Out of Human Soul, Body, Mind and Existence: Who are You?

Out of human soul, body, mind, and existence, you must belong to something.

human soul

But if you don’t belong to anything out of all of them, then it would be strange.

Strange in the sense then who are you? Actually, you have been taught about your identity and from that knowledge, you give answers.

Mostly you immediately give an answer without any investigation into human soul, body, mind and existence.

Most answers in your life are just repetitions. We have not given a deep dive into them.

Just like a tape recorder, we answer.

But these ready-made answers do not bring us anywhere. We don’t know who we are. 

Your answer should be yours. It should come from your own investigation. 

In today’s post, we are going to discuss this question: Out of human soul, body, mind, and existence: who are you?

I hope at the end of this post, you must get an answer but if you will not be satisfied with this answer then you must investigate inside yourself. 

It is just my attempt to tell you what I have found. Your answer should be yours. And the fact is fact. Truth never changes. 

If our Earth has gravitation pull then it has. Nobody can change it. 

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This Question is Serious but Stupid One

Now come to again my question: Out of human soul, body, mind, and existence: who are you? 

An intelligent and serious person definitely asks this question whether it is a stupid question.

Our spiritual teachers link this stupidity to a common denominator inside us that is witness to all our activities.

It is witness to our thoughts. It is witness to all our emotions. It is witness to our body.

They say that it is like a thread of a garland on which flowers move over. Flowers are like our thoughts, emotions and body activities.

They say that we are like a thread around that all other activities revolve. However, we have forgotten that we are like a thread.

We consider ourselves mind and body. Our approach is up to our mind and body. But we are not mind and body.

We are beyond mind and body as they say. We are witness to our mind and body.

We are soul or consciousness that is immortal. It never born never die. It is very interesting to note that these things seem very fascinating.

Nobody wants to die so it is natural to be mesmerized by these things.

The mind wants permanence so it is obvious that it will easily fall into these types of traps.

Who am I?

For me too, it is very charming and alluring to talk about human soul, body, mind, and existence. I want to talk about human soul, body, mind, existence endlessly.

I went into them and now I am witness to all the activities of my life. When I close my eyes, I cannot feel my body.

I can only feel my body on certain points on which the touch sense is intense like chest where breathing is running constantly or when I move my body.

Otherwise, for me with my closed eyes, the body is absent.

In my case, only an existence is there. My mind is aghast and in a wonder about it.

It does not mean that I am soul or consciousness that is immortal.

I am not there. Only existence is there. I don’t know what it is.

Only my mind concludes that you are existence there. You are not there. You are not soul or consciousness.

But for that existence, questions and answers are irrelevant.

Existence has no question and no answer. Only our mind indulges into that triviality.

For that existence, there is no question of death or life. It only runs and lives.

It has no talks about human soul or consciousness or awareness and its immortality.

Mind Wants to be Immortal

For a fearful mind, talks about the human soul, body, mind, and existence seem very interesting because they increase mind’s confidence and give it a hope.

Our mind is in fear, a fear of death. It doesn’t want to die. So it wants some assurance.

So the talking like immortality, witness, body, mind, human soul, existence seems very charming for our mind.

Our mind wants to go deep into them. It wants to go beyond mind.

It wants to stay in consciousness that has free existence. It is ready to do anything that will increase its longevity.

And it is natural. If we want to live long, it is not bad. We should think about it.

We should increase our lifespan. But the interesting thing is that whatever we do to increase our age, we are helping our body to live long.

We are helping this existence to increase its lifespan.

Our mind’s whole existence depends upon the existence of our body.

The body has no concern with these types of things. Body is not interested to increase its lifespan.

It has only one interest that is living. The body even does not know that it is living.

Only a life is running there with a great intelligence. (Be alert. Don’t fall asleep.)

Only an existence is running there with intense and life.

But our mind is in fear, a fear of death.

It has seen so many deaths in front of it that now it becomes dreadful. It does not want to die. It wants immortality.

That is why it is so interested in human soul or consciousness.

On the other hand, the body does not talk about death. It has no fear of it.

Out of human Soul, Body, Mind, and Existence, What is Immortal?

In my sense, the body knows that it is immortal. There is no death of this body.

It will continue with another form. I am not talking here about reincarnation. That is the invention of our mind.

