How to Pray Effectively? 17 Practical Tips to Unlock the Infinite

Human hope is similar to how to pray effectively.

how to pray effectively

We cannot live without hope. Keep hope is a human mind habit.

If we add prayer to our hope, then the speed of its fulfillment has increased manifold.

Atheists often do prayer, and there are articles and books on how to pray effectively.

We can hope and pray for it merely, and most time we forget about it and set it in luck.

We say that if it would be on our luck, then we will get it otherwise, it is okay.

And if you think like this then your hopes are not going to fulfill. Then, you cannot change your destiny deliberately.

But if you want to control your destiny and give it a shape deliberately then you must know how to pray effectively.

In today’s post, we are going to learn how to pray effectively so that we get the results that we deliberately want.

I hope at the end of this post; you must get some idea that I want to convey here.

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Your hard work, punctuality, persistence and other related quality can never surpass the other human mind imaginations and techniques.

The techniques I am going to present here are just to increase the speed of your results to fulfill your hopes. These methods are not alternatives to your hard work, punctuality, persistence and other human mental traits to meet your goals.

These techniques are just the extensions of your hopes. As we often hope then why not do it in a better way.

Thus, you must apply these techniques in your life to get better results. These methods work, but I warn you that never make yourself a gambler.

For example, the law of attraction works, but it does not mean that you just sit in your home and apply the law of attraction and wait for the physical results to happen. It occurs with many people. They become gamblers in life and never want to do hard work to get things done.

You have hopes in life and let’s try to fulfill those dreams with how to pray effectively.

Please read it thoroughly up to the end. You are going to get new insights.

Let’s start.

1.. Revere Universe

You are not alone here.


You are living in a living and revolving universe and every change in the universe affects you. For example, if at this moment, our Sun disappears, we will go too.

Everything in this universe has interconnected with each other.

Thus, when you pray, you should always pray to the universe. Add the word universe to your prayer.

God is another alternative for the universe, but it is imagination. The universe is alive and intact. We can see it with our open eyes.

2.. Be Grateful to Universe and Never Complain

We are here due to the universe.

grateful to universe

If the universe is living, we are living.

So, always be grateful to the universe.

Never complain to the universe. With complaining, you are sending negative energy, and it is sure that you will get negative energy in return.

If you give disrespect to someone, in return, it is sure; you are going to get disrespect.

It is a natural law. The universe is not a faraway thing that you cannot approach. It is living here around you.

Your society comes in it. Your home happens in it. Everything comes in it including you. You are always interacting with universe without a pause.

3.. Only Think Positive

Hope can be negative or positive.

think positive

It is your mind’s habit to think positive or negative.

Some people have a habit of thinking negative all the time. It is not a healthy habit.

Even in a disaster, we should think positive and healthy. And in a prayer, never think negative.

Always, pray in a positive way even you are in a severe disaster. We pray for better results.

Prayer is that pause in our mind where we can give it a new direction. So, come out of your all negativity and only think positive.

In prayer, we deliberately create a moment for our mind to change its direction.

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4.. No Sin, No Virtue

Some people say that we should say in prayer that God should forgive us for our sin.


It is wrong. It is a negative statement in a prayer. Never use word sin in your prayer. One word instigates the other words and negativity in your prayer.

We are natural human beings, and we are not doing any sin here. We are just acting as nature has made us.

No sin and no virtue. Just natural activities and life.

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5.. Forgive Yourself

Before forgiving others, first, forgive yourself.

forgive others

If you have considered that you have done some sins in your life, then it is okay.

Forgive yourself and start a new life. Every day is a new one. Never waste your life in these trivialities.

Always start a new day afresh. If you forgive yourself, it is effortless to forgive others.

Admit if you have made some mistakes in your life. Never repeat them.

6.. Be Surrendered

We are here as a puppet in the hands of nature.


puppets in the hands of nature

However, our mind is not ready to accept it. Our ego wants to accomplish everything in life.

And it is okay. But if your ego understands this simple thing that it too works under surrender then maybe it would be able to get whatever it wants very easily with peace.

Whenever you pray, come under surrender. You are going to give some message to the universe.

If you have not surrendered, you are creating a wall between your message and universe.

Your ego is a wall between your message and universe.

Remove this wall, and you will get the better results of your prayer.

7.. Believe in Life, Existence and Natural intelligence

Now, if your ego is not ready to surrender, it means, it does not believe in life and existence.

believe in existence

Prayer is hope. And it will only come to fulfill if you believe in it. You must believe in hope, otherwise, what is the point of how to pray effectively.

You can only pray effectively if you believe in it. And you can believe in your hope if you believe in life and existence.

You have survived millions of years up to now. So, you have life, existence and natural intelligence to survive and live here.

Even if you do nothing, you can survive as a natural intelligence is running inside you. You are the production of that innate intelligence.

Your ego is the production of that natural intelligence for your survival. So, in this sense, your ego is not bad. It is for your survival but in prayer to fulfill your hope; it comes as a barrier.

So, understand it and believe in your life, existence and its intelligence.

8.. Live in Reality but Expect Impossible

You must live with facts.

expect impossible

For example, if you are poor, then accept it. Never try to look like a rich man but try to be a wealthy man.

To look like rich is entirely different to be a wealthy man.

And in this world, most people try to look like a wealthy man. All middle-class people try like that.

But it does not mean that you can never be a real rich man. You can, and you should expect it.

You should expect impossible but never come out of your realities and facts.

