Feeling Frustrated, Anxious & Worried? Here 7 Ways to Tackle with It Effectively

As we are progressing in outer life, so our feeling frustrated, anxious and worried too are increasing.

feeling frustrated

This human body is not for all these things. It rejects everything you think good for this body.

Your feeling frustrated, anxious and worried are all signs that your body is rejecting all these things.

Your body does not want what your mind wants and here conflicts lurk.

Your mind wants this and your body rejects it.  For example, your mind wants permanent happiness, bliss and ecstasy but your body does not want these things.

We pressure our body to comply with it.

But body does not listen to it. It rejects all your jargon and that comes out of you as feeling frustrated, anxious and worried.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss all about this and some radical ways to tackle with your feeling frustrated, anxious and worried.

I hope at the end of this post, you will know how to tackle with your feeling frustrated, your anxieties and worries with practical means.

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Let’s start:

1.. Take Action

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Actually, if an enlightened person listen to a person who is feeling frustrated, anxious and worried, then that enlightened person only laughs at the other person.

Enlightened person here means who knows and understands human mind deeply and completely.

Why does he only laugh? It is because he knows that this person has no questions at all about feeling frustrated and anxiety. Only repetition of these things are there inside that man.

However, the victim person is not ready to accept it. He feels that actually he has frustration inside his body and mind.

So, a conflict can arise between a teacher and a disciple or you can say between doctor and patient. Doctor can see in his patient’s mind and he can see that there is nothing to worry about but patient does not ready to comply with it.

So what to do?

Only solution to tackle with this situation is to take action. Do something for your frustration. Don’t just repeat that I am frustrated, I am frustrated.

Do something for it. As for example, if you are thirsty, you go and drink water. As if you fell appetite, you go and eat food.

And if you feel frustrated, go and let it go out of your system. Do something. If you are angry, show your anger. Don’t suppress it.

 But, if you cannot show your anger in front of your boss as he can kick you out then go inside your room, lock it and show anger in imagination. Do something.

I tell you a story. An employee was feeling frustrated with his boss. Whenever he saw his boss, he felt frustrated and got angry.

And the situation reached to a point where now when he saw his boss, his hand went to his shoe. He became very anxious as if he flung the shoe to his boss.

And he could not. He had his family to rear. So he met a psychologist. Psychologist suggested him that he should hang a photo of his boss in the entry level of his home.

Whenever he went outside or came back to his home, his only duty is to put off his shoe and hit hard on that picture of his boss hung on the wall. The person did the same and result was amazing. He became a very peaceful person.

So do something to give way to your frustration. Vomit it out.

2.. Don’t Repeat Words inside Your Mind Related to Your Feeling Frustrated, Worries and Anxiety.

It belongs to above section but as we have habit to repeat things in our mind, so it deserves a separate attention.

You often repeat words inside your mind whether they are positive or negative. And you often repeat negative words more than positive one.

Don’t repeat them. What to do for it?

Be alert of your mind talking. See, as if you are taking enjoyment by repeating these negative words!

People often talks about others with their dear ones. And it gives them some relief and enjoyment but they don’t know that it becomes their mind’s habit to repeat it again and again.

And it is not a good habit. Whenever you repeat negative words inside your mind, be alert.

Deliberately stop this talking as soon as possible. If you worry and feeling frustrated more, it means you are repeating words related to your feeling frustrated and worry.

If you stop repeating those words, automatically, your feeling frustrated and worries will evaporate.

For being alert about your inner talk, you can do any meditation that suits you.

One meditation that I can recommend is:

Whenever you find time, watch your inner thoughts and dialogues. As you are travelling in a bus, or in a train or are sitting in a park and you have time then watch your thoughts.

Don’t say this is a good thought and this is a bad thought. Don’t judge your thoughts. Just watch them. Enjoy this watching.

It is a very interesting practice.

3.. Understand Your Mind How It Functions

Mostly we don’t know how our mind comes into being and how does it function.

The people who are in search of ‘Who am I’, they don’t know whether they are body or mind.

And that is their frustration. They are on search and they don’t know who is on search.

They themselves are on search and they are looking for themselves. It is a very serious and ridiculous condition.

Feeling frustrated too is related to this condition. They don’t understand how does their mind functions.

I call it sleep. It is your own mind and you don’t know how does it function.

We are more serious about our feeling frustrated but we are not serious to know what our mind is.

Frustration, worry, anxiety all come under mind. These are the parts of our mind. If we understand our mind, we understand these things.

And understanding will become our weapon to get rid of these things. So try to understand your mind. Try to comprehend how your mind functions.

For it, you can read books on it and can do some meditation related to mind.

4.. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy in the inner world too. SURINDERLEEN Click To Tweet

Honesty is the best policy.

However, here I am not talking about that policy in which we should be honest with the outer world.

