SurinderleenWelcome to this blog. When I was thirty- nine years old, something weird hit me like a lightning and the whole truth was in front of me. My search ended. Circle completed and I found myself where I had started my search journey for ‘Who am I’. In past, when I was living as witness to my life, I considered myself spiritually enlightened. However, the interesting thing was that the whole concept of spiritual enlightenment had been put inside me from the outside.

When my search ended, the whole concept of spiritual enlightenment disappeared. Now for me, there is no such thing as spiritual enlightenment what great spiritual teachers of mankind have been preaching for centuries. They have been fooling themselves and others for centuries. So, I wanted to share with the outer world what I had found after the completion of my research for enlightenment. So I talked about it with my friends and other people who were interested in it. So this blogged book is the essence of my search and talks with my friends and other people. I thank to those people who took interest in the discussion of spiritual enlightenment with me. Without them, this book would not have come into existence.

So my blog that is actually a book ‘Power of 5 Senses’ is all about the exploration of mysteries of enlightenment with unconventional facts and ideas. I believe it will help people who have been living in merry go round search of ‘Who am I’. They don’t know what they are searching. They don’t know that the mere question ‘Who am I’ is wrong. They have been wasting their precious time, energy and money in searching it. However, by reading my blog, all questions will become nil as I hope so.

Those people who still don’t have indulged in this funny search can find my blogged book helpful in the sense that they will make themselves safe by not indulging into this weird search ‘Who am I’. Why is it weird? It is because you are searching for peace or ‘Who am I’ and in reality, you are the peace or the answer to ‘Who am I’. Your mere search is the disturbance into your peace that is you. By reading my blogged book, you will stop with a wonderful state of your being where you could not raise a question for it. It is because this state will only come into existence when all your questions will disappear. I call it natural enlightenment if somebody wants to give it a name.

If you just read my blogged book with no intention of getting anything from it, even then it will certainly help you a lot. A seed that will put inside you by reading this blogged book will erupt in your future and will be the killer of your all questions.

I call the facts and ideas presenting in this blogged book unconventional in the sense that you will find completely new definitions and facts of everything related to your search for truth. For example, in conventional spiritual terms, the meaning of being is eternal, ever-present One life beyond other forms of life those are subject to birth and death. It is invisible and indestructible. However, you can find in my blogged book, an absolutely new explanation of being that is true to life and not mere a fantasy like.

In essence, you will be surprised to know what actually truth is and what has been preaching by great spiritual teachers of mankind for centuries. It will make your life more vital, deep, fun, a game and more interesting. When death knocks at the end of someone’s life, every person certainly asks questions like what I have lost and what I have gained in my life. If your direction was wrong where only fantastic ideas were present and you were in an endless merry go round circle in getting them and at last on your death coach, you are thinking that I am a loser of my life then certainly it will be a loser’s life.

But if you will die with peace having the truth of your being with you without thinking a bit about what you lose or what you gain in your life, then that death will be more rewarding and weightless. So come with me on this new and exciting journey of life by reading my blogged book ‘’.

This blog is for all curious and remarkable people who want to go deep into the hidden mysteries of life.

You will get a complete satisfaction of your life search where nothing left to delve into. Everything will be crystal clear in front of you.

Note: If someone thinks that he has acquired his final destination of life that is spiritual enlightenment then this blog is very important for him. It will push him one step further in a completely new realm of life that I call natural enlightenment.


  • Dale Best Jr

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    This is an insulting,and ugly statement of a beautiful part of one’s life. First off,for you to tell people to stop searching for Enlightenment because you have already found it and you’re wasting your time, is basically saying you know exactly what happens to one’s Soul after Death. I’m from the State of Missouri sir,”Show Me”.
    Knowone has been able to explain what happens to your Soul after Death,since Jesus Christ. For you to want to make money,(from basically the elderly.), is a Scam and I would like you to show me how it isn’t. First off;
    If you have journeyed past the point of leaving your body and severing your silver cord. Or disconnecting your Soul from your Physical Body, then you would not be able to get back in that body. In other words your Soul would go to collect it’s thoughts and lessons in order to let you know whether to come back,you still have things to learn,or start moving on as Christ did and said. “Through me one finds the path to Eternity”, he spoke several times of how to attain Christlike goals. They were all through him. If you traveled outside of the physical plane,( and I’m not talking Astral Projection), and severed your cord. There is no possible way to get back into your body. So your whole theory that you can stop searching for what happens in the After life, is based on you saying you did something knowone has done before. Not even Christ, who said “you have known me before as Elijah” letting people know that he has experienced life before and he was finished learning all he needed to move on. That’s the only logical reason to believe in Reincarnation, is that knowone can attain Christlike abilities and goals in one lifetime. Truly it takes several times to get it all correct. I’m not saying book smarts. I’m talking about learning Life Lessons well enough to fmove on. I myself feel as if I’m moving toward that final destination.
    Not maybe this life but hopefully the next.Things are becoming clearer now everyday. Things I never even thought about are popping up and reminding me that this is the path. I will read your free booklet, but you have offended a lot of people, who will never forget it. You are trying to change their whole picture of the Afterlife, in just a few Statements. Like I said what gives you the right when I have stretched my silver chord in the Astral plane so often, I’m surprised it didn’t break. But, I am not quite ready. Thank you sir, and I hope you read this entire comment,but I just wanted to teach you a life lesson, don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.
    Maj-Gen Dale W.Best Jr.III
    of the Mo.Militia since 1993
    Or as they say also,a gambit traveling with ” the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy ”
    Dale Jr.

    • Surinderleen

      Reply Reply May 9, 2017

      Dale Jr.
      First of all, Thanks for commenting and suggesting. I already know , this type of comments must come.
      I have the right to speak and tell what I have found.
      You have the right to say what you want to say.And I know even if whole world will go against me, the truth I have found will never change.
      I am not a guru or teacher. I am a simple human being.
      What I am writing is based entirely on my personal search and on scientific and reasoning level.
      If you don’t believe in it, don’t read my blog or anything.
      And why are you getting afraid? I think, your belief is not concrete. If you have ultimate truth, then nothing can shake it.
      But I think, it is not so, that is why you feel upset.
      I am not against your belief and religion.
      I am just telling, how our mind, body and spirituality work. That is it.
      I feel sorry if you feel offended. That is not my purpose.
      My purpose is to make a man think on scientific and reasoning level even spirituality.

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