Ego Problem: 1 Very Effective Way to Get Rid of It

You often listen about ego problem.

ego problem

Problem in the sense that it brings more problems in life.

And man’s problem is that it wants to live without problems that is not possible.

As we live in a complex society, so we cannot live without problems. Actually, we think problems are different from us but it is not the case.

We are the problems. We are the ego and ego is the problem.

So, if we get rid of ego, then might be all problems would be solved.

Am I right? Might be in your head, you say, yes, it is right.


It is not right. Ego problem will remain the same. Problems of life will remain the same.

For example, you have a fear that your boss can insult you anytime you do something wrong.

Now here, you have ego problem. Your boss has it. Both have to work together.

But, if this tension will continue, you will set yourself aside from that job. However, at new job, new boss with ego is waiting you and the old game will start again.

But if your boss insults you and you say thank you. You smile. Not your boss, if anybody tries to degrade you and you say thank you.

This will surprise the other person and I am sure other person must change. In next day, you must see a change in his behavior with you.

By the way, it is just an example. It is not a best way. I am just giving an example of ego problem.

So, what you should do that you say thank you and your boss or anybody become surprised.

What is the effective solution?

It is to get aside from problems. It is to get aside from your ego problem.

But how to get aside from ego problem. In today’s post, we are going to discuss about it. I hope, you must get some idea out of it and will apply practically in your life.

Results would be amazing.

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So, the effective solution:

Become Witness to Your Ego Problem

You as ego cannot remove yourself. Only way is to understand yourself. SURINDERLEEN Click To Tweet

Be a witness to every act of your life. Like if you walk, be witness to your walking.

If you talk, be witness to your talking. Anything you do in your life, be witness to it.

With it, slowly slowly, your doer mentality will drop down.

Now you think you do everything in your life. That is your ego problem. For example, if you have made your house, then you boast that you have made your house.

You are the owner of your house. That is your ego problem. If in any way, you lose your house, you feel pain. You feel miserable. You go into problem.

But if you become witness to your doing then you will get aside from this whole drama of your life.

As if you boast that you are the owner of your house, be witness to this talking. On the moment, you will become witness to this talking, whole absurdity of this talk will be in front of you.

Our ego problem is related to our doer mentality. We are not surrounded to nature. We have made ourselves separate from nature.

That separateness is your ego problem. Witnessing is the first step to shed ego and doer mentality.

At last, we have to drop this witness too and mingle with existence.

Ego will be there, boast will be there, pain from house loss will be there, but you will not be there as a doer.


Be witness to every act of your life. Start from simple things like sipping your tea.

When you sip your tea, come to the present moment.

Taste your tea and smell its aroma. Listen to the sound of sipping. Feel the tea in your mouth and going down your throat.

Become witness to this whole act. When you become efficient enough, then you can try in complex things too.

At last, you can witness to your house loss or insult from your boss. Try it.

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