Here I am talking about honesty with your inner world. We are not honest with it.

We are in sleep. We have faces over faces. And we have forgotten our original face that has been buried under these false faces.

feeling frustrated

Be honest and tell me what is your original face as you are changing constantly.

You act differently in front of your boss. And if you face your wife, you change yourself immediately. With your subordinate, your face becomes different.

Then what is your actual and original face? Be honest and find it out.

It will  certainly make impact on your feeling frustrated and worried.

If you will be able to see the drama of your life, feeling frustrated and worries too come from that drama.

Understand the whole drama of your life honestly and you will be out of it including your feeling frustrated and worries.

5.. Catharsis

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It is very important that you should do catharsis of your mind.

As you have habit to collect things and store it, so you too collect frustration and worries and store it in your subconscious mind.

And they whirl inside you. Sometime you know you feel frustrated and worried without any reason. And you feel surprised where from these things come.

As you already have stored them in your subconscious mind, so they come from that store house.

And it is very important to note that if your conscious mind has one negative thought, it is certain that other negative thoughts must join it.

And all these other negative thoughts come from the deeper level of your mind that is your subconscious mind.

So, you must have a way to catharsis them as soon as possible on daily basis. As you are not an alert man about your thoughts so you have to deliberately catharsis them by some methods and techniques.

As being alert about thoughts automatically kick them away but if you are not alert about your thoughts then you have to do it with some methods and here I am going to suggest one method.

It is called dynamic catharsis method:

1.. Tell your family member what you are going to do this technique as it is a dynamic technique, so your family members could feel strange to see you doing this.

2.. Find a safe, spacious room in your home. Room must have things as small as possible in quantity. If it is completely blank, then it is very good.

3.. It is better if you turn on some music. It should not be irritating. It should soothe your mind.

4.. Sit on a mat and close your eyes. Take deep breaths for 5 minutes.

5.. Now it is the time to become mad. Stand up and do whatever you want to do. If you want to laugh loudly then laugh loudly. If you want to cry, do it loudly.

If you want to beat someone, beat someone in imagination. Stretch your fists and beat someone in air and imagine it that you are beating someone. Do whatever you want to do.

 Our purpose is to make a way for your depressed emotions and feelings to come out. We have depressed so much emotions and feelings inside us. As sometime we want to laugh but we cannot. As sometime we want to cry but we cannot.

We live in a society and society has some norms. So, we depressed so many emotions and feelings inside our mind. Express those emotions and feeling deliberately here. Be cautious here.

 As when you are doing it, do it fully but be cautious. As after starting it, it will become automatic and you will be surprised what you have been suppressing inside you. Weird things will erupt out of you. However, don’t go into panic. Just do it with fun. Be cautious.

Your room should be spacious as sometime some people start jumping here and there so you need some space to do so. As you have already informed your family members or neighbors, so don’t worry about them.

Do it at least 5 minutes in start. You can increase it to 10 minutes later.

 In this step, you can close your eyes but you can open it anytime you need. You can keep open your eyes in this whole step too. It depends upon you.

But it is better if your eyes are closed. Here you are not going to sleep because you are active and dynamic.

4.. Lay down and come to the present moment fully. Feel your body and its movements for at least 10 minutes.

Do this method at least 3 months. Be patient. Results must come.

6.. Don’t replace Being Frustrated with Something Else

Don’t try to replace being frustrated and worries with something else like happiness or joy.

Most people do it. As if they feel frustrated or anxiety or boredom, they go to mandir, church or cinema.

And they try to burry frustration under something else. With it, your frustration will not go away.

You are trying to avoid it. But your goal should be to get rid of it permanently.

And you get rid of it permanently if you understand it fully. And you can only understand it fully if you live with it.

If you try to avoid it and try to replace it with something else, then you are going to collect it more and more.

Just live what you feel. If you feel frustrated or worried then just feel it. Don’t try to forget it with alcohol, cigarette, music or something else.

7.. Accept Your Life as It is

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It is very important to get peace in life.

If you don’t accept your life as it is then you are creating problems for you. I am not saying compromise with your life.

You should not compromise your life. You must change your life but the problem with most people is that they don’t accept the present situation and they too don’t do anything to change it anyway.

For example, if you are poor, then just accept it. If you accept it, then you will come to peace and now you can think better to get out of it.

Otherwise, you just are fighting with yourself and your present conditions and you are doing nothing.

Start doing something with your life with just accept what it is. Then change will automatically come.


Accept what your life is now.

Be honest. Don’t pretend. Do some catharsis as mentioned above. Go to that section and read it again.

Actually, we are not natural. We have come far away from nature. We are living as a mind and that is the main culprit of our feeling frustrated, anxious and worried.

It is up to you what you do with your life. Take action today.

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