emotions are thoughts. A thought is watching the thoughts.

If there are no thoughts, then you stay into the seeing or listening part of your brain. It doesn’t mean that thoughts have died. Thoughts are there but you now stay into seeing or listening part of the brain.

And it is interesting to note that you stay into seeing or listening part as a thought. If there is no thought at all then you even don’t know that it is a seeing or listening like a newborn baby.

A newborn baby doesn’t know that it is seeing. It is because there is no thought in a newborn baby. There is only a seeing mechanism working there and even baby doesn’t know what it is.

So, your spiritual teachers don’t know what actually consciousness is. They suggest that consciousness is a vast subject and everything has been made up of it. 

They don’t know that it is the byproduct of matter shuffling. Matter produces consciousness under certain circumstances.

For example, in man, his five senses and fleshy brain together produces human consciousness. Now if you have no knowledge of it then your every definition of life will sit flat. 

Your beginning is wrong. Your interpretation of things is wrong. You are repeating what has been put inside your mind. You don’t think personally about these things.

Love, Bliss, Joy, and Happiness Are Momentarily Emotions

So, all stuff like love, bliss, ecstasy is a romantic one. These things are momentary. They come and go.

But you want them permanently. Here your misery and pain start.

Your desire to get them causes misery and pain in you. You don’t want what is in your life now. You live in fantasy.

But life does not run with fantasy. Life is now. And you don’t want this now. You want permanent bliss.

So, with it now your life is full of sorrow and misery. Actually, your life is good but your desire to get love, bliss, joy, and happiness are disturbing your present peace.

Your gurus say that it has a possibility to constantly remain in permanent bliss. They allure you.

However, there is no permanent state of bliss. Love, joy, and bliss are all sensual pleasures. First, you should know what actually consciousness is. Then you can decide what is a part of it and what is not.

Love, bliss, joy, and happiness are all sensual pleasures and they come and go. Don’t make them your goal to get them permanently. It is not possible. It will give you misery and pain.

Why is it so? It is because you have not accepted your present life. Acceptance of life means accept everything of it including its pain and sorrow too. 

But we want to love, bliss, joy, and happiness and reject others.

Love, Bliss, Joy and Happiness and Your Career

If you don’t accept your life completely and you only demand joy and happiness in every situation of your life, then it will impact your life very deeply. 

You will not progress to the point where you can go and you should go. It is because due to the fear of misery and pain, you don’t take risks in your life. And it is sure that where there is no risk, there is no life at all.

Our life never goes in a straight line. You have to accept its pain, difficulties, sorrow, and misery. If you don’t accept them, you cannot progress in life. 

In fact, due to the fear of all these things, you never live your life fully. You always live your life with doubts. For example, if a student wants to pass a competitive exam, it is sure that he is going to face pain and difficulties of it. 

If he accepts it then it is sure that he would pass it but if he does not accept it then, in the beginning, he has lost it. He will go into it but half-heartedly. Full heartedly means you accept everything that will come with it including misery and pain.

Our goal should be to reach the truth and live the truth. The truth of life includes everything. Truth cannot be bias. It can never choose one thing and abandon another one. That is why we call it a truth.

The truth of our life is that it has pain and sorrow along with love, bliss, joy, and happiness. The truth of life is that we are going to die at last. 

The truth of life is that we are not free here. We are bound. The truth of life is that we are just puppets in the hands of nature.


If we make love, bliss, joy, and happiness our life goal then we are accepting half-life and rejecting another part of it.

It will create conflict in us. We will always live in struggle due to it. Struggle in the sense that we always want to get love, bliss, joy, and happiness in every situation of life and that is not possible. Here, misery and sorrow lurk in our life.

There is nothing like love, bliss, joy, happiness, misery, and sorrow in life. These all are our mind’s inventions. These all are labels on some emotional states of our life. They have no actual existence.

Our body has no place for them. Our body always rejects them. They only have a place in our mind. 

Our mind is very clever. It uses these things for its continuity. 

So, if you want to know the actual truth of life then never make love, bliss, joy, and happiness your life goals. More you try to cling to them, more you get the opposites. 

It will effect on your career too. You even don’t start something due to your fear of pain and sorrow and your demand of joy and happiness all the time. 

So, where you feel, you are going to get pain, you try to avoid that thing. But success demands these painful things. Without pain, there is no gain. Your life demands some hustle. And hustle must bring some pain.

But if your goal is joy and happiness all the time then you will certainly avoid pain and sorrow. And it means you always avoid your success in your career.

What do you think about it? Please share your view in the comment box. I shall be very thankful to you if you share this post among your social channels.

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  • dead inside

    Reply Reply April 4, 2016

    agree with every thing except your theory that you need five senses to be a conscious being – no one is happy all the time – or sad – it would be foolish to believe that any other feeling could be permanent – but i am sure you will agree that saying – the deaf or mute or blind are not conscious – is a very wrong idea

    • surinderleen

      Reply Reply April 4, 2016

      Thanks! I am not emphasizing that you need all five senses to be conscious. Only one sense is enough to be conscious. I mean if your all senses are dead and only one sense like touch sense is working, then you are conscious. If it will go, you will go in my example.

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