How to Live: 9 Steps to Find Fullest Life in Your Day to Day Living

It is the reality that what life you are living is not a life at all. That is why you ask how to live.

how to live

And you don’t know that this ‘how’ adds more knowledge in you and make you far away from your life.

It means you cannot find life with knowledge.

Knowledge comes as a concrete wall between you and life.

You are the life and you are looking for it.

Actually, you have mixed with knowledge so intensely that now you have forgotten your actual life below this knowledge.

As you live with knowledge and you are the knowledge, so you don’t understand another language.

You have forgotten about life in your living.

In today’s post, I am trying to remind you about your life. As you only understand ‘how’, that is why this title ‘How to live’. But actually, life comes when you die as a knowledge.

I hope that at the end of this post, you must have some knowledge to get rid of this knowledge so that you would be able to find life in your living.

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Let’s start,

1.. You are Here for Living Only

Now the present life is not easy.

After the interval of few years, we have been facing recession after recession in the whole world.

So, here in this present world, no one is secure. Insecurity is looming on every person. That is why whole world is going into depression.

Suicide rates are increasing day by day particularly in America.

We are here for living but we often think about death. Even in good financial conditions, we know that at last, we will die.

We often see death in our society so our mind thinks that it is sure that one day in future, it is going to die.

So, when death intrudes in human psyche, it becomes difficult to live. Then often mind asks ‘how to live’.

But this mind does not know that life is like a river. Even if river knows that its last destination is ocean, it never stops itself to mingle with it.

Actually, ocean makes the river. In deep sense, river too is a part of vast ocean. So, it would not be strange for river to mingle with ocean again.

Similarly, our life is a part of big life from where this life comes. Our life is not an accidental phenomenon. Here in this world, nothing is accidental.

Everything has cause and effect. So, our life too comes from a big life.

Like water never dies. Either it becomes vapor or that vapor again converts into water. Either ocean becomes cloud or that cloud becomes ice or that ice again becomes river but at the end, water remains the water.

Similarly, we are a life. We live in any form, we always live as a life. Life and deep down we never die. Now we are here in the form of humans.

But we were life before becoming humans like before becoming river, water was water.

So, you are here for living only. Death has no place in your life. Life never dies.

2.. Don’t Accumulate Anything Inside You

We have five senses.

These senses are for our protection. And we have been collecting information from these senses 24/7.

So, a lot of things has accumulated inside you in the form of mind.

And that mind has covered the throbbing life inside you.

But, now we have habit to accumulate more and more. Actually, you as a life has mingled with knowledge so intensely that now you don’t know who you are really.

You have forgotten yourself. And you are looking for life in knowledge with question ‘how to live’.

And it is the guarantee that you will never be able to find your life with this question ‘how to live’.

This question must go otherwise you can never be able to get rid of this ‘how’.

With how, your mind makes its continuity. Your knowledge in the form of mind never wants to die. It wants its continuity.

So, if you want to find life then starting point is: don’t accumulate anything inside you. It is the reality that you are living in a competitive world. So, you cannot survive without your knowledge and mind but be alert.

You must accumulate everything in outer world but never allow this outer world to be accumulated inside your inner world.

Your inner world should be innocent like a new born baby. However, it is very difficult to get it.

And the starting point is: be alert. Be alert of every accumulation inside your mind. Be aware of it.

Try to live your life like a lotus flower that lives in mud but lives a detached life from mud.

3.. Go into Life Deeply and Intensely

You are living but your living is superficial.

Your question ‘how to live’ too is superficial.

That is why your life has no life at all. You feel sad, bored, painful and anxious. A small responsibility of life irritates you.

You never go into your life deeply and intensely.

A past is running inside your mind. You are worried about your future. You start your life in the morning and you never live your morning fully. Anxieties and worries of that day starts pestering you in the morning.

Your life is just a marathon. You run and run and never go into your present moment deeply.

Look at your life. From morning to your bed, you always have anxiety and worry of your next moment.

Either you live in the past or you live in the future. You never live in the present.

And life is in the present. By living your present moment, you can go deeply inside your life. By living in present moment, your question ‘how to live’ will vanish away.

So, you should do every act of your life deeply and intensely while living in the present moment so that you can see life in it.

4.. Drop All Beliefs and Keep to the Middle

Your beliefs are not different from you. You are the beliefs.

So, particular beliefs are running inside you. Those are walls between you and life.

A particular conditioning has been running inside you. That conditioning declares that it knows about life and it knows ‘how to live’.

But life lives beyond all these conditionings. Life lives beyond all your beliefs.

Your beliefs are dead things. These all are knowledge. Life demands action.

Life is like walking on a tight rope. You need action and balance if you want to walk on a tight rope.

You have to find out your middle amongst your life if you want to live your life. It will be like walking on a tight rope.

