What Are Human Emotions? A New Dimension!

I am sure, fundamentally, you must know about human emotions.

human emotions

Have you been emotional in your daily life?

And do being emotional upset you? 

In this fast and sophisticated world, you cannot live constantly with powerful emotions. 

You must be out of them as soon as possible if you want correct decisions in your life.

You must be emotionally intelligent if You want success in this competitive and fast world.

And emotional intelligence only comes when someone understands completely what actually human emotions are.

In addition to the above discussion, if you are on a way to your spiritual enlightenment then you too must have deep understanding of human emotions.

As the way to spiritual enlightenment goes through human emotions, so you cannot bypass them at all.

And interesting fact is that when you will be enlightened, it is the possibility that you will become emotional.

And at that stage, if you don’t understand what human emotions are, then your enlightenment would be a fake one.

So, you cannot reach at that peak without meandering through human emotions. 

In both cases, as in competitive world and your success and in spiritual enlightenment and your success, you must have deep understanding of human emotions.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss all about human emotions as what actually they are.

I hope at the end of this post, you must understand what I want to convey here.

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What Basically Human Emotions Are?

We start from animals.

Animals have emotions. When a dog wages its tail then it expresses its emotions. It produces emotion in master too.

Waging of the dog tail and body’s expressions of its master are outward expressions of emotions.

However, these outward expressions are coming from deep seated mind.

So, outward emotional expressions are related to human thoughts and mind.

When someone is emotional then actually he is thinking. Without thoughts, emotions don’t exist.

Can someone be emotional without thoughts, tell me?

For example, a boy feels love for a girl. Here we are talking about love emotion.

Now that boy has thoughts of that girl. He has thoughts of love for that girl.

If thoughts are not there then it means love too is not there.

Even if love is there, but thought must be there to name it.

If thought and emotion are not there, love is not there.

And if that guy sees that girl and makes sex with that girl then this act is not emotional. This act is just a sex act for reproduction. This act is natural.

However, if that girl rejects that boy’s proposal then thoughts comes into existence to make that girl comply with him. So, he starts thinking how to please that girl.

Animals do the same thing. When female animal doesn’t comply with male then male does everything to please the female.

So, any act where thoughts participate becomes an emotion. Without thoughts, an act is purely a natural act.

He can store it into his memory bank and in future, he can use these memories.

You can see the effect of emotions on body as with emotion, one can weep, cry or laugh.

Here the body participates into it. It is like thoughts express itself through body.

You can break the word emotion into E and motion that is when thought produces some motion, it is called emotion.

In conclusion, emotions are thoughts.

Duality of Mind

Sometime there is duality in man. Mind says yes and emotion says no.

Here we are separating mind from emotion. I am suggesting that emotion and mind are not different things. They are the same.

If your mind says yes and your emotion says no, then it means it is all yours mind that is discussing between yes and no.

Same applies when you compare between good and bad things.

Who knows that it is good and who knows that it is bad?

Your mind knows that it is good and it is bad. One thought says that it is good and other thought says that it is bad.

Your own mind interprets that this is mind and this is emotion and basically these all are thoughts.


So, basically, human emotions are thoughts expressed through human body.


human emotions

In emotion, both body and mind take part. If only body takes part, we cannot say it an emotion. 

It would be only a natural act. When a thought combines with body expression, then it becomes an emotion.

For example, when we cry, sad emotion comes into existence. Here the tears, a part of our body participate with thoughts to produce a sad emotion.

Similarly, in love, our body takes part with body’s love expressions along with love thoughts.

So, in every emotion, body and mind take part.

All our emotions are expressions of our thoughts through body.

It means, deep down emotion are thoughts.

Here, mind is not churning mere thoughts but mind is expressing thoughts through body with body expressions like tears, laugh, deep breaths, shallow breaths, dance, tense gesture and so many other activities of our body.

If you understand what I have said here, you have a deep glance into your emotional mind. 

And if you have deep understanding of your emotional world, you can conquer it and pass it and move ahead without being emotionally attached with your mercurial emotions that your mind wants to cling with them forever.

What do you think about it? Please share your intelligent response in comment box.

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