Under fear, the mind has invented reincarnation. The mind does not want to die so it has invented human soul or consciousness that goes under reincarnation.

However, the body has no clue of it.

But the problem is that most people who follow witness or human soul or consciousness have a firm belief in it. If someone talks against these things, they become upset.

They are not ready to accept the fact that mind is the byproduct of this physical organism.

With the stoppage of this physical organism that we call death, the mind will die.

They say that the body will die but we are not body and mind. We are beyond body and mind.

We are a witness or human soul or awareness that never born never die.

All our great spiritual teachers of mankind have been preaching this wrong concept about body, mind, human soul, existence for centuries and more than half humanity believe in it.

However, the truth is different. It is not the human soul or consciousness or awareness that is immortal, it is the body that is immortal.

You are in a Deep Sleep

Actually, humans are in deep sleep.

Sleep in the sense that they don’t know who they are. Whatever feed inside their mind, they just speak that thing.

They don’t do any experiment with themselves. But a curious mind always searches for the answer to this question. 

It wants to know who it is. It is a stupid question as you have no need to ask about it but you should ask it if you are on this way of investigation.

Raman Maharishi asked this question and for years, he continually had been asking this question. At the end, he found the answer.

But the problem remained the same. The answer came as a mystery. Other saints and gurus too followed this question but the result was similar. It came as a mystery.

Actually, the human soul is a mystery. It has no materialistic characteristics. It is shapeless, colorless and odorless. 

But this mystery must be resolved. If it came as a mystery then either it is not present at all or if something is present there then we must know about it.

In essence, the mystery must be resolved. Actually, this question is from our mind. Raman Maharishi’s mind asked this question. 

At the end, mind knew the answer. So, it started from the mind and ends in the mind.

In case of other gurus, it starts from the mind and ends in mind. That is why it remains a mystery.

Although, all these gurus claim that truth resides beyond mind but then it should not a mystery. It should be crystal clear.

We have to go one step further into it. We have to resolve this mystery. And that is what I am doing here.

I want to propel you one step further where whole humanity has stopped. We should go into existence that is inside us.

Then your deep sleep will break. For example, if a person is sleeping, it means that person does not know what is happening around him. 

He may see dreams and he can think in a dream that these dreams are real ones but actually, dreams are not real life. 

In dreams, he can consider himself anybody but in reality, he is in sleep. Similarly, under a deep sleep, you consider yourself anybody.

People say that they are Hindu or Christian or Muslims or Sikhs. But the reality is completely different. They are in sleep. In India, the caste system is dominant.

People often see people through their caste. It is a very deep sleep. 

If you want to know who are you, you must understand all these things. You must understand that you are in deep sleep. 


The answer to this question: Out of the human soul, body, mind, and existence: who are you? must come from your personal experience. 

It must not be a ready-made one. You should go into this question up to the end where all your doubts will shed away. 

A single flicker of doubt will keep the question in the same place. All doubts must go. The answer must be crystal clear.

And for it, you must be honest with yourself. You must know where you are lying to yourself. Some people often lie to themselves.

Our mind is very clever. It can dodge itself. It can pretend that it knows everything but deep down it knows that it has some doubts.

In my case, only existence is working here. I cannot say that I am existence. That answer will be wrong. Existence never raises the question and it does not demand any answer.

Only our mind demands questions and answers. I cannot share my own experience with anybody else. Only that somebody must realize what I have realized here.

A Weird thing has happened with me. And from that point, I can say with certainty that truth is completely different. 

Do not repeat all non-sense; spiritual teachers have been preaching about human soul, body, mind, and existence for centuries.

They have been fooling themselves and others. They went on search but their search is incomplete. They have made their house on the way.

The final destination is still far away. And on the other hand, it is very close to you. 

You are looking for yourself and you are very close to yourself. Then what is the problem? The problem is that you are looking outside of yourself and truth is inside very close to you.

In other words, the truth is you. You have never left your truth. It is the same as a fish is living in an ocean and is looking for it.

What is the problem with fish? Actually, fish has never left the ocean. If it wants to know where it is then it has made some distance from the ocean.

Similarly, if a man wants to know who he is; then he must make some distance from his body, mind and soul. Then other things will happen automatically.

What do you think about it? It is a serious matter if you are on this path and please leave your reply in the comment box.

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