One belief will attract you one side and on the same time, other belief will attract you towards itself.

Never go to either belief. Keep yourself in the middle. With it, you can cross the tight rope of your life easily without falling in deep chasm of knowledge and mind.

5.. Be Like a Mirror

Your mind has all information in the form of knowledge.

With this knowledge, you want to find out your life in your living. But it is impossible as knowledge is just like a reflection in a mirror.

Reflection never touches mirror. For example, you see your reflection in a mirror. You think that this refection has touched the mirror. But it is not possible.

You can make reflection after reflection in a mirror in your whole life but even after your hundred birthdays, mirror always remains clean and clear.

If you do search for any reflection inside the mirror, you cannot find anything there. Similarly, all your knowledge and information in the form of mind are all reflections of the outer world. They never touch life that is you.

But, you have mingled with these reflections so deeply that now you think that you are these reflections. You have forgotten your actual identity that is life.

So, be alert of this whole game and become like a mirror.

6.. From Having to Being

In the form of mind, you have everything in your life but even then, you are not happy.

Why is it so? It is because you want everything in your life but you never want life.

You are in sleep. You are working under a particular conditioning of your society that demands a special status quo from you.

You are chasing that status quo. You are on a wrong track. Under this whole game, you are missing your life.

As a mind, you want this and that but as a life, you don’t need these all things that your mind always demands.

Here you miss your life. Life is running inside you but you are using that life in wrong direction. You have been accumulating everything in your life so that you can cover your life with them.

Your whole mind is busy in covering your life. It is strange.

You have forgotten about your being that is your life inside you. You are indulged to fill this being but this being already so filled that it needs nothing.

If you become your being, you need nothing. Your being is your life and life never demands anything to live.

What is that life if it demands something to live. Life is life. It is already complete and filled.

You as a life is already complete and filled. You need nothing. If you want to realize this truth of your life then you must turn your direction from having to being.

That is the only way to get life in your living.

7.. Art of Living (How to Live): Air is Free

Art of living is that there is no art of living.

Life never needs any art. Only a dead mind needs art for living. All your arts of living are for the continuity of your mind.

And mind never touch life. Mind is dead and so every art you make out of it is dead. That is why even you have every art of living, you have no life in your living.

Air is free so take it. But you as a mind has polluted this air too. Now you need another art to live in this polluted air.

As a mind, you have no chance of life. I again repeat the air is free so take it and when you take it, don’t think a bit.

You will find out that your breathing is automatic. You are not taking your breath. You think that you are breathing. No, you never take a breath in your life. All breathing is automatic.

That is life. Understand it. Go with it.

8.. You are Life and Treasure

You are looking life outside you.

You are finding life with your knowledge. If you will find it out, it will not be life at all.

You need security for it. You know that at last, you are going to get rid of it. It was not yours and it will not be yours.

You want to accumulate everything in your life and with it, you think that you will get life but it is not the case.

More you accumulate, more you go far away from life. It is because you are a life and you are covering this life with your knowledge and accumulation.

So, your direction is wrong. Your direction is going far away from the treasure of life that is within you.

You are in sleep. You are in dreams. Treasure of life is within you but you are looking it outside. That is your pain and misery. That is your tragedy. That is your effort.

It is amazing that life is looking for life. Actually, it seems to us that life is looking for life but life never looks for itself. It just lives.

However, we as a mind is looking for life that we can never touch. Life and mind can never live together.

9.. Only Life and Existence are Left

We have talked so much. It is not a short journey.

Your mind never wants to die. It wants its continuity on the name of life.

Up to now what life you have realized is only a mind made life in which your whole emphasis is to accumulate as maximum as possible.

Look at yourself and you will find that you want to accumulate everything in life. That is your mind’s needs and priorities.

But below this artificial mercurial life of your mind, you have another life without which this artificial mercurial life never exists.

That is the true life. That life is already complete and filled. It has no need to accumulate anything. Whatever you extra put into it, it always rejects it.

When your whole drama of mind and its accumulation come into your understanding, then you will find only life and existence there.

This life never dies. What a life if it dies? So, life never dies.

You are that life and you never die. Existence never dies. It continues. Existence never asks ‘how’. It just lives.


To get that life that never dies, you have to understand your mind deeply.

You will have to get rid of your mind and its knowledge. They are a wall between you and life.

You are living in a very competitive society. So, you need knowledge to survive. You need mind to act intelligently in this fast and sophisticated society.

But live like a lotus in mud. Accumulate things in your outer world but always live a detached life from them.

Always keep your contact with your actual life that is throbbing inside you that never demands anything from you.

And you can only see that life if you know well what is your mind and it knowledge. That treasure of life that never finishes and dies have covered with your mind and its knowledge.

Remove this mind and knowledge, you will find life there that never dies and is already complete and filled.

How do you think about it? Please share your intelligent response in comment box.

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