Beyond Buddhism Nirvana: 11 Strategies to Get True Liberation

They say that Buddhism nirvana is your true nature.

buddhism nirvana

It is that state of your being where all your cycle of birth and rebirth finish and you never born again.

And very few people on this earth reach at that state.

It is because we live with desires. Desires are the main cause of our birth and rebirth according to Buddhism nirvana.

If a person dies without any desire with complete fulfilment, he will certainly destine to Buddhism nirvana as they say.

But is it possible? As a person who even doesn’t know who he is really, cannot be free from desires.

And interesting fact is that if you go towards Buddhism nirvana with a desire to achieve it, then it is certain that you are going towards a wrong direction from the outset.

You cannot live without desires. And Buddhism nirvana only comes when all desires finish as they say.

Then what to do?

In today’s post, we are going to discuss all about it. Actually, we have to go out of merry go round of your search for Buddhism nirvana.

We have to shed it aside and should directly see inside us where might be true liberation resides.

I hope at the end of this post, you must get some understanding what I want to convey here. So, read this post up to the end.

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Let’s start,

First thing first:

What is True Liberation?

If you don’t know where you are going, how can you reach at it?

You must know where you are going. So, as we want true liberation, we must know what it is.

The problem is that we cannot get it practically now because we are very far away from it. However, we can only tell about it with words.

Worldly definition of it is: It is that place where you become completely free.

In outside world, can you be completely free? And in your inside world, can you be completely free?

And true liberation means complete freedom in your inside as well as outside world.

Is It Possible to Get True Liberation?

Yes, it is possible.

However, the main impediment on the way of it is you. You yourself are a concrete wall on the way of true liberation.

It is awkward to say that if you are present as an ego there, it is impossible to get true liberation. Either true liberation will be there or you will be there.

Both never exist together.

Here in this post, my whole attempt is to finish you as an ego so that true liberation replaces you. It is not easy as ego never wants to die.

Your ego is so clever that it can dodge you every moment. It can come as true liberation in a disguised form and you cannot recognize it.

It is a long journey. However, we have to start it. And once you get it, its taste is so mesmerizing that you never want to replace it with anything else.

Let’s try:

1.. True Emptiness

If you are seeking reincarnation, you want to continue your illusion as an ‘I’.

You want to continue as a mind. On the name of spirituality, you can pretend yourself empty from mind but deep down you are fully filled.

Your new fulfilment is your soul. You have replaced mind with soul.

So, there is nothing like emptiness in spirituality because you replace one thing with other.

However, true emptiness comes when nothing left there to continue.

In true emptiness, you disappear as a whole and only existence left behind. No soul, no mind, no illusion but only natural existence left there.

Now you are working as a mind and you want to empty so that you fill that emptiness with your soul. That is the final destination of spiritual enlightenment.

When in place of your mind and body, only spirit or soul resides, it is called spiritual enlightenment.

But it is not a true emptiness. True emptiness only comes when your spirit or soul too disappears. And that would be the true liberation.

Whether you live as a mind or soul or spirit, you live as a protective mechanism in the form of ego that wants to continue. And where there is protection, true liberation never exists.

2.. The Whole Art of Meditation

We do meditation to achieve Buddhism nirvana.

However, the whole art of meditation is to calm down your continuous running mind.

A continuous running mind without pause is a disease. And meditation is like a medication for that ill mind.

But in Buddhism nirvana, we use meditation to achieve a state of being where we can say that we are immortal.

Nirvana means immortality. It is the immortality of soul or spirit that never born again.

However, the real art of meditation should be to free from meditation. It must free you from your mind and ego.

And if you reside in nirvana, it means you are still continue as a mind because your identity is still there to recognize.

You recognize your Buddhism nirvana. And where there is recognition, mind is there.

And where there is mind, liberation does not exist. True liberation comes when mind is there but you are not there.

Can you be like that where mind is working but you are not there? That would be your true liberation.

Below that point, you are bound to your being and mind. And the whole art of meditation should be to thrust you towards that state of your being where you disappear completely.

3.. Your True Nature

Have you known your true nature?

As water has its own nature and fire too has its own nature. So, you must have your own nature.

But you don’t know your true nature. Once you know your true nature, you are free.

Buddhism nirvana or any other philosophy cannot be your true nature. These are man-made philosophies.

These are mind made phenomenon. Water never asks anyone for its true nature. Fire never asks anyone for its true nature.

Just put your hand in fire, it will immediately burn it. Everything in this world has its true nature.

So, you must have your own true nature that you never ask from anyone to execute.

Look inside you and find out what is your true nature.

Once you find out your true nature, you are free and you will get your true liberation.

4.. True Conversion

Here in this mad world, people want to change other people’s religions.

Every religion says that this religion is best and the other whole world should be converted into it.

It is not a true conversion.

True conversion goes from illusions to reality. Like your mind is an illusion. It means you are an illusion.

