What is Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’ in Spirituality & Science?

 A true spiritual journey always starts from this question ‘Who am I’ to find out the essence of life.

essence of life

If you ask a person, the question ‘Who are you?’ he usually answers, ‘I am Mr. Jacob or Mr. Harish or Miss or Mrs. Poonam’.

This question ‘Who are you?’ can be posted by the man at himself and then this question becomes ‘Who am I’.

If you ask this question to a person who is in search of spirituality or enlightenment, then the answer to this question becomes different.

He tries to give this answer from the essence of his life. He gives this answer from his knowledge that he has collected about the essence of his life.

If he still has some doubts about it then you can see a tension, there.

 For example, if you ask a religious person ‘Is soul present?’ his answer must be the yes. Whether he gives some explanation to it but the essence of his answer always must be ‘yes’ to the presence of soul.

And this is the essence of life of question ‘Who am I’ for a religious person. The essence of life is that soul is present and it is immortal.

And if you ask a person who is not religious, the same question, then the answer must be different.

He can say that soul is not present and everything has cause and effect. He can say that the question ‘Who am I’ is rubbish.


Is it correct?

In today’s post, we will try to understand this whole concept and at the end of post, even might be you will not be satisfied with my answer but you will start thinking on this topic.

And that should be the essence of this post.

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Let’s start:

When your all questions and answers disappear, then the essence of life emerges.


All Eastern and Western Gurus and Their Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’.

I start with Raman Maharishi. If somebody does not know about Raman Maharishi, then you can know about him here.  About Raman Maharishi.

He was the man who searched about this question ‘Who am I’ in his whole adult life. And the essence of his search is that: A man is not body and mind but something else. A man’s true essence of life is his immortality.

A man is immortal in the sense that he is soul or spirit that is shapeless, colorless and odorless. This soul or spirit is immortal.

This soul or spirit never die never born.

So, a man’s goal in his life should be to become or stay into that soul or spirit. What does it mean?

It means a man is already immortal but he has forgotten about it. With meditation and sadhna, he can get this true essence of life that is his immortality.

It is not that only Raman Maharishi has told about it but all eastern gurus have been telling about it for centuries.

The western gurus too tell about it. However, they replace the word soul with spirit. Western gurus say that our spirit is immortal.

Soul or spirit are the same.

Under the Impact of Science What is the Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’?

Science is silent on this question.

You cannot get the answer of this question in science books.

Science defines life as the possession of self-sustaining biological processes.

Self-sustaining biological processes include homeostasis, organization, metabolism, growth, development, adaptation, response to stimuli and reproduction.

To define and explain all these terms are not the purpose of this post. So, I leave it to you.


The essence of life for science is not to give answer to this question ‘Who am I’ but it is the life itself.

Life that originates from all the biological processes mentioned above is the essence of life for science.


The spirituality and religion are not satisfied with this answer. They say that something is present beyond this life.

They say that something is responsible for this life. Our mission in this life should be to be that something.

What is the Truth of Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’?

Interestingly, whether it is science or spirituality, in both cases, human mind is working behind and has been searching for this question.

It means human mind wants to know what is the essence of life.

Here the question arises: Does human mind know about itself?

Human mind itself does not know exactly what it is and it is looking for the essence of life.

If for example, human mind finds out the essence of life that is outside but it does not know about itself then what is the essence of this finding?

And it is too true that if human mind knows itself and does not know the essence of outside life then it too is not a complete answer.

Complete answer and truth come when we know both outside and inside.

A complete truth emerges when we know both outside and inside world. Click To Tweet

What is This Inside?

Inside is you and your mind. Here religion and spirituality come to give answer.

However, the problem is that religion and spirituality reject the outside and say that only inside is true.

It says that only soul or consciousness or spirit is true and everything outside is untrue and a game.

This problem is present due to human mind. Human mind has divided the whole into inside and outside.

You as a human mind has become a wall between inside and outside.

What is the Solution?

Destroy this wall of mind that has been creating problems and problems.

Once the wall has been removed, completion will come and that is the answer to this question.

What is the Problem?

However, human mind is not ready to comply with it. Human mind is interested in fortifying this wall.

Human mind is interested in fortifying itself.


Human mind is the problem.


What is the True Essence of Life in Question ‘Who Am I’?

A man's completion without any division is the true essence of life. Click To Tweet

Completion without any division is the answer of this question.

Science is division. Spirituality is division.

Combine both and create a completion. Opposite can be true. Remove both and completion will be there.

Here completion means where true essence of life will emerge. No doubt leaves behind.

Everything become crystal clear. When does this crystal- clarity come? It comes when you have no question about your existence.

A singe question about your existence or about ‘Who am I’ is incompletion.

However, your mind is very clever. Its existence depends upon these questions.


It will raise questions and questions because the completion means the death of mind and that mind never wants.

The question ‘Who am I’ too comes from the cleverness of this mind.


Your mind will never allow you to get completion. It is because completion only comes after death of your mind.

Mind is an unshakable wall!

What do you think about it? Share your intelligent response in comment box.

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