Then you can change your realities and facts. And you can expect impossible from your hope and prayer.

Prayer is for the future and impossible too lives in future. So, both are interconnected.

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9.. Ask from Universe

Asking is a good quality.

ask and receive

You can get whatever you want with this simple quality that is asking.

And in a prayer, you can ask anything from the universe. Actually, by asking you are sowing a seed of your future accomplishments.

You can ask impossible. If you believe in it, then you must get it. A law is running behind it.

As when you ask something impossible, you are sending a message to your subconscious mind that is working day and night during your sleep too.

And even when you are awake, behind your conscious mind, your subconscious mind is working all the time.

All the great people of humankind charge their subconscious mind by asking. If they can do so we can do.

For example, if you ask from universe a million dollar then in future, it is the possibility that you must get it.

More than ten percent people of the world have more than millions of dollars in their accounts. These all people ask it and get it.

It depends on your demand for life. Whatever you hope, demand and ask, you will get.

It is not that you ask for one month continually, and you will get it after that. It is not sure when you will get it, but it is sure that if you ask it continuously, you must get in future.

10.. Never Give Up

Now if you want to be a millionaire and you ask then never give up.

never give up

Ask, ask and ask.

Never give up in any act in your life. It should be your motto of life.

It does not mean that if a work is not suitable for you, then you should continue it. You can give it up. But, never give up your primary goal that you hope to get in future.

For example, if you want to be a millionaire then it is your primary goal. Now there is hundreds way to reach that goal.

And it is possible that you fail ninety-nine times, but only one way makes it likely to become a millionaire. So, never give up.

It can apply in any field of your life.

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11.. Love Yourself

You give whatever you have.

love yourself

If you have hate, you give it. If you have intelligence, you share it.

And if you have love, you too share it with others.

So, love yourself. With it, your love will increase, and you can give it to others.

If you hate yourself and your life, then it is impossible to give love to others.

You have listened to some people those say that we often love others first but always get hate in return.

These people give love and expecting love in return. This is not loving. It is a cunningness of our mind.

It is an expectation. It is not a genuine love. And a real love demands nothing in return and always starts with ourselves.

12.. Accept Life as It is

It is an antidote to your ego.

life is good

Your ego is not ready to accept life as it is. When you don’t accept your life as it is, then it is impossible to get peace of mind.

And a troubled mind always makes wrong decisions of life. A peaceful mind ever goes to a right direction.

You can never get a peaceful mind if you have a troubled mind that never accepts life as it is.

It is essential to be peaceful in your prayer. It is a crucial ingredient in how to pray for life effectively.

A peaceful mind is essential for it. And only a calm mind can pray. A troubled mind never prays, and if it does, it never gets the desired results.

13.. Be Witness

It is another quality of life.

witness to thought

For example, if you have something wrong in your life, you can witness to it.

As if you have the fever, you can witness to it and enjoy your fever.

If you have a headache with your fever, you can watch this headache, and it would be surprising that when you watch your headache, it will locate in a concise place.

Otherwise, you think that your whole head is in pain, but when you become witness to it and go deep in it, you will see that your headache is only in a tiny place.

If you continue it, you will see that in some moment, your headache disappears. It will start come and go.

And in prayer, if you become witness too, you come to the moment. You come to the present.

And that is the way to get the peace that is very crucial for your prayer to get what you want.

14.. Mingle with Existence

Now if you come to the moment then it is very possible that you can mingle with existence.


Your continually running mind is a hindrance between you and universe.

When you become a witness and come to the present moment, your mind stops.

And now is the possibility to mingle with existence.

Here you come very close to existence. Now ask at this moment whatever you want. Soon you have sent a clear message to your subconscious mind.

15.. Laugh

You should laugh on your weaknesses and helplessness.

live laugh love

And you should focus on your strengths.

It is the excellent way to get what you want. If you focus on your weakness and helplessness, it means you are increasing them.

If you focus on your strengths, you are increasing them.

Prayer is your strengths. So, focus on it and do prayer from the heart.

If you are an atheist and do not believe in prayer, then you must understand it. Even if you are an atheist, you have hopes in your life.

And prayer is an extension of hope. It is a technique to hope in a better way.

Laugh about this ignorance.

16.. Life is a Game

We are in a life stage playing life drama.


We are actors of our life game.

Don’t be serious enough that you go into depression and anxiety.

Life is a short journey. Take it as a game and play it with positive, hopeful mind.

Expect impossible and play the game to get this impossible with your hard work and prayer.

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17.. How to Pray Effectively?

Whenever you pray, you must be peaceful and in the present moment.

how to pray effectively

So, make a place where you daily pray.

Go to that place daily and pray whatever you want in your life.

To select a definite place has very benefits. Whenever you go there, you will automatically go into your prayer.

Do it practically. You have created an ambiance and that atmosphere will attract you. That point will become an entry point to connect with the universe through your subconscious mind. Now you can send your message to the universe. 

And the universe has a quality to return everything you throw into it.

How to pray effectively


Prayer is a way to channelize your mind in one direction.

how to pray effectively

When you pray daily in a definite place with definite way, you create a fixed channel to connect with the universe.

I again repeat that prayer is your extended hope. You chant your future hope in your prayer.

And if you do it effectively, your mind goes in that direction to fulfill that hope.

Even if you are an atheist or agnostic, you should do prayer in your way as you too have hopes in your life.

Don’t be a blind believer in anything. Practically examine it and see the results.

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