The Conundrum of Human Consciousness: Can Science Resolve It?

Up to now, science is busy to resolve the conundrum of human consciousness.

human consciousness

Religion already knows about it.

Religion says that humans have the consciousness that never born never die and its existence is free.

Due to this free consciousness, man’s body is running. When a person dies, this free consciousness leaves the human body.

From this theory, the theory of soul comes into existence.

And this is the point where science goes into triviality to find its truth. Otherwise, science is evident on the point.

But as all religions of the world are talking the same thing about human consciousness, so science has to go deep into it.

And here the helplessness of science and a logical man comes into existence.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss human consciousness and its conundrum and the helplessness of science for it. I hope at the end of this post; you must get some idea that will lead you in a right direction.

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Lets’ start.

Human Consciousness: What Religions Say About It!

Up-to-now all religious teachers believe that free human consciousness has existence. This free human consciousness lives beyond body and mind.

It is eternal, ever-present entity and our true being are belong to it, but we have forgotten about it.

So this human life is to reconnect with that free human consciousness that is soul or spirit.

Hundred thousand books have written on this subject. So naturally, to fall into this trap to believe in the presence of free existence of consciousness is obvious.

Some people do experiment with it and conclude that free human consciousness exists, but they call it a mystery.

They do not know what it is because free human consciousness has no worldly characteristics. It has no color, odor, shape or life and death.

An interesting thing is that everyone can stay in this state of being where he can feel that now he is colorless, odorless and shapeless.

You can pick one or two meditation methods from the market and do it with your full passion. You must get the results.

And results will come as human consciousness. You will be aghast at that point where you mingle with human consciousness.

You are already a human consciousness, but you have forgotten about it. With meditation, you can remember it.

You can stay into it. That is the final destination of all religions of the world.

Is the Concept of Free Human Consciousness Wrong?

First of all, how are you going to know about this fact?

You have one instrument to know about things that is your mind. You cannot know about things without mind.

So, you start this journey to know about human consciousness with your thought and mind. And at last, you know about human consciousness with your thought and mind.

So, you are bound to your mind.


Religion says that you are not bound to your mind. You are not a mind. You are beyond mind.

Here, the logical concept goes astray. Here science goes into perplexion. In this point, the mystery comes to play.

Religion shows human consciousness as a mysterious concept. In religion, it comes as a mystery.

The whole way to reach this mystery is to go through your mind. First, you have to quiet your mind.

In this quiet mind state, you can plunge into the gap that is present between your thoughts. With it, you can go into your real quietness where human consciousness resides.

But it is too real that you start this journey from thought. Before that route, you don’t know what this human consciousness is.

With religion as you read it often, you go on this journey to find out what is this human consciousness. And religion has already given you a map of that route.

The only thing you have to do is to walk on that route practically. And religion says that if you walk, you must reach it.

Personally, I walked on that route for many years and at last, I plunged into a mysterious state of my being that you can say that I have reached my final destination where human consciousness resides.

But, I always doubted it. It came as a mystery in my life, so I wanted to resolve this mystery.

And what I am writing here is my findings of free human consciousness that I have found after my intensive search for years.

Now as you go to human consciousness through your thoughtless state of mind where no thoughts left behind, so you think at that state that you have become thoughtless, but it is not the case.

If someone becomes thoughtless, where no thought is present then there should not be any declaration of it, but that man is declaring that now he is thoughtless.

It means thought is still present there to declare.

So he still not stays into free human consciousness where there is no presence of thoughts at all as religion describes it.

It means we cannot declare about the presence of free human consciousness. If we maintain, it means thought is still working there, and it is not free consciousness.

It means what these spiritual gurus say that human consciousness is vast, eternal and ever-present and we are a part of that vast one is entirely wrong.

They say that it is eternal and it is beyond death. They connect it with enlightenment. When someone gets enlightenment, he stays into this free consciousness. He goes beyond birth and death. Human consciousness is beyond birth and death as they say.

However, there is no such thing what they describe. As long as I am concern and the facts tell that consciousness means you are conscious about something.

It is possible only for a human being with the help of five senses and conscious mind.

Without conscious mind, how can you declare about human consciousness?

What is the Truth?

It is interesting to note that human being is the result of working with five senses and fleshy brain.

If there is working of five senses, then the human being is present. Otherwise, there will be no existence of being at all.

It means you as a conscious mind is present due to the presence of five senses and fleshy brain. If both are absent, you too will be absent.

