Feeling Miserable: How to Dissolve it Through Live in The Moment Now

Feeling miserable is a common thing in our lives because we live in time.

feeling miserable


And it is interesting thing is that more a person feeling miserable, more he clings to life.

Even beggars never think of suicide. They are living with full misery but still they don’t commit suicide.

On the other hand, very rich people become miserable because they have nothing to do now.

Whatever they want to accomplish, they get and find that it is not that life they were chasing.

So, feeling miserable is everywhere. What is the reason of it?

We feel miserable because we always live with mind. And mind is time. Time is that thing that never stops. It goes and goes.

In today’s post, we will discuss all about it and I hope at the end of this post, you will get some idea how to deal with your feeling miserable.

Is Mind the Cause of Your Feeling Miserable?

Of course, yes.

As mind is time and time never stops so, deep down you feel that you are going to die.

You want to escape from it. And you use your mind to do so. However, with time, you cannot cut time.

Only with time, you multiply time. With mind, you multiply mind.

Then what to do? Only method to come out of time is to come out of mind.

Live in the Moment Now

The only way to come out of mind or time is to live in the moment.

Although, moment too is a time but it is that time where you become aware of time.

And that is the key to come out of it. First, you must aware of thing you want to deal with.

That awareness becomes a way to kill your mind. And if you start living in the moment, half battle to deal with feeling miserable has been conquered.

If you really want to dissolve the whole full of feeling miserable, your ‘I’ should be dissolved that is the invention of mind and time.

Your ‘I’ say that I am feeling miserable. If your ‘I’ is not there, then who will say that I am feeling miserable.

And way to dissolve your ‘I’ is through live in the present moment.

So, start living in the present moment Now. Close your eyes and feel your breathing. Come to the present moment.

Come out of your thoughts and listen to the outer voices around you. Do it at least 5 minutes.

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