How to Remove the Confusion Between Voice of Ego Psychology & Human Nature?

Ego psychology belongs to your mind’s different voices.

ego psychology

Even the confusion that you feel between your ego and nature comes from your mind.

I tell you a story. A man was very religious. He daily went to his religious place.

One day, he discussed religion, mind and ego with me. We talked for half an hour.

He agreed with me on many topics. However, he did not agree with me on one topic that was about human effort.

He said that human effort is not natural. Everything could be natural but human effort is not natural.

So, here he was not natural at all. His ‘I’ is intact even he was a fully dedicated religious man.

He thought that all his religiousness has come by his own efforts.

And here, he is going against religiousness. Here he declared that he does not know a bit about religiousness.

In today’s post, we are going to clear the difference between ego psychology and human nature.

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Difference Between Ego Psychology and Human Nature

Ego psychology or ego belongs to your mind.

It belongs to your doer mentality. When you think you do everything in your life, you are on a vehicle of ego.

Here you are acting from your mind and its thoughts. You have no connection with nature.

Here you are only thinking and you have no taste of no thinking.

Thinking means thoughts and thoughts. You always think. From that thinking, your doer mentality comes into existence.

You think that with your effort, you become a religious man. And of course, you are right. The religiousness you follow only comes from thinking.

In nature, religiousness has no place at all. It is human mind’s invention.

But human nature only comes when there is no thinking at all.

And to understand this phenomenon, you will have to be complete. Now you have been divided.

Even you have been divided in your thinking too. One thought propels you one side and other thought drags you to the other side.

You are in confusion because you are divided. When you will become one, complete then you will see what is natural.

You cannot think about nature with thought and mind. You will have to be natural. And that only comes when your thinking stops.

So, it is a practical understanding. Stop your thinking and then see what is there.

With thinking, you cannot reach at truth. SURINDERLEEN Click To Tweet

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  • Amarjit

    Reply Reply June 15, 2017

    Very educative and I totally agree with it because it is very logical ! Thanks !

  • Xina

    Reply Reply July 8, 2017

    I won’t say I am always mindful of what I do but I try to keep an open mind and awareness to acknowledge and feel the vibrations around me. Nature holds so many answers and helps align your vibrations naturally.

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