True conversion should be to go from this illusion mind to your actual truth.

True conversion is to go from an unsatisfied mind to your complete satisfaction where everything will be in front of you in the form of crystal clarity.

True conversion is to go from your separated identity towards your merge into existence again.

True conversion is to melt down your ego into existence where you will be no more there.

5.. Final Enlightenment Beyond Buddhism Nirvana

Your spiritual enlightenment is not final enlightenment.

It is because you still there as a spirit or soul.

Final enlightenment only comes when your spirit or soul too disappears.

Final enlightenment only comes when there is no body to claim that I am enlightened.

However, in spiritual enlightenment, somebody still remains there to claim that he is enlightened.

Final enlightenment is the true liberation. And your Buddhism nirvana or any other doctrine is not a final enlightenment.

That is why people merry go round their whole life in these fields and never come out of them.

They never taste the truth however, they claim that you have tasted it. A doubt always lingers behind them.

And where there is doubt, true liberation never comes.

6.. You can Never Meet God

If somebody claims that he has met God, it means he is lying.

It is because God never comes where you as mind and ego are there. That is why up to now nobody has seen God.

God needs space to come. If you have filled all space inside you then God never comes.

And it is the reality that you never want to empty that space that you have occupied.

Nature has a law that whenever a space becomes empty, nature fills it immediately with something else.

Here you disappear and God comes.

And here you come to see God, God disappears.

You and God never exist together.

However, it is your curiosity to see God. And you can pretend to become empty from inside, but in a subtle way, you remain there to watch that emptiness.

So, God never comes to that place. God is true liberation.

So, true liberation only comes when you disappear and God exists only.

Here God does not mean a far- away entity that watches us. Here God means existence.

7.. Relax and Let Things to be

It is enough to talk about Buddhism nirvana and beyond.

Just relax and let things to be.

Please come to the present moment and relax your whole body.

In this whole world, nothing is in your own hands. You think that relax and come to the present moment are in your hands but the truth is different.

Great forces are working behind all this. Those great forces bring you here to read this article and relax and come to the moment.

A lot of other people are doing other works in this moment.

So, nothing is in your hands. Everything is moving. Everything is going here and there including you.

So, don’t worry too much. Just relax and come to the present moment and let things to be.

8.. Just Stop and Be Alert

You as mind is running constantly.

Now you are reading this article and your mind is thinking about it. You have your own prejudices.

You have your own knowledge. You can comply with me or deny it.

It is your choice. But you continue in one way or the other. I have no concern whether you comply with me or not but I have one concern with you.

That is to stop your mind for a moment and be alert.

Alertness is a key to get true liberation. What is your prison? Your continuous running mind is your prison.

You are not alert. Alertness throws you to your true nature that leads to your true liberation.

9.. Solve Your Own Problems First

We live in a society.

We have problems of life. Here everybody has its own life and thinking.

Everybody has competence to solve one’s problems.

So, never bother about others if you are on a way to true liberation. Believe in existence and solve your own problems first.

If you solve your own problems first then you could be able to solve the problems of others.

Focus on your own problems first. There are people who worry about the whole world and their own life is like a mess.

They cannot solve their own problems and they want to solve the problems of the whole world.

That is craziness. They call it selflessness.

No, solve your own problems first.

10.. Don’t Think, Just See

When you see at an object like a flower, you immediately think about it.

You say that this flower is beautiful or its color is red or yellow.

That is your mind’s habit to make its continuity.

I guarantee that you have never seen anything in your life. You always see things with the help of knowledge.

You can never see things without knowledge. That is your prison and misery.

So, just see at things and don’t think.

Next time when you see at a thing, just see at it without any interpretation. But your mind is very clever.

It must make interpretation of things. It can make interpretation of not making interpretation.

So, be alert, come to the present moment and just see.

It will destine you towards your true liberation that never bound in any philosophy including Buddhism nirvana.

11.. Final Liberation Beyond Buddhism Nirvana

True and final liberation resides beyond your any mind made philosophy.

If you follow spiritual enlightenment, you are following your spirit or soul. In this case, you too want to continue even in the form of spirit or soul.

And it is not going towards final liberation. Soul or spirit is a bound.

If you want Buddhism nirvana that is to come out of reincarnation then again it is not a way towards final liberation.

You still want to stay here as a free soul or spirit that never born.

Religion cannot be final liberation. Final liberation only comes when everything finishes including religion.

In final liberation, you will not be there. Your enlightenment would not be there. Your self too will not be there.

Only a continuous moving existence will be there. And nobody will be there to claim that it is final liberation.


It is a journey.

In other sense, it is not a journey.

It is so simple as you are a hindrance and just remove yourself aside and true liberation will be there.

And it is so difficult because you never want to just move aside yourself and allow existence to come to replace you.

It seems duality and but it is not. It is whole.

You are divided. You are fragmented. Your existence depends upon this fragmentation.

Be whole and true liberation will be there.

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