What is sleep? When five senses stop working with the order of fleshy brain, then there is sleep.

Sleep means five senses stop working. The body needs some repair, so it stops the functioning of five senses. When repair is over, the functioning of five senses starts again and being means you as a conscious mind comes into existence again.

So our presence or being is at the mercy of our body as a fleshy brain, and five senses are parts of the body.

For example, you cannot stop sleep with force. If you become succeed anyway then for some period, your success will continue, but you cannot stop sleep.

Sleep has to come, and it must descend on you. If you are adamant against sleep then later or sooner, you will be in a mental hospital.

Spiritual gurus or other teachers of mankind want to reject the body and want to stay in free consciousness that is a fantasy of human mind, but in reality, the presence of human being is at the mercy of this body.

I mean the human mind that is finding itself by saying the phrase ‘Who am I’ is the production of five senses and it is interesting that this mind is rejecting these five senses and body.

It is foolishness and absurdity. It is ridiculous.

All the teachers of mankind have been fooling themselves and others by saying that there is pure and free human consciousness beyond birth and death. However, there is no such thing as absolute and free human consciousness.

Actually, what does happen when these five senses work? A person starts seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

With the help of touch sense, the feeling of the body is there. If touch sense doesn’t work, there is no feeling of the body at all.

It means there is no presence of a body without touch sense. As we go to sleep, this touch sense of body does not work, so in sleep, we cannot feel our body.

In sleep, the body remains completely absent. When we wake up, this touch sense starts working again.

However, the spiritual masters of humanity do not know of this.

Talking about the presence of free human consciousness beyond birth and death is entirely absurd and nonsense.

ABC of human consciousness is related to five senses, fleshy brain, and their working.

Human Consciousness has confined within five senses. The working of five senses produces human consciousness.

The Conundrum of Science

Science is looking for this free human consciousness.

Science wants to prove it wrong, and it believes in facts. It is not going to collect these facts as these facts are not present. The mysterious human consciousness is an individual experience.

The person who experiences this mystery cannot tell what it is. He can only say about the path that reaches that mystery.

All religions are doing it. They show the path to reach your destination.

But humanity is doing all wrong. It is not walking on that path but sits on that path and have made houses on them.

Actual religion makes you free. What does it mean? It means actual religion makes you free from it too at last.

If a religion bounds you then it is not an actual religion. All religions of the world want to free you, but you don’t want to become a free man.

Some people did some experiment on the human mind and reached human consciousness that came as a mystery. Now you must explore that mystery, but you are not free.

That is your problem. Your mind is not free. It is conditioned. You have not walk a step towards your actual freedom.

Here, every person belongs to religion is bound to it. So, religion has become like a jail. It wants to give you freedom, but as you don’t want to walk so, you are bound.

Have you thought about it that why do you follow a religion? It is not that you need peace of mind or something else, but it is the reality that from your childhood, society has filled your mind with it.

And that filled mind is working inside you. You say that I want to meet God or peace of mind or success of life, but deep down you know nothing.

You use religion to get all these things of life. That is why you are bound. Your actual purpose is not to follow a religion but your survival.

You use religion for your survival.

But real peace, security, and freedom only come when you know deeply about yourself. Before it, you will wander here and there without peace of mind and freedom.

You are living in this human consciousness as a mind and thinker. You must know what it is.

Science will never be able to know about it as it is a personal experience. And in my sense, science already knows about it, but religion has presented human consciousness as a mystery.

Now science wants to solve this mystery.

So, science is in this conundrum. Science is on the wrong track. It is looking for something that is not present at all.


Human consciousness present but it is confined and bound.

Human fleshy brain and five senses make this bound and confined consciousness.

So, human consciousness has no free existence at all. It means you have no freedom at all.

The freedom you are talking about has just lived up to a limit where human fleshy brain and five senses are working.

A fearful mind wants to live forever. It does not want to die. So, free human consciousness is an invention and declaration of this fearful mind.

With it, it fortifies its security and continuity. For psychological health, it is a good thing as you live in a dream and die in a dream.

But if you want to know the actual truth of your life then you have to know the facts of life. The choice is yours.

And I guarantee that when you know the facts of your life, your fear including the fear of death too vanish away as then you know the facts of death also.

When you know the facts of life and death, you are free. Then you don’t need any scientific findings or anything else.

What do you think about it? Share your intelligent response in the comment box. 

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