How to Stay Happy? 23 Life Changing Mysteries of Personal Fulfillment and Growth

Everybody wants to stay happy forever. The question; how to stay happy comes from this desire.

how to stay happy

But really, do everybody want to stay happy forever? It is another question.

Come out of these questions. It is sure that we want happiness in our lives.

We hate sorrow and pain, and mostly we want to avoid them. But grief and pain never avoid us.

They come, and we have to accept them. We have no other option and when these things attack us, then we often remember God and pray for happiness.

We read books on how to stay happy.

But it is the tragedy that we don’t know what happiness is. We demand it, but we don’t know what happiness is.

Ask yourself; what is happiness?

To enjoy with your family or friends or eat something delicious or pass an exam or get a good job; what exactly happiness is?

Like these, all things happen in our lives, but even then, we are not happy at all. Our experience is sad and annoying.

If you have happiness in your life, then don’t read this post as there is no need to waste time here. What you will get after reading this post, you already have in your life. Enjoy.

But if you are looking how to stay happy in your life even in your different conditions of life, then read further.

I hope at the end of this post; you must get the idea that I want to convey here.

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PART I: The Basic

1.. Discover Your True Nature

2.. Align Your Life with Your True Nature

3.. Leave Aside the Artificiality of Your Life

4.. Understand Your Reactions

5.. Understand Past, Present, and Future

6.. Be Alert While Chasing Your Mind

7..  Understand Your Senses

8.. Don't Chase Spirituality

9.. Understand Your Mind Deeply

10.. Chase Happiness

PART 2: Your Attitudes and Mindset

11.. Make Mistakes

12.. Don't Expect Anything from Anybody

13.. Control Your Past

14.. Accept Your Life

15.. Be Audacious

16.. Embrace Life

17.. Choose Happiness

18.. Don't be Afraid to be Wrong

19.. Trust

20.. Make Some Enemies

21.. Understand Your Financial Life

22.. Don't be Serious in Life

23.. Go Astray




Let’s start,

PART 1: The Basic

1.. Discover Your True Nature

Is happiness your nature?

the human nature

If it is your nature then why do you not live happily forever?

It means it is not your true nature. Then what is your true nature? You have to discover it by yourself.

For example, water has its particular nature. Fire too has its specific nature and fire always burn things. You cannot expect anything different from fire.

Similarly, you have your true nature, and you cannot be different from it. But the problem is that you don’t know what your nature is.

That is why you are looking for happiness and ask the question; how to stay happy in life.

Action Step: Nobody can discover your nature. You have to find out it by yourself. Start today to find out what is your true nature.

2.. Align Your Life with Your Real Nature

We are unhappy because we want to become what we are not. Click To Tweet

We are unhappy because we are living opposite of our nature.

Most people don’t want to be doctor or engineer.

Society has imposed these things on us. Our nature does not demand them. And when we chase these things, we become unhappy.

First, you will have to discover your true nature, and then you will have to align your life with it.

Above is just an example. If your nature is to serve others then be a doctor can be your happiness.

Find out what is your true nature. Refuse every other thing to do.

Action Step: It is not easy to find out true nature of your life. So, until then continue what are your doing and make this doing your way to find out your true nature of life. Make it as a step to rise to next level in life.

3.. Leave Aside the Artificiality of Your Life

Your faces are like layers of an onion. Peel off all layers and you find nothing there. Click To Tweet

We have many other faces over our real face, and we have lost under these faces. That is why it is difficult to find true nature of life.

That is why we raise question and questions. The problem; how to stay happy comes from artificial life.

Look at an animal. He never asks a question, and he always lives a happy life.

Action Step: From today, watch your action and reaction in public. Do you become artificial in public or when you meet someone? What do you do in your seclusion?

4.. Understand Your Reactions

Your all actions are reactions. You have never done any act in life. Click To Tweet

Our life has filled with reactions.

We have no action in our lives. We think that we do actions, but it is our misunderstanding.

If someone smile at us, we too smile and if someone curses us, we immediately reply.

If someone shows anger at us, we immediately become angry. You are living your life as a robot.

And your happiness too comes from these robotic reactions. If situations make us happy then we are so glad otherwise what conditions give us, we take.

We have no our own choices.

Action Step: If today, somebody gets angry on you, and if you too become angry then watch this anger. Try to laugh at it as that person is creating this inside you. It is not your creation. Discard it.

5.. Understand Past, Present, and Future

Mostly, we live in the past.

past present and future

Past brings happiness too. We remember some beautiful and ecstatic things occurred in our past.

To live in the present can bring boredom in life too. That is why our mind tries to avoid present moment.

And future too brings happiness as in our imagination, we can imagine a beautiful thing and can feel happiness.

But are all these things true and belong to our true nature?

These things are momentary. Past comes and go. The present always happens, but we continually ignore it, and future has not yet reached.

