Is Spiritual Enlightenment an End of Suffering?

Everybody in this whole world wants permanent happiness and end of suffering in his life.

end of suffering

For it, our religions have a solution and that is spiritual enlightenment.

In spiritual enlightenment, when a person got enlightenment, he gets permanent happiness and bliss without a single pause of pain.

However, is it true? Is enlightenment the end of suffering?

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss it. I hope at the end of this post, you must get some idea about the truth running behind this phenomenon.


Your all religious teachers always preach about this ecstatic state of mind after the end of suffering in life. Even your contemporary gurus like Osho or J Krishnamurti too advocate this phenomenon.

As an example, Osho Rajneesh himself was suffering from pain. He could not sleep and he told his disciples that he always remained awake during his sleep.

I say that if you always remain awake in sleep then it is not a sleep. If you say it is a sleep and I always awake to sleep then you don’t know what sleep is. 

Your sleep means where you are not awake means you are not there. If you are there means you are awake then it is not sleeping.

Osho tried to sleep but in vain. In last years of his life, he started taking 60 mg of Valium. He took every medicine to get relief from his pain as his secretary Sheela told.

And this man was a great professional that sold contentment and enlightenment in the name of bliss and peace.

Why have I given an example of a guru? It is because they themselves had been suffering from pain and suffering and he had been preaching about the end of it.

Here we should be cautious about it. We should think of it by ourselves. Mostly we start thinking through other people’s ideas and concepts.


Is Enlightenment an End of Suffering?

Every human being wants permanent happiness so it is natural to fall into this trap.

end of suffering

I too was in this trap but it was my good luck that I went into this mess and came out of it otherwise up to now I have been whirling merry- go- round in it.


Enlightenment is not the end of suffering but it brings many sufferings to this body.

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Why is Enlightenment not an End of Suffering?

It is because our body doesn’t want this.


It is the demand of our mind to get enlightenment and it is not the demand of our body.

So, the body rejects this phenomenon. The body does not accept it. A fight starts between body and mind and that brings more sufferings to this body.

In case of Osho Rajneesh whom I have mentioned above, it brings pain and sleeplessness.

The problem with Osho Rajneesh was that he tried his enlightenment methods in his sleep too.

If you try your techniques and methods in sleep too, it will disturb the natural rhythm of your sleep

It will disturb the natural demand of your body that is sleeping in case of Osho. 


Only try your methods and techniques in your waking hours. Never try them in your sleep. Then the quality of your sleep will increase manifold. 

Your sleep will become deeper.

The body lives naturally. It has no interest in enlightenment.

Only your fearful mind has interested in it. Therefore, the repercussions of it bring huge changes in body chemistry.

It seems that person now resides beyond body and mind like a witness but it is only an extension of his mind.

Or you can say that it is only the exchange of mind from one place to other. First, the mind was completely indulged in thinking pattern.

When it doesn’t work to end suffering then mind jumps and stays into seeing part of the brain or it may reside into listening part of the brain.

Mind already shuffles between these parts but this shuffling is so fast that mind itself cannot recognize it.

It is because human natural mind mostly resides in thinking pattern or you can say that most of the time, the thinking pattern dominates.

And the idea that we can be in a state where all our suffering will dissolve brings more suffering to this body. The body does not live in ideas.

It just lives. Your mind lives on ideas. 

Actually, your body is not in suffering. Your mind is in suffering. 

Whenever your body comes in grip of suffering then it has natural intelligence to get out of it. But your mind demands permanent bliss and happiness without a single pause of pain.

That brings and creates suffering for your mind and body. Enlightenment is a try of your mind to get out of this suffering permanently.

What is enlightenment? Where your mind will evaporate, it is called enlightenment. It means you as a mind will evaporate.


You continue after enlightenment to declare that I am enlightened. 

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Enlightenment is not an end of suffering if you are there to declare that I am enlightened. 

As if you are present, suffering is present. It is because you are present there to recognize suffering and pain.

Complete end of suffering demands your complete absence. Are you ready to be completely absent?

And that is the bet if you want an end of suffering in your life.

It is possible but not in spiritual enlightenment. However, the way to be there is through spiritual enlightenment.

In spiritual enlightenment, spirit presents. That is why we call it spiritual enlightenment. And if a spirit is present then somebody must be present there to declare that I am spirit or soul.

It means you are still present there to declare.

However, the end of suffering demands your complete absence means the absence of spirit or soul too.

That point can become the end of suffering. Otherwise you merry go round endlessly in suffering, bliss, ecstasy, and pain. 

What do you think about it? Share your intelligent response in the comment box below. Share this post on your social channels as maximum as possible. I shall be very thankful to you.

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  • Ganesh

    Reply Reply November 22, 2016

    Very good said about enlightenment.

    Now please answer that if you have written this article; then for this you used your mind ? or just the existence reflect the article ?

    Thanks & Regards,


    • surinderleen

      Reply Reply November 25, 2016

      Thanks Ganesh. How are you?
      Now who will know that I am using my mind to write this article or just the existence reflect the aritcle?
      If that entity is present there then certainly I can answer your question and I am giving that answer. So it is obvious something is present there to give answer and that something is mind or you can say thinking.
      It is like a computer. You put a question and it gives answer from its memory bank. It all does automatic. I have nothing to do with it.
      Who will think about existence that it is an existence?
      When only existence is there and nobody left to think then you cannot say that this is existence. What left we don’t know and we cannot know what it is, because thinking is not there to think about it.
      So whatever I will answer, all comes from thinking. Or you can say only thinking is there.The moment, thinking is not there, no answer will come.
      At that moment, even I don’t know ‘Who am I’ and it is not a mystery because to say it a mystery, again thinking is there.
      And it all is automatic.

  • Ganesh

    Reply Reply November 29, 2016

    Thanks Surinderleen !

    I like your answer very much!!

    LOL & Regards,


    • Surinderleen

      Reply Reply November 29, 2016

      Thanks Ganesh.

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