Why We Should not Believe in God?

For most people, believe in God is in their nature.

believe in god

They have no reason to listen to this type of nonsense that says that we should not believe in God.

They have no reason to abandon God.

And interesting thing is that they themselves don’t know why they believe in God. I guarantee that they have no solid reason for it.

They just believe in God.

Then why am I writing this post? This post is for those people who have some doubt about the presence of God.

These people want to see God before believe in Him.

Nobody can see God what exactly He is. What does it mean?

It means that a Christian sees God as his Christ. A Hindu sees his God as Ram or Krishna.

So, every religion has its own concept of God and His presence. That is why there is difference between religions.

If the concepts are same, then there is no need to fight with each other.

So, nobody actually knows how does God look like.

On mind level, God is present. Without mind, God is irrelevent. Click To Tweet

Without Mind, Believe in God Becomes Irrelevant

That is why I am telling that we should not believe in God. We should try to see it exactly what He is.

And for it, we have to get rid of our particular conditioning. For example, a communist has a particular conditioning that God does not exist.

So, he blindly believes that God does not exist without knowing practically that actually God exist or not.

And same applies to a religious man. He too believes blindly that God exists. He has never seen Him but he says that God exists.

So, both are impractical people. If you go on search to find out God, I am not sure you will find it out or not but it is sure that you will not remain a blind believer.

That would be the great achievement and if you search and search, then one day in future, you will find out how God looks like.

It would be your personal experience and there is no need to share it with anyone else.

You too at last will see Him with the frame work of your own mind eyes. And whatever we see with our mind, it always comes as false.

We can never see anything in reality with our mind and the problem is that when mind is not there, then we cannot say that this is God.

God becomes irrelevant in that moment.

God is only relevant with the presence of mind. And with mind, you cannot see a real God.


If mind is not there, God is not there or you can say that only God is there.

And if mind is there, always a false God is there because mind is a reflection of our world and it will show a reflection of God only.

Therefore, we should not believe in God but understand ourselves completely that who we are.

The moment you understand yourself who you are, everything becomes crystal clear including the presence of God and related subjects.

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