Understand these all things if you want to get an answer to a question; how to stay happy all the time.

Action Step: Past, present, and future are your mind’s faculties. Try to live in the present moment. It is a door to your true nature.

6.. Be Alert While Chasing Your Mind

You cannot leave your mind.

be alert

You can find your true nature through your mind.

But how?

By becoming alert to your mind and thoughts.

Action Step: Everyday, for some time, be alert to your thoughts and feelings. Live with them. Don’t say this is good or this is bad. Just be with them.

7.. Understand Your Senses

Your existence is at the mercy of senses. Senses make your existence alive. Click To Tweet

Your senses are the doors to communicate with outer world.

If senses are open, you are with the outer world; otherwise, there is no other way to link with the external world.

We took our senses lightly. We don’t know that due to our senses, we are here communicating, otherwise, we have no existence at all.

Your existence is at the mercy of your senses.

Action Step: Focus on one sense, for example, your listening sense. And Just listen.

8.. Don’t Chase Spirituality

If you are spiritual, then above heading will discourage you.

But if you want to find your true nature, then spirituality is not a way for it.

On the other hand, it will distract your way. Spirituality is a way to find your spirit or soul.

But spirit or soul is not our true nature. It is a finding of a fearful mind to continue and it is like to go merry go round endlessly.

It can be a way to find your true nature, but it is not a final destination. You can use spirituality to find out your true nature or find the answer to your question; how to stay happy forever.

However, your true nature is something different from spirit or soul. Spirit or soul is not natural.

If you are against my viewpoint, no worries. Discard my perspective and read further. I am here to help you and not discourage you. So, stay with me up to the end.

9.. Understand Your Mind Deeply

You are the mind, and you don’t understand yourself that is why you often ask this question; how to stay happy forever.

human mind

Your success and failure connect with it. If you are successful, you are happy, and you face failure, you become upset and unhappy.

It means your happiness button is outside of you. The other outside thing if press that button of happiness, you become happy and if that external thing presses another button like sadness, you become sad.

Your life is not in your hands. You are a puppet in the hands of outer circumstances.

This all happens because you don’t understand your mind deeply.

Action Step: It is not a one-day game to understand your mind deeply. It is a long journey. But start it today. Try to understand every corner of your mind.

10.. Don’t Chase Happiness

I don't know what happiness is so I too don't know what unhappiness is. Click To Tweet

Now in my case, I don’t know what unhappiness is, and that is why I don’t know what happiness is.

Both are out of the game.

If you are chasing happiness, it will go far away from you. If you are looking respect everywhere, it is certain that you will get disrespect most of the time.

Why is it so? It is because your focus is on getting respect everywhere and that is not possible. Other people are doing their work according to their mental framework and conditioning.

Similarly, if you are chasing happiness everywhere in every moment of life, you will never get it.

Action Step: Focus on your work. Do your work with full heart and with the presence of mind.

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PART 2: Your Attitudes and Mindset

11.. Make Mistakes

Try new things in life.

make a mistake

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

We often learn from our mistakes. Don’t think that if we make mistakes, we become unhappy.

Contrary, when we make mistakes and learn from them, we are proceeding towards happiness.

Action Step: Go and do anything you want to do. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Make as many mistakes as possible. But be cautious. Never repeat your mistakes.

12.. Don’t Expect Anything from Anybody

Our expectation brings sorrow to our lives.

Don't expect anything from anyone. It makes you a solid real man. Click To Tweet

We give so that we can receive. Some people are very nice and respectful, but they too expect the same behavior in return. It means they are not genuinely doing these things.

Subtly, they are expecting. And when they don’t get the desired things, they become upset and unhappy.

Action Step: Be genuine. It brings some problems in your life, but for the long run, it is beneficial for you. Don’t give something for exchange. If you do this and in return, you don’t get it then don’t be upset and unhappy.

13.. Control Your Past

Your past has gone. Now, it has a place in your life, but you must have command on it.

your past

You can learn from it, but if it is heavy on you, then it will ruin your present.

So, you must have full command on your past. You can choose from your past.

Action Step: Understand your past deeply. Don’t repeat it again and again. It has gone. Now, you cannot do anything for it. Only learn from it.

14.. Accept Your Life

Accept your life as it is.

how to stay happy

If you are not satisfied with your life, then try to change it as soon as possible.

And you can only change it if you first accept your life as it is. For example, if you are poor, then accept it. Don’t try to look like a rich person.

People try to look like rich. That is not good. It is like making fool to ourselves.

Action Step: Understand and accept your life as it is. Then make a personal goal to change it in future. Try hard to do so. Take your first step today.

15.. Be Audacious

Revolution in life does not come by itself. We have to bring it. Click To Tweet

To live life fully and to get an answer to a question; how to stay happy is not for cowards.

A full life is for brave people. Look at history, and you will find that people can die for full life.

Action Step: Set your one life goal and be ready to pay the price that it demands. Be audacious and pay the price.

16.. Embrace Life

Happiness is a part of life.

how to stay happy

If you are not living and embracing life, you can never get happiness.

What is life? It is you. If you are avoiding life, you are preventing yourself. What are you doing here?

You are here to live and embrace life. Entirely go into it and live it. Don’t raise a question; how to stay happy?

Just embrace life, and you will meet happiness there.

Action Step: Don’t avoid your desires. Your Desires are your life. Go in the world and fulfill them.

17.. Choose Happiness

Don’t chase happiness but choose it in your life.

choose happiness

Now, you have two options to do work. Either you can do it with unhappiness and complaints, or you can do it with happiness and ease.

The choice is yours. Unhappiness and making complaints all the time are habits.

And be happy and in comfort too are habits.

It is better to choose happiness.

Action Step: When you start work, you have no choice to avoid that moment. You have to go into it. Next time, when you go to work, go into it with total enthusiasm, passion, and happiness. Deliberately choose them.

18.. Don’t Be Afraid to be Wrong

Life is a venture.


We don’t know what could happen in next moment.

If we live with a mindset not make a mistake in life and always be right at every moment, then we are creating a mess in our lives as life is a mystery.

We don’t know about future.

Go with mysterious life as smoothly as possible. If you make mistakes and you are wrong in certain situations of life then accept it but continue your life journey with total enthusiasm and confidence.

Action Step: If you are not doing something out of afraid of being wrong, then do it. Go into it. As you desire it from your heart, so maybe for others, it can be wrong, but it is right for you.

19.. Trust

You are not driving your life.

trust in

Life itself is competent enough to live by itself.

You think that you are driving your life, but it is not the case.

Even if you do nothing, your life will continue as it has its management.

So, trust in your life and you.

Action Step: If you are vague about something but you are doing it then continue it with trust in it. With time and with some positive results, your confidence will increase. But at the beginning, you must have trust so that you can improve it in future.

20.. Make Some Enemies

It is strange to say, but it is life.

You cannot make happy everybody. If you go to make everybody happy in your life, then you will find that at last, nobody will be pleased with you.

Some enemies are good. They make you aware.

Action Step: Look at your surroundings. You are confined. You want something, but you cannot get it. If you want something, then it is sure that other people too want it desperately. Now, it is sure that for it, competition is huge. You have to fight to get it.

In the present life, you cannot avoid competition. Go into it and get your desired thing.

21.. Understand Your Financial Life

Money is crucial to life.

achieve financial freedom

You cannot avoid it. If you avoid it, it will avoid you.

You must know what type of life you want to live. And in the present era, you cannot live without money.

But, most people have no knowledge about money how it runs. Our schools don’t teach us about it.

Now, if you want to be rich then without financial knowledge, you cannot be wealthy.

To be rich and to look like rich has a huge difference. If you have a correct answer for it, then you have basic financial knowledge.

Action Step: Buy a good financial book and read it thoroughly.

22.. Don’t be Serious in Life

As we are discussing, how to stay happy, so seriousness has no place in it.

how to stay happy

Take your life as a game. Play it well. But we are very serious creatures. Have you seen players in a live game? These players look so serious. They are playing the game in which they should not be so serious.

We watch a movie and become serious. We laugh with characters, and we weep with them. And a movie is just a drama on a screen. It is not real.

But, we are living real life. So, it is evident that we become serious. But happiness never comes to a serious person.

Happiness is a state of mind, and it is a like a habit.

Action Step: If you are doing a serious act in your life, then don’t be serious about it. Just take it as a game. Try to win this game with full seriousness but laugh at your seriousness.

23.. Go Astray

Some people never take action in life as being afraid of going astray.

life is short

And life never meet in a confined territory. Life is vast.

If you are looking for life, it is too looking for you. If you have confined to it, it too becomes confined to you.

Life is short, and it passes very fast. It never waits for anyone.

Action Step: If you have set a goal in your life, then go after it. You must have a passion for it. If your passion makes you go astray, then go with it. You will be happy at the end.

How to Stay Happy? A Brief for It.

how to stay happy



Life is a continuous journey and change.

Even if you don’t want to live, life will not ask you to live. It is living.

You must support it with total enthusiasm, trust and happiness.

Life too is a mystery. But you can only solve this mystery to go into it.

Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is a branch of your true nature. But if you don’t know what is your true nature, how can you know what happiness is?

So, find out what is your true nature with right mindset and attitude.

Our mindset and attitude give direction to our life. Wrong mindset and attitude will lead in the wrong direction, and right mindset and attitude lead towards true happiness in life.

You should be the commander of your life.

What do you think about it? Share your intelligent comment